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news | Michael ZANDER creates illustration for Martin Piekar’s ‘Bastardecho’ - poetry and contemporary literature by J. Frank Berlin publishing house - 100 % independent

Martin Piekar’s ‘Bastardecho’ launched at this year’s book fair in Leipzig – a collection of poetry with impressionist imagery. Michael illustrated eight pictures for Piekar’s texts such as cherry blossom, Beaudelaires cats, bedroom ensemble, bastard, black stars, etc. The Berlin based independent publisher is dedicated to contemporary literature and illustration, according to their maxim ‘poeticise yourself.’ Learn more about the book and get read …

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news | A homage to the fifties by illustration team BÜSCH-BEINHORN

A homage to the fifties! The BÜSCH-BEINHORN team developed an impressive series of illustrations as part of a personal project: stylish kidney table and accessories ensembles as well as fashion, looks and interiors inspired by the 1950s. Werner Büsch and Mali Beinhorn have been collaborating for a number of years. In a small town near Münster they develop creative productions, from paper art to 3D objects, ethnic art and ‘normal illustrations’ such as cover illustratio …

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news | Tom COOL for the March issue of PRIVATE WEALTH, the magazine for wealth and assets

Tom’s illustrations are themed around responsibility for climate and the environment, emerging markets, tailor-made medicine, family businesses etc. The editors have been reporting on big entrepreneurs and their success stories for five years.

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news | Thomas KUHLENBECK as a cover illustrator for HÖRZU WISSEN, WELTWOCHE and climbing for SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG

Thomas KUHLENBECK’s Einstein illustration graces the cover of HÖRZU WISSEN magazine’s March 2014 issue. He also created the cover of WELTWOCHE from 12 March – a critical feature on Swiss ambassador Tim Guldimann. Last but not least, he illustrated newspaper SÜDDEUTSCHEN ZEITUNG’s ‘Fondsgipfel’ finance supplement on 11 April 2014: he created the cover from realistic portrait illustrations and header illustrations around themes such as climbing, EU, we …

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news | Lisa ROCK for LaViVa, ANNABELLE Schweiz, STIL, a Welt am Sonntag newspaper special and BURDA publishing house

The illustrator’s diverse topics were grumpy people on the internet, men's houses as a pendant to women's shelters, new concepts for the ever so popular dating industry, modern digital technology can tempt you to be controlling and 10 things you should know as a cruise ship passenger in general and in particular.

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news | Kathrin FRANK illustrates for VIVAI, the magazine for a sustainable lifestyle by Migros

VIVAI is dedicated to the average everyday life of a modern family of four. Facts and numbers, values and stress factors as well as societal change are what Kathrin FRANK captured with a happy mix of colours and collage illustrations. The magazine will be published online and in print. See more of her work in her PORTFOLIO.

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news | Anja STIEHLER for KircherBurkhardt Berlin and Marcus LANGER for Corps Corporate Publishing GmbH

Customer magazine 1890 by ALLIANZ insurance, issue 2/2014, deals with topics such as insurance fraud. Anja STIEHLER’s illustrations visualise unbelievable dimensions of these often scary and dangerous fraudulent claims. The images will be published online and in print. And Marcus LANGER got the chance to illustrate the cover and pages of UNITI - magazine ‘energie + Mittelstand’.

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news | Recipe card for ZEIXS publishing and ELTERN Family magazine - 2 illustrations by Kathrin FRANK

Illustrator Kathrin FRANK interpreted the classic recipe for Oma’s (granny’s) potato salad. Zeixs Publishing asked 52 illustrators to illustrate their very own personal recipe cards. The cooking card box hit stores in December. zeixs.com For the February issue of ELTERN family magazine Kathrin Frank produced an image of little Ole, who is caught up in the middle of a further education strike. After all even five year olds are required to complete a strict programme…. And Ol …

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news | Ante KAHL's illustrated travel impressions from Croatia and painting exhibition at Bürgeramt Berlin

Ante Kahl's travel impressions from Croatia capture people, landscapes and culture in a series of sketchy watercolours. And Antje Kahl's exhibition of paintings at Bürgeramt Berlin certainly impressed, she created pieces such as three part ‘Köpenick’ specifically for the show. Rathaus Köpenick commissioned her with an additional painting, now both paintings are on display in their permanent collection.

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news | BUNTE, WELT am Sonntag, EMOTION magazine and new magazine HERZSTÜCK – illustrations by Lisa ROCK

Ayurveda was the subject of choice for BUNTE weekly magazine, published by the Burda group. Celebrity Ayurveda followers share their love of this Asian art of healing and the publishing presents a selection of Ayurveda hotels. Lisa ROCK’s light 3D effects add a magical touch to her series of six illustrations. GoSee presents Lisa Rock’s charming visualisation of a gastronomy-inspired journey through German vocab, published in the STYLE section of WAMS, Welt am Sonntag newspaper&he …

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