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news | Happy 10th anniversary of the magazine WALDBLICK - employee portraits by Anja STIEHLER c/o JUTTA FRICKE

For the 10th anniversary of the Bavarian state forestry magazine WALDBLICK, Anja STIEHLER c/o JUTTA FRICKE illustrated lovely employee portraits for the agency Anzinger Wüschner Rasp. The written congratulations of those portrayed can be seen online in the PDF of the magazine starting on page 28 : baysf.de///////Magazin_Waldblick_Bayerische_Staatsforsten

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news | Mercator 2020 - Open Perspectives, Enable Chances. The title illustration by Marcus LANGER for Bubedameknig and the STIFTUNG MERCATOR foundation

Together with design office Bubedamekönig, Marcus LANGER developed the title illustration of the brochure 'Mercator 2020 – Open Perspectives, Enable Chances' for STIFTUNG MERCATOR. About - Stiftung Mercator is an independent private foundation. We want to strengthen Europe, improve integration through equal educational opportunities for everyone, drive forward the energy transition as a trigger for global climate change mitigation and firmly anchor cultural education in schools. st …

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news | 'Healthy Skin In Summer' - the good news in WELEDA magazine and the Illustrations of Anja STIEHLER

The free customer magazine WELEDA news dedicates several pages to the topic 'Healthy Skin In Summer' and presents products against sun burn, mosquito bites or to treat minor abrasions. Anja STIEHLER c/o JUTTA FRICKE realized several scenes 'In the Great Outdoors'. weleda.de///magazine

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news | BRANDEINS magazine's HILFE! supplement on illness, care and business - illustrations by Anja STIEHLER

The magazine HILFE! dedicates its new issue to cancer therapy as commissioned by BPI, German Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry, and JUTTA FRICKE illustrator Anja STIEHLER created various motifs on the topic. The magazine is published in the corporate publishing range of the economy magazine BRANDEINS and is a supplement in the subscription issue.

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news | Behavioral economics EVONIK INDUSTRIES magazien. Illustrations by Doreen BORSUTZKI; we have the motif on GoSee

For issue 02/2015 of the company magazine EVONIK INDUSTRIES, JUTTA FRICKE illustrator Doreen BORSUTZKI dedicated here work to behavioral economics and game theory in the column Economy & Society for the agency C3 Corporate Code and Content.

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news | Complex economic topics, for DIE ZEIT visualized by Doreen BORSUTZKI

With her 3D reminiscent technique, JUTTA FRICKE illustrator Doreen BORSUTZKI visualized complex topics for the economy column in the newspaper DIE ZEIT, including: Lessons learned from the financial crisis of the 30s, the peer-to-peer concept, 'Do rich people have several passports?' or, how is Saudi Arabia opening its financial market.

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news | 'Don't they know everything already?' Michael ZANDER illustrates for the ELTERN FAMILY mag sex-ed story

Michael ZANDER c/o JUTTA FRICKE illustrated a multiple page dossier for the magazine ELTERN FAMILY: What is sexual education like in 2015? In times of Youporn on kid's cell phones and sex workshops in schools? What role do parents play anymore? Two attempts – by a mother and a father.

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news | NEW IN BERLIN - the magazine of the TAGESSPIEGEL, with five illustrations by Lisa ROCK

'New In Berlin'. With 5 double-page highly detailed and somewhat 'different' city map illustrations by Lisa ROCK c/o JUTTA FRICKE, TAGESSPIEGEL Publishing presents Berlin in a different way. E.g. as a Puzzle with 96 pieces of as a global village. See for yourself. You'll find quick tips from the Berlin-based publisher here: tagesspiegel.de///neu-in-berlin-15-ueberlebenstipps-fuer-touristen-und-neuberliner About - Der Tagesspiegel ("The Daily Mirror"; motto: "rerum cognoscere ca …

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news | Jutta Fricke illustrator Thomas KUHLENBECK interprets the Derivative Summit 2015 for SDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG

Thomas KUHLENBECK illustrated the advertisement special publication of the newspaper Süddeutschen Zeitung for the Derivative Summit 2015 with the timelessly beautiful title: 'Intelligent Investments'. With convincingly realistic impressions, portrait and numerous still-life illustrations were created.

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news | Bye Mom! - Kathrin FRANK illustrates a motif for WIR ELTERN mag

Kathrin FRANK c/o JUTTA FRICKE illustrated for the Swiss magazine WIR ELTERN: what happens to children, whose mothers close the door behind them and never return home?

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