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news | AN+ changes Tel Aviv - Jens BÖSENBERG documents the latest Bauhaus building by the innovative architecture office

Rethinking Bauhaus. Israeli architecture office AN+ is changing the face of Tel Aviv. They are building three of the most beautiful original Bauhaus buildings from the 1930s in the city, one of which is already completed. Berlin based still life and interior photographer Jens Bösenberg travelled to Tel Aviv, to snap the successful Bauhaus building and show the bright future of the ‘White City’.

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news | An island amidst the big city jungle - 25HOURS HOTEL BIKINI BERLIN. Photographed by Jens BÖSENBERG

25HOURS HOTEL BIKINI BERLIN is as dynamic as the big city and wild like the jungle. Designer Werner Aisslinger and team created a hotel world around the listed Bikini house in Berlin, which juxtaposes nature and culture. Jens BÖSENBERG took the pictures for print and online usage. We definitely recommend a visit! 25hours-hotels.com

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news | Creativity on Choriner street - Jens BÖSENBERG takes his camera to the home of architect Ester Bruzkus

Along with stylist Katharina Dombrowski, Berlin based still life and interior photographer Jens BÖSENBERG knocked on architect Ester Bruzkus’ door, to photograph her stylish interiors. We present the creative pictures here on GoSee.

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news | Living with COR INTERLÜBKE – perfectly visually interpreted by Simon WEGENER

Still and interior photographer Simon WEGENER just arrived in Berlin. He took pictures of charming furniture classics for traditional furniture store COR INTERLÜBKE. The German company says: ‘even the Internet can be beautifully furnished! We’re glad you found the time to take a look around. This website presents the COR upholstered furniture range and the interlübke furniture systems. It also shows you how the two furniture brands’ products harmonise beautifully &nda …

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news | Beatrice HEIYDIRI captures the ‘King of the Woods’. A fashion editorial for COLLEZIONI BABY

Beatrice HEYDIRI photographed the ‘King of the Woods’ editorial for COLLEZIONI BABY with kids between six months and three years of age. The location for the shoot was Cape Town, which included soft pine needle floors and the sighting of a deer. Important tip: definitely see them in XXL on GoSee. The stylist for this spread was Anna-Tina Schaal, and as usual, GoSee Premium member NORTH SOUTH PRODUCTIONS was in charge of production.

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news | International CHICCO 2014 campaign – shot by photographer Beatrice HEYDIRI

Back in early July we showed you the very first ad campaign picture from the international CHICCO print campaign. Now we have a selection of additional print and online images for you, shot by Beatrice HEYDIRI on location.

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news | On Miami’s beaches for the BLUE SEVEN fashion production – photographs by Beatrice HEYDIRI

kremer communications and client BLUE SEVEN took photographer Beatrice HEYDIRI from Cape Town to the beautiful beaches of Miami, where she captured the beautiful black & white portraits you can see here on GoSee.

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news | The first CHICCO advertising image from the international campaign on GoSee plus S/S campaign – photography by Beatrice HEYDIRI

You can find Karina Bednorz and her photographer Beatrice HEYDIRI anywhere children are. We present the teaser for the international ad campaign for Italian kids specialist CHICCO, currently featured in VOGUE bambini as well as MILK magazine. We also have the Chicco Spring / Summer 2014 campaign for you here on GoSee: shot by Beatrice in Cape Town with GoSee member NORTH SOUTH and producer Erik Gukelberger. GoSee.us/chicco …

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news | Make room for a different kind of Amish kids! COLLEZIONI BAMBINI editorial by Beatrice HEYDIRI, captured in South Africa

Beatrice and her agent KARINA BEDNORZ are proud to count renowned publications such as COLLEZIONI BAMBINI to their broad range of international clients – quite rightly so. The photographer captured current summer story ‘Amish People’ in Cape Town, with support from Erik Gukelberger c/o GoSee member NORTH SOUTH PRODUCTIONS. And we have Bronwyn Henning to thank for the colourful styling. …

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