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news | Jung von Matt/craft : MERCEDES-BENZ’s new VITO launch MAKING-OF-SPECIAL exclusive on GoSee

The new VITO is coming – and it set to hit us with a big bang. LUKAS LINDEMANN ROSINSKI’s launch campaign will have a maximum impact – presented slap bang in the middle of target market’s everyday lives. “We have never seen a transporter in advertising in such a spectacular manner, really incredibly spectacular!” – Sascha Bugai, Head of Post-production at JvM/craft, tells GoSee. In addition to impressive print images, two TV commercials and a product …

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news | The current Mercedes-Benz A-class for Jung von Matt/Alster in Barcelona, post-production on location by JvM/craft. And a behind-the-scenes as pictorial proof on GoSee

Jung von Matt/Alster travelled to Barcelona with Uli Heckmann and JvM/craft to capture new classic pictures for the current A-class and post them on location. The brand will use the images internationally across all markets and media. Teymur Madjderey snapped the beautiful behind-the-scenes impressions, which you can see here on GoSee.

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news | MIXTE, PRADO and MULTY. Jung von Matt/craft for LIGNE ROSET

Uwe Düttmann had three models in front of his camera: MIXTE, PRADO and MULTY by Ligne Roset for Jung von Matt/Alster. The pictures reflect the fashion style of the international campaign ‘Beautiful Statements’ and present the range of products from the current collection.

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news | Personal work by photographer Amos Fricke, post-production by Jung von Matt/craft

Young talent Amos Fricke captured the new Mercedes-Benz S-class Coupé as a personal work in pure one shots. Photographer Amos Fricke on the shoot: ‘I like to work creatively with what’s already there. This requires a closer look and developing sensitivity for the whole picture and situation, the product, its design and materiality. You can use a normal car park exit as a natural yet complex light arrangement.’ The post-production team from JvM/craft certainly enjoyed …

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news | Jung von Matt/craft : modern luxury for the new C-class by Mercedes-Benz, international re-launch for Jim Beam, Mercedes-Benz vans in action and taste campaign for Rivella Germany

Jung von Matt/Alster sought inspiration in the architectural style elements of famous architect Mies van der Rohe for the classic look of the new MERCEDES-BENZ C-class. Uwe Düttmann produced the footage, which JvM/craft edited in post-production and finished off with the inclusion of CGI parts. Jung von Matt/brand activation developed the new international presence of the JIM BEAM product family in Hamburg. They worked with pack-shot and liquid expert Jörg Kritzer on the shoot. JvM …

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news | Jung von Matt/craft : extensive literature series for the new C-Class market launch with Holger Wild

Jung von Matt/365 with GoSee Member HOLGER WILD and JvM/craft visualised the new MERCEDES-BENZ C-Class for the market launch. The trio created a total of 17 images for the sales literature. The top-secret new vehicles were photographed on a highly guarded military site in Frankfurt. The location shoots followed in various metropolises such as Barcelona, San Francisco and Hong Kong. JvM/craft married the footage, translated the look concept and integrated the vehicles additionally with …

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news | Jung von Matt/craft : simply magical! Worldwide Chrüterchraft campaign for RICOLA

For 15 years we have asked ‘who invented it?’ and now this question has gained cult status. Now RICOLA is taking this a step further and shows exactly what the Swiss heritage brand invented: "Chrüterchraft!" JvM/Alster developed various commercial spots for the worldwide branding campaign and got together with photographer Tobias Gromatzki and JvM/craft parallel on the film shoot to produce over 30 images for international print, POS and online. Felix Richterich, …

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news | Jung von Matt/craft : 12 eccentric faces with artistically crafted beard creations to match - personal project by Markus Hanke

Photographer Markus Hanke from Hamburg produced a personal project. He shot portraits of men with unusual facial hair, who spend hours sculpting it into the perfect shape with hairspray and a hairdryer. A total of 12 eccentric faces were created at JvM/craft.

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news | Jung von Matt/craft : racing inspired engineer campaign for IWC watches, sporty KTM biker shorts and C-Class Coupé Edition C for MERCEDES BENZ

This season IWC SCHAFFHAUSEN watches is the official engineering partner of the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Team. The IWC constructors used this as the inspiration for the new engineer collection and used typical racing materials such as carbon fibres, ceramic and titan in the new design range. Jung von Matt/Alster teamed up with the post-production specialists at JvM/craft to develop the accompanying communication. It is particularly eye-catching thanks to the photographic CGI integration of rac …

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news | Jung von Matt/craft : car chase on the streets of San Francisco with Manu AGAH and at the ‘5. Aufschlag by BFF’ event in Hamburg

On his most recent trip to San Francisco, GoSee member Manu AGAH came up with the idea of interpreting the classic car chase scenario in a modern photo series. Whilst hunting for the right location over there his surrounding environment reminded him of legendary film ‘Bullit’. The reference to this classic film then actually became an important part of the image idea: he wanted to shoot the images in a cinematic and very dynamic way. The backplate and sphere shoot was thus a step …

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