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IdN v22n3 : Designer Typefaces – Which type are you – trained or instinctive?

Is there a downside to making your own lettering rather than commissioning a specialist or buying off the shelf? IdN asked 13 top designers for their views on this crucial question, illustrated by examples of their work. We have a sneak preview for you on GoSee.
21.09.2015 // show complete article

IdN Extra 11 : Cercle #03 – Insects. An undeniable design plea for the (un)beloved bugs

IdN Extra's 11th issue titled 'Cercle #03 - Insects' has dedicated an entire magazine to the little creatures and shows how they can be both art material and a solution for the future. We have a first impression for you on GoSee.

"Appealing or revolting, insects undeniably remain the masters of the world, whatever people think. 80% of living beings are insects. Considered by some as parasites, pests or dirty, they are useful, organized and abound in colors and shapes. Small kings of contradiction, they could not pass by unnoticed. In this issue, insects were tasted, smelled, observed and even touched! A selection of viewpoints and practices that sway, crawl or fly over the upcoming pages. Lovingly collected, carefully observed or furiously exhibited for some, insects reveal themselves as temporal markers, work base, art material and solution for the future for others. Insects wreak havoc."
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IdN v22n2: Collective Studios – on the advantages of loose ties, the magazine is available in stores now

The IdN v22n2 issue is titled "Collective Studios – Collective Farming for Creatives" and explains its topic as follows: "There is a growing trend away from the formal, hierarchical design studio towards loosely amalgamated peer groups often called collectives. IdN talked to nine such entities about the advantages of working this way." We have several motifs on GoSee, the wonderful rest is in the magazine.
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