“I love GoSee!!! Great work!” Stephanie Pfriender Stylander

"The GoSee team seems to get it right all the time: they somehow manage to be everywhere, to see and hear everything and then to share it well. And they get it right in the mix of the way they share it: with enthusiasm, depth and diversity. For me they have become an essential key ingredient of the glue that holds the news flow about our kaleidoscopic business together."
Steffen Gentis, BBDO

"I always enjoy reading your GoSee news… it's already well done and informative. Thanks again for your article...lots of people were calling."
Donald Schneider, Donald Schneider Studio Paris

"I find things on GoSee that I didn’t even know I was looking for."
André Aimaq, GF/CD, Aimaq von Lobenstein Creative Brand Consulting

"One of the world’s ten best newsletters."
Bild am Sonntag, Germany’s most printed Sunday paper

"Here at Saatchi & Saatchi, we help our clients develop their products and services into a lovemark. If one takes a brand away from a consumer, they will replace it. If one takes away their lovemark, they will protest. There are two important components: love and respect. On this note, GoSee is my lovemark amongst the industry’s newsletters."
Michael M. Maschke, Head of Creative Services, Saatchi & Saatchi – The Lovemarks Company

"…an absolute must for all art buyers and the news inspire me to look at new photographers’ portfolios."
Cornelia Richter, Art Buying, Leo Burnett Frankfurt

"GoSee provides me with a comprehensive overview of all top productions – very inspiring and always up to date."
Alexander Reiss, CEO Saatchi & Saatchi, Düsseldorf

"Having GoSee as a media partner means that the world’s creative industry will be reading about your latest news. We have been delighted with the straight forward, productive and more importantly, inspiring, cooperation for many years and are looking forward to sharing this for many more years to come!"
Mark Gläser, CEO Group.IE (Reklamefilmpreis advertising award)

"In desperate need of your news!"
Annette Mattgey, Editorial Board, W&V Werben & Verkaufen

"Brillant information."
Sean O'Mara, Design Director, Air design, London

"Ich bin Headhunter, Coach und Berater in den Medien und der Kreativszene und vor eurer Site begeistert - sie ist großartig!!!"

"So I dont want to talk about professionals. You are that for sure. But there is the passion behind. Who will answer to emails at night at 2 at night? You will do! You are for me the P(rofessional) P(assionate) M(akers) we all know ppms but that sounds better thank you for your great work"
Claudia Jaeh, CEO Inkcorporated, Munich + New York

"GoSee is a good source of information. Easy to navigate and looks great on my screen... I love it."
Ziad Ghanem, Fashion Designer & Creative Consultant, London

"The GoSee website keeps me up to date with who is producing what where in the world. It informs me of which photographers, illustrators and post-production companies are currently the most sought after. I feel GoSee has a consistently committed approach to communicating information with its readers. I value this highly and it keeps me coming back for more."
Olaf Reys, Global CD Braun, BBDO Düsseldorf

"GoSee NEWS provides a great overview, featuring a sophisticated selection of current affairs in the art and above all photography sector, informing the reader of the latest developments and trends on the market in an entertaining and informative manner. The design and layout are also well laid out – what more could one want?"
Sandra Nickel, PR, Edition Braus Wachter Verlag GmbH publishing

"The GoSee newsletter is a true enrichment – one glance and I am always up to date on the latest campaigns and creatives. When on the look out for new photographers and agencies, I like to gain inspiration from the site and their beautifully produced BOOKLET magazine."
Annette Kreuels, Public Relations Manager, LANCÔME Paris

"Super platform, very informative. I count the newsletters as amongst the few that I actually really enjoy reading and looking at... thanks for being there :-) !"
Melanie Baumstark, Art Buying

"I an a VERY attentive reader of your GoSee news, my only critique: I generally wish that you would make a point of also naming the art buyers in your reports on shoots. We always get hardly any PR coverage – and after all, you are called GoSee – PR Office. It would be great if you could make a habit of it."
Nana Scholz, Art Buying, Jung von Matt

"Congratulations on the quality of your website and newsletters, which are very well made and more importantly, highly appealing."
Bertrand Boucquey, Fashion Editor, FHM EMAP France SAS