Sven Jacobsen


news | Fashion with the feel good factor - SVEN JACOBSEN shoots the latest images for 81HOURS and DEAR CASHMERE

Fashion and people photographer SVEN JACOBSEN captured cosiness with Scandinavian charm for ‘sister’ labels 81HOURS and DEAR CASHMERE. Model Marine slipped on fluffy cardis and struck some laidback poses. The agency was Circleculture, creative direction by Dirk Staudinger.

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news | S.OLIVER captures Autumn/Winter 2014 campaign in Scotland’s Highlands - photography SVEN JACOBSEN

SVEN JACOBSEN shot the S.OLIVER A/W 2014/15 campaign in Scotland’s great outdoors. GoSee Premium Member MARION WALTER cast a model trio comprising Katrin Thormann, Bo Develius and Masha Rassam, in outfits styled by Elcin Ayser. Alexander HOFMANN c/o KULT ARTISTS contributed the hair and make-up looks. Creative direction by Dirk Meyke. …

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news | Sven JACOBSEN shoots COCA-COLA people image for Draftfcb London

Draftfcb London commissioned him to shoot people images on Spanish sunshine island Mallorca for COCA-COLA for the European market. Art buying by Kate Llloyd, Creative Direction by Johnie Clayton. Account: Helena Georghiou.

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news | 'Broken chains’ remake with actor Jan-Josef Liefers for GALA MEN – photography by Sven JACOBSEN

GALA MAN’s 'Gesprengte Ketten' (broken chains) cover story refers to immortal Steve McQueen and his love of motorbikes. And since both Christian Krug, Editor in Chief of GALA and Jan-Josef Liefers, the cover star, share this fascination, Sven JACOBSEN’s road story was very close to home. GoSee Member NU PROJECTS headed the production in search of freedom. Hair and make-up artist Tricia LE HANNE c/o GoSee Member BIGOUDI got the look spot on and Gesche Wendt was the editor of phot …

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news | High fashion from the Highlands. Photographer Sven JACOBSEN presents his star studded Scottish shoot on GoSee

Photographer Sven JACOBSEN’s personal fashion shoot features three great models. However all eyes are undeniably on the unmistakable German beauty Katrin Thormann. An equally as photogenic Masha Novoselova from Paris and Swedish sunshine Bo Develius are at her side (casting by GoSee Member MARION WALTER). Thankfully we don’t have to pick a favourite!

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news | We still believe in summer - 2015! And present the BROADWAY Summer 2015 campaign by photographer SVEN JACOBSEN

SVEN JACOBSEN shot the BROADWAY Summer 2015 campaign on the beach amongst the dunes. NU PROJECTS made sure the shoot ran smoothly, Mads ROENNBORG c/o LOUISA ARTISTS took care of the beach ready feminine yet sporty looks. Nino Allegro headed the hair and make-up department come wind and shine, art direction by Sascha Dettweiler. And lest we forget - more on …

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news | ‘Gone Astray’ and late summer’s final caress – photographer SVEN JACOBSEN shoots QVEST editorial

SVEN JACOBSEN shot fashion editorial ‘Gone Astray’ for QVEST no. 64. Model Megane looks fierce in the latest indoor and outdoor fashions for late summer. NU PROJECTS Producers made sure the shoot didn’t go astray and was right on track resulting in a spot on series of atmospheric images. The team included hair and make-up artist Nina PARK c/o BALLSAAL, Norbert Cheminel (Hair) and stylist Mine Uludag. …

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news | Sven Jacobsen : the VELTINS+ ‘put a + behind each day’ campaign directly from Chile

‘Do things that you will remember.’ And ‘get out of here. To where you have never been before. Turn life into a massive party and invite yourself. Do it wild. Do it loud. Do it now. Do what you can and particularly do what you cannot. Do something new.’ And also very important: ‘don’t do what you are told. Tell yourself what to do. Don’t make it complicated. Make it easy. Do what you feel. Make yourself feel. Make your life into the best time of your lif …

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news | Sven Jacobsen : in South Africa for the NIKON ‘I am’ campaign, on the island of Mallorca for TELEKOM and shooting the DEAR CASHMERE campaign in Hamburg – plus the new website is online, Go & See !

Hamburg based photographer SVEN JACOBSEN travelled to South Africa for the famous NIKON ‘I am’ campaign. And we have to admit that the slogan ‘I am - endless summer’ couldn’t have been captured any better. GoSee PREMIUM member COOL BANANA supported the photographer on set. Jung von Matt / Spree agency with art director Christian Kies commissioned Sven to take the sporty and sunny pictures. Marjorie Jorrot was in charge of art buying. He captured the ‘Bad D …

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news | Autumn-Winter 2014 image commercial for BROADWAY - direction Sven Jacobsen

Photographer SVEN JACOBSEN shot the attached image film for BROADWAY fashion. Sven carried out the direction and Peter Drittenpreis was the DOP by his side. The sultry black and white two-minute film celebrates Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion looks as styled on location by Angie Grenier.

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