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news | Sven Jacobsen : the VELTINS+ ‘put a + behind each day’ campaign directly from Chile

‘Do things that you will remember.’ And ‘get out of here. To where you have never been before. Turn life into a massive party and invite yourself. Do it wild. Do it loud. Do it now. Do what you can and particularly do what you cannot. Do something new.’ And also very important: ‘don’t do what you are told. Tell yourself what to do. Don’t make it complicated. Make it easy. Do what you feel. Make yourself feel. Make your life into the best time of your lif …

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news | Sven Jacobsen : in South Africa for the NIKON ‘I am’ campaign, on the island of Mallorca for TELEKOM and shooting the DEAR CASHMERE campaign in Hamburg – plus the new website is online, Go & See !

Hamburg based photographer SVEN JACOBSEN travelled to South Africa for the famous NIKON ‘I am’ campaign. And we have to admit that the slogan ‘I am - endless summer’ couldn’t have been captured any better. GoSee PREMIUM member COOL BANANA supported the photographer on set. Jung von Matt / Spree agency with art director Christian Kies commissioned Sven to take the sporty and sunny pictures. Marjorie Jorrot was in charge of art buying. He captured the ‘Bad D …

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news | Autumn-Winter 2014 image commercial for BROADWAY - direction Sven Jacobsen

Photographer SVEN JACOBSEN shot the attached image film for BROADWAY fashion. Sven carried out the direction and Peter Drittenpreis was the DOP by his side. The sultry black and white two-minute film celebrates Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion looks as styled on location by Angie Grenier.

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news | Sven Jacobsen : S7 AIRLINES campaign and an editorial with the stars from the ‘Downton Abbey’ TV series for THE GUARDIAN magazine

SVEN JACOBSEN photographed the S7 AIRLINES campaign for good moscow agency in Barcelona. Until March 2006 S7 Airlines was called Siberia Airlines and is a Russian airline with headquarters in Moscow and Basen at the Moskau-Domodedowo, Nowosibirsk-Tolmatschowo and Irkutsk airports. CD Grisha Sorokin, art director Olga Midlenko and art buyer Maria Perez supported the photographer on location. And Sven Jacobsen told GoSee about his editorial for THE GUARDIAN: ‘we produced a great spread w …

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news | Sven Jacobsen : in Barcelona for BROADWAY Spring / Summer 14 campaign and spot and STELLA magazine

Photographer SVEN JACOBSEN was on the road for fashion client BROADWAY once again. He was commissioned to shoot the spring/summer 2014 campaign together with creative Sascha Dettweiler. He headed to Barcelona with stylist Mads ROENNBORG c/o LOUISA ARTISTS and team, where he shot both photographs and moving image. GoSee presents the results. We also present Sven’s editorial for STELLA magazine. Mila c/o Select London posed for his camera styled by Steph Stevens. …

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news | Sven Jacobsen : shoots the APEROL campaign for Leo Burnett Milan in Buenos Aires and takes off with vccp London for EASYJET

What would you like? Aperol pure on ice or with tonic water, with lemon juice and sugar syrup as an ‘Aperol Sour’ or maybe with a splash of vodka as an ‘Aperol Sour Royal’? Photographer SVEN JACOBSEN chose the APEROL mixed with a hefty dose of Buenos Aires option. He captured the campaign motif on location for Leo Burnett Milan agency. They will use the colourful image worldwide. FYI the ‘Aperol Spritz’ aperitif, which consists of 6 cl sparkling wine, 4 …

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news | Sven Jacobsen : on location in London with surfer dude Travis for THE GUARDIAN, Milana in the London studio and DEAR CASHMERE campaign

Sven JACOBSEN photographed an editorial in London for THE GUARDIAN with of the moment model Travis. Travis Smith hails from Hawaii and has a cool surfer look. He launched his modelling career in summer 2012 with his first big appearance on the Versace catwalk in June ‘12. He has been posing for magazines such as Vogue Hommes International, Interview Magazine, V Man and Commons & Sense ever since. His first big campaign followed in autumn 2012: Versus, side by side with super …

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news | Sven Jacobsen : ‘obsessed with freedom of style.’ The current KMS CALIFORNIA hair cosmetics 2013 campaign and editorial for BMM magazine on GoSee

From the FAQ section of the KMS CALIFORNIA website: ‘Do you test on animals? No, KMS California products are not tested on animals. We test them only on ourselves, stylists, clients, friends and family.’ Photographer Sven JACOBSEN ‘tested’ the new KMS CALIFORNIA 2013 campaign on an equally colourful target audience in Los Angeles – in line with the campaign motto: ‘Obsessed with freedom of style’. Artist Wendy Iles was in charge of hairstyling for …

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news | Sven Jacobsen : spot and campaign for BROADWAY Autumn Winter 2013

GoSee presents Sven JACOBSEN’s spot and campaign motifs for BROADWAY Autumn Winter 2013. The spot was shot in Hamburg just before Christmas. Sascha Dettweiler, Christine Ruf and Torben Schwitalla were in charge of creation and Mads ROENNBORG c/o LOUSIA ARTISTS came up with the styling. Sven JACOBSEN photographed new motifs for Frankfurt fashion label DEAR CASHMERE. This time the creation was headed by circleculture berlin, Dirk Staudinger, Annette Fischer and Sven Jacobsen. …

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