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news | IdN Magazine : presents Adbusters #116, blueprint for a New World Part V (Politico) – 'No Future'

In the penultimate issue of our Blueprint for a New World series, IdN takes on the global smörgåsbord of red-alert headlines as the floorboards of the capitalist project give their last protesting creaks. IdN zu GoSee : "By unmasking the automaton-equation nibbling at the heart of our society, we look back and reach out beyond the mainstream to find voices of dissent past, present and impending… and remind ourselves that the seeds are already sown and the forecast calls …

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news | IdN v21n4 : Pattern Special – Brand in Pattern

Integrating patterns into a brand's language is never an easy task. It can often add something aesthetically memorable. Playing devil's advocate on the other hand, it can also clutter and confuse. Discover how these creatives take on the challenge and level up various identities to new peaks. Sneak preview on GoSee.

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news | IdN v21n3: - Editorial Illustration – New Faces of Inspiration on GoSee

Editorial illustration is more than just an added extra to give a page of dense type eye-appeal — it can actually add significantly to the interpretation of a story, especially if it features a face. We asked 10 specialists to share their trade secrets with us. Here the sneak preview for you on GoSee, more under :

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news | IdN v20n5 : Organic Ornaments – Ornamental. Not Supplemental

Ornamental Design is sometimes regarded as being merely a decorative element, usually involving lots of patterns and the intricate interweaving of flowers. It is however, a fundamental mistake to compartmentalise art into two camps – the functional and the decorative. There is no reason why the two should not fuse into one impactful entity. …

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news | COLORS 87 : Looking at Art – So you want to be an artist?

What distinguishes a conceptual masterpiece from a bit of urban debris? A renowned painter from a commercial designer? Is copying allowed in art, and if so, says who? From a 12 million dollar shark carcass to England's most prolific forger family, from North Korea’s #1 atelier to the fig leaf that hides David’s package. COLORS 87: Looking at Art explores how we teach, buy, sell, and steal art today. *Plus the Switzerland's ultra-secret art vaults and the crime behind the Mona Lisa. Out now ! …

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news | IdN v20n4 : Paper Special - You can't get away from paper !

IdN on its latest issue, IdN v20n4: Paper Special: 'the end of paper? That’s what people have been predicting ever since the Internet became a mass medium and screens in some shape or form replaced pieces of A4 or physical notebooks. But like the paper-less office that we were all meant to be working in by now, this dire prophecy has not come to pass.' GoSee presents a small excerpt from the issue. Buy your copy now on …

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news | IdN v20n3 : Music Graphic Issue – Is there still a role for designers in the music world? 30sec music spot on GoSee

Recorded music has always been packaged, from the very earliest days when wax cylinders came in cardboard tubes, and has therefore always involved designers. In the palmy days of vinyl LPs with sometimes stunning cover art and often erudite liner notes, the presentation was almost as important as the product. But with the industry morphing so rapidly into the field of digital-download delivery, where do the graphics come in now? This is a burning question for all those working in the area of …

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news | IdN Magazine : COLORS 86. Making the News – News is something somebody doesn't want printed. All else is advertising.

In 2011, news of Osama bin Laden’s assassination was broken by a Pakistani IT consultant’s tweet. The next year, a computer algorithm composed nearly 400,000 articles on Little League baseball for small-town newspapers across the United States. Now, print journalism has been declared America’s fastest-shrinking industry, but across Africa, newspaper circulation has risen by more than 30 percent. COLORS 86: Making the News reveals the backstage of contemporary journalis …

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news | IdN v20n2: Typography Special – Reading Between the Lines

 Many specialist typographers are so hung up on creating beautiful, dramatic or unusual letterforms that the purely graphic components of their creations are sometimes overlooked. Others, however, take pride in giving equal weight to both words and visuals – and, indeed, shape their designs in such a way that they compliment each other perfectly. IdN looks at the work of five designers who excel at producing this combined effect. There is pure typography — letter-forms design …

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news | IdN Magazine presents modern opening sequences - Today’s titans of Titling plus Typo-Extra 08: Typo/graphic Posters – Data Typography, Graphics, and its Application in Creative Poster Design

IdN Magazine : TV v20n2: Titling – Today’s titans of Titling serves up a visual smorgasbord. Nowadays, more than ever, the opening sequences of a movie or TV show are a crucial way of distinguishing them. And with contemporary technology, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creative ingenuity. We bring you the work and words of three of the most talented exponents of the art of modern title design. Plus, the new IDN Magazine special is out now. GoSee presents a visual o …

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