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news | 'The Future Makers' in BRAND EINS magazine on the topic of management consulting and a self-healing illustration in BEOBACHTER - drawn by Anja STIEHLER c/o JUTTA FRICKE ILLUSTRATORS

Anja STIEHLER c/o JUTTA FRICKE had the honor of portraying ten international forward-thinking visionaries for the periodical BRAND EINS; celebrities from computer science, media sciences, industrial engineering, game theory, history and material sciences, philosophy, music, and art. And for BEOBACHTER mag, Switzerland, she realized a sensitively illustrated large-format lead motif on the subject of visualizing the self-healing powers which can be tapped into by anyone.

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news | Illustrations in GRAPHISCHE KUNST - Michael ZANDER c/o JUTTA FRICKE with a screen-printed supplement and an interview in the 1/2016 issue

Since 1973, GK or GRAPHISCHE KUNST has been published with a bibliophile look, (without ads) with contributions about graphic artists of the 20th and 21st century. Michael ZANDER’S, represented by GoSee member JUTTA FRICKE, two-tone screen print is included in the issue 1/2016 two-tone screen print, and a multipage interview informs about his connection to Supalife Kiosk e.V. Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg. With the sale of the screen prints at the newstands, the collective supports a reforesting …

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news | Shakespeare and Goethe on TV, fitness excersizes and a cover - Tom COOL demonstrates his illustration technique in FOCUS, MYSELF and WAMS mags

For the 400th anniversary of Shakespear’s and Cervantes’ death, JUTTA FRICKE ILLUSTRATOR Tom COOL realized the fictive talk show 'Literary Trio': with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Heinrich Heine and Thomas Mann appearing as guests in the TV studio. The illustrative Tom COOL technique can also be seen in the May issue of MYSELF. For the women’s magazine, he realized a collage about exercises for a slim waist, including the 'Dirty Dog', the 'Russian Twist' and the 'Side Plank C …

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news | 'The City of Rings'. Historical motifs of Düsseldorf signed by Isabella ROTH c/o JUTTA FRICKE for GREVEN Publishing

GREVEN Publishing Colognjust released the enchanting book City of Rings – The history of Düsseldorf based on new archeological evidence, which contains Isabella ROTH’S c/o JUTTA FRICKE historical impressions and a variety of historical and present city maps. What it's about: “A city is shaped by its history. Like the village on the Düssel river, whose origin goes back to a Germanic settlement. Excavations over the past years, during e.g. subway construction, and th …

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news | Little loveable tyrants, Heidi on a mountain of garbage, plus a disappointed couple - three illustrations by Thomas KUHLENBECK c/o JUTTA FRICKE ILLUSTRATORS

Longing for authority was the topic in WELT AM SONNTAG. You wanted self-sufficient children, but got self-centered tyrants instead. Now many parents ask themselves: What did we do wrong? Thomas KUHLENBECK c/o JUTTA FRICKE illustrated the story. The Swiss ZEIT title 'We are not as ecological as we used to be' is the work of Thomas KUHLENBECK. The Heidi in this article does not sit in a green meadow, but provocatively in front of a mountain of garbage. Thomas KUHLENBECK illustrated the title …

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news | 'My money has gone digital' - Doreen BORSUTZKI c/o JUTTA FRICKE illustrates for the Sparkasse mag special issue and WELTWOCHE Switzerland

Doreen BORSUTZKI’S illustrations for the Sparkasse special edition present online payment methods, online brokerage, mobile banking, security measures, and much more. And for WELTWOCHE Switzerland, the illustration theme was 'self-determination through own old-age provisions'.

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news | Illustrations for FOOD & FARM magazine - Marcus LANGER c/o JUTTA FRICKE ILLUSTRATORS realize animal icons

From the field onto the plate… of German Agricultural Publishing. With plenty of retro charm and stylistic illustration technique, several icons were created with the signature style of Marcus LANGERS' pen. Whether the happy pig, or the axe and wheel-barrow and even the modern tablet. With flexible categories and topics including: Cross-country, with heart & brain, roll up your sleeves! And so on and so forth…

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news | Jutta Fricke Illustrators : 70 years DIE ZEIT, World Health Summit 2015, brain research for WELTWOCHE, info graphics for the scientific section of DIE ZEIT news

Anja STIEHLER for G+J Corporate Editors: Anja created the title and four double-sided cover illustrations for the international yearbook of the World Health Summit 2015. Comprehensive topics had to be illustrated, such as The Digital Health Revolution, Climate Change & Health, Refugee Health & Mega Disasters, etc. 70 years DIE ZEIT: What have 72 African elephants, 6440 liters of paint, 920,000 cigarettes, 165 liters coffee, 2 cows, 200 missing teaspoons and a 22 m high tower to do wit …

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news | Jutta Fricke Illustrators : Literature special for SPIEGEL, Lufthansa mag, Talanx Enterprise, Swissmem Switzerland, circus culture in ARTE magazine, corporate publishing, …

Doreen BORSUTZKI for SWISSMEM, the Swiss work and thinking forum: Commissioned by Infel Corporate Media, Zurich, Doreen developed two illustrations with 3D appearance on the subject of additive production, layer for layer toward the final product. The results were published in the magazine SWISSMEM Network – print and online. Commissioned by G+J Corporate Editors GmbH, Anja STIEHLER illustrated for the Lufthansa Magazine WOMAN’S WORLD 4/2015. Themed upon Zurich, she illustrated th …

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news | Hölderlin poetry in SPARKASSEN Bank's private banking mag 'Ventura', interpreted in illustrations by Lisa ROCK

For 'Ventura', the private banking magazine of SPARKASSE Bank, JUTTA FRICKE illustrator Lisa ROCK interpreted Friedrich Hölderlin’s poem 'Half of Life' full of charm and poetry. In the meantime, a series of six lyric illustrations were created for the customer, and more will follow soon on GoSee.

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