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news | ‘With La Bestia across Mexiko’. Tom COOL illustrated dangers and strains that await migrants north along the tracks, for the multimedia division of SPIEGEL publishing house

For App users and via QR-code online: Tom COOL illustrated for the multimedia division of SPIEGEL publishing house. He created the scenic drafts for the ‘Mit La Bestia durch Mexiko’ video, a visual interpretation of the dangers and strains that await many migrants. La Bestia is the name of an infamous freight train that transports migrants towards the north – it has the gruesome name because people are often severely injured when trying to get on and off, maimed or even killed. …

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news | Wilhelm Busch in Ventura magazine by SPARKASSENVERLAG and completely different ANNABELLE contributions – illustrations by Lisa ROCK

Corporate publishing: Lisa ROCK created a literary interpretation of a Wilhelm Busch poem for 'Ventura', the private banking magazine by Deutscher SPARKASSENVERLAG. Lisa’s visual language, expressed through watercolours, visualises the core of the poem. And the illustrator also worked for Swiss ANNABELLE magazine, for which she drew many themes such as eating disorders, anorexia, in love with the yoga teacher, attractive women over 40 as well as overfishing and testing household robots.

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news | WELEDA magazines sharpen all twelve senses. Accompanying illustrations by Anja STIEHLER

Anja STIEHLER created drawings for the WELEDA AG professional trade magazines. The topic at hand was the visualisation of the twelve senses – and how to raise awareness. The results are sensitive, light and metaphorical illustrations and organic plant portraits of the Weleda medicinal plants.

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news | Panic, phobia, football and insurance - Tom COOL illustrates for WELT AM SONNTAG, AOK magazine and VBG

The hysteric republic was the topic, which illustrator Tom COOL interpreted for WELT AM SONNTAG. Germans quickly get scared and tend to become a little over emotional over scares such as American chlorine chicken or bad Pisa results… The article looks for reasons of this ‘typical German angst’ - and Tom’s drawing hits the nail on the head. Tom Cool developed three humorous creations on the amount of upcoming football games for AOK’s ‘Gesund Leben’ (h …

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news | Isabella ROTH sketched video draft for LOTTO Bavaria’s third video on online lotto

It’s already the third video by LOTTO Bavaria for which Isabella ROTH illustrated all video drafts in collaboration with Süddeutschen Zeitung. The commercial is running since mid-February 2014 on Subchannel, the advertising micro site by sueddeutsche.de. Today’s businessman/woman is once again encouraged to play online lotto, with humorous visuals and delivery.

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news | Pretty sweet! Michael ZANDER illustrates classic and feline for SUPERSWEET and logos for COOKOMANIA

Michael ZANDER illustrated an advertising package for shop magazine SUPERSWEET. One cute component is a delightful flipbook, which he will give away to one lucky winner. The flipbook’s protagonists are three cats: Moumi, Kikilala and Myogi – and they are having a mighty territorial fight! supersweet.org And are COOKOMANIA’s bread pastes the tastiest in all the world? Michael Zander developed the logo for the Berlin based start-up business and also illustrated colourful labe …

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news | Illustrator Marcus LANGER interprets ‘stay or leave?’ in an abstract way for PSYCHOLOGIE HEUTE magazine and bronze award at the ADC 2014

Marcus LANGER visualised the relationship dilemma ‘stay or leave?’ with six abstract illustrations for PSYCHOLOGIE HEUTE magazine. And as an addendum on GoSee: Grabarz & Partner Hamburg won a bronze award at the ADC 2014 for the Tyke campaign by animal rights organisation Peta in the ‘integral communication’ category. Marcus Langer’s illustrations are the optical binders. …

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news | Help for tired students in FAZ University Guide. Stimulating background collage by Kathrin FRANK

Kathrin FRANK produced a double-page collage for FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG newspaper. The FAZ University Guide reports on sources of motivation for tired and exhausted students under the header ‘The Energy Adivsor’. Professor Michaela Brohm’s top tip is that students get a boost when they realise their life’s dreams. Kathrin’s dedicated collage served as a visual stimulating background for the interview.

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news | Illustrator Thomas KUHLENBECK gives Hamburg’s Michel his very own Russian charm and adds a golden tooth HÖRZU magazine

Thomas KUHLENBECK’s headline in line with the founding of a Russian cultural institute was ‘let’s drink a vodka to this’. The illustrator gave a charming Russian look to Hamburg’s Michel. The Sankt Michaelis protestant church is often called ‘Michel’ and is the most famous church in Hamburg. It is known as the most important baroque church in Northern Germany. We also present his cover illustration of a gold tooth for HÖRZU magazine’s critical …

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news | Michael ZANDER creates illustration for Martin Piekar’s ‘Bastardecho’ - poetry and contemporary literature by J. Frank Berlin publishing house - 100 % independent

Martin Piekar’s ‘Bastardecho’ launched at this year’s book fair in Leipzig – a collection of poetry with impressionist imagery. Michael illustrated eight pictures for Piekar’s texts such as cherry blossom, Beaudelaires cats, bedroom ensemble, bastard, black stars, etc. The Berlin based independent publisher is dedicated to contemporary literature and illustration, according to their maxim ‘poeticise yourself.’ Learn more about the book and get read …

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