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news | Jung von Matt/craft : MERCEDES-BENZ’s new VITO launch MAKING-OF-SPECIAL exclusive on GoSee

The new VITO is coming – and it set to hit us with a big bang. LUKAS LINDEMANN ROSINSKI’s launch campaign will have a maximum impact – presented slap bang in the middle of target market’s everyday lives. “We have never seen a transporter in advertising in such a spectacular manner, really incredibly spectacular!” – Sascha Bugai, Head of Post-production at JvM/craft, tells GoSee. In addition to impressive print images, two TV commercials and a product …

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news | The current Mercedes-Benz A-class for Jung von Matt/Alster in Barcelona, post-production on location by JvM/craft. And a behind-the-scenes as pictorial proof on GoSee

Jung von Matt/Alster travelled to Barcelona with Uli Heckmann and JvM/craft to capture new classic pictures for the current A-class and post them on location. The brand will use the images internationally across all markets and media. Teymur Madjderey snapped the beautiful behind-the-scenes impressions, which you can see here on GoSee.

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news | MIXTE, PRADO and MULTY. Jung von Matt/craft for LIGNE ROSET

Uwe Düttmann had three models in front of his camera: MIXTE, PRADO and MULTY by Ligne Roset for Jung von Matt/Alster. The pictures reflect the fashion style of the international campaign ‘Beautiful Statements’ and present the range of products from the current collection.

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news | Personal work by photographer Amos Fricke, post-production by Jung von Matt/craft

Young talent Amos Fricke captured the new Mercedes-Benz S-class Coupé as a personal work in pure one shots. Photographer Amos Fricke on the shoot: ‘I like to work creatively with what’s already there. This requires a closer look and developing sensitivity for the whole picture and situation, the product, its design and materiality. You can use a normal car park exit as a natural yet complex light arrangement.’ The post-production team from JvM/craft certainly enjoyed …

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news | Jung von Matt/craft : modern luxury for the new C-class by Mercedes-Benz, international re-launch for Jim Beam, Mercedes-Benz vans in action and taste campaign for Rivella Germany

Jung von Matt/Alster sought inspiration in the architectural style elements of famous architect Mies van der Rohe for the classic look of the new MERCEDES-BENZ C-class. Uwe Düttmann produced the footage, which JvM/craft edited in post-production and finished off with the inclusion of CGI parts. Jung von Matt/brand activation developed the new international presence of the JIM BEAM product family in Hamburg. They worked with pack-shot and liquid expert Jörg Kritzer on the shoot. JvM …

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news | Jung von Matt/craft : extensive literature series for the new C-Class market launch with Holger Wild

Jung von Matt/365 with GoSee Member HOLGER WILD and JvM/craft visualised the new MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class for the market launch. The trio created a total of 17 images for the sales literature. The top-secret new vehicles were photographed on a highly guarded military site in Frankfurt. The location shoots followed in various metropolises such as Barcelona, San Francisco and Hong Kong. JvM/craft married the footage, translated the look concept and integrated the vehicles additionally with …

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news | Jung von Matt/craft : simply magical! Worldwide Chrüterchraft campaign for RICOLA

For 15 years we have asked ‘who invented it?’ and now this question has gained cult status. Now RICOLA is taking this a step further and shows exactly what the Swiss heritage brand invented: "Chrüterchraft!" JvM/Alster developed various commercial spots for the worldwide branding campaign and got together with photographer Tobias Gromatzki and JvM/craft parallel on the film shoot to produce over 30 images for international print, POS and online. Felix Richterich, …

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