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blog | new entry : EDGAR BERG c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN

After finishing communication design in Dortmund/ Germany, Edgar moved to Paris and worked for an advertising agency as a graphic and motion designer. During his stay in France he developed his passion for photography and started successfully as a fashion and lifestyle photographer. Since 2015 Edgar is based in Hamburg/ Germany. His Images show a clean, charming and sophisticated look. Besides several advertising clients Edgar´s work is featured in magazines like Schön!, i-D Magazine …

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news | EMPORIO ARMANI sport collection EA7 with Penny Lane and Pietro Bosell, photographed by SERGE GUERAND in Sardinia

Serge GUERAND photographed for the new S/S 2016 sports collection from EA7 and fashion house Emporio Armani: elegant high-tech materials in unmistakable style. The shoot took place in Sardinia (Art Director: Barbara Ganti, Creative Department (Armani): Serena Lattuada) – models in front of Serges' camera were Penny Lane and Pietro Bosell. The male model was discovered personally by no less than Giorgio Armani. At only sixteen years of age, Boselli can already boast a PhD as an engineer and …

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news | BREMONT VS JAGUAR E-TYPE - watch special by photographer HEIKO PRIGGE

Bremont produced a series of watches particularly manufactured for the client Jaguar. The Bremont chronometers, which are dedicated to the light E-Type race cars by Jaguar, were photographed by Heiko PRIGGE. The agency was Spark44 with Creative Director Pete Harle, Art Director Leo Lebkuchen and Producer Mondi Howard. On the job for hair & make-up were Björn Krischker, and styling was done by Hope Lawrie (models: Chris Peck c/o Models 1, London, Violetta Victoria c/o BMA, London). …

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news | The new OPEL GT - futuristically staged by ROBERT GRISCHEK c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN for Scholz & Friends

Robert GRISCHEK photographed the new OPEL GT – with its convincing purist silhouette without door handles, exterior mirrors or windshield washers. That is the Opel GT Concept: a new pioneering study sports car, which was shot as commissioned by Scholz & Friends, Creative Director Carsten Jamrow, Art Director Niko Pelz and Art Buyer Kerstin Mende. Production was in the hands of GoSee member NU Projects.

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news | HESSNATUR catalogue - naturally staged with style by LEO KRUMBACHERür PLAN P

Leo KRUMBACHER photographed the new HESSNATUR organic fashion catalogue as commissioned by the agency Plan P and Art Director Maike Götze. Modern sustainability is the label's philosophy, which has been the standard for slow, high-quality fashion for more than 40 years. HESSNATUR respects people and their environments, fair production, innovative, a future-forward approach, plus standards on fashion style, which transcends the boundaries of organic clothing. We present you the looks realize …

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news | L´OFFICIÉL HOMME - Menswear special photographed by Dirk MESSNER

Dirk Messner photographed for L´Officiel Homme (styling: Jen Hahn and hair & make-up: Noriko Takayama c/o Close Up Agency. Casting: Tape Creative. models: Lucas Ernst c/o PMA, Julius Gerhardt c/o Kult).

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news | L'ORÉAL beauty special on the Berlinale in GLAMOUR mag, photographed by LADO ALEXI

For L'ORÉAL Paris and GLAMOUR, Lado ALEXI photographed a beauty spread.

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news | 'Running Woodstock' lifestyle & sports reportages by Klaus MERZ

Klaus MERZ photographed a Lifestyle/People story in Cape Town (styling: Sue Dietz c/o Liganord, hair & make-up: Charmaine de Kock; models: Virginie Bleyaert c/o Boss, Angelique Van Zyl c/o Boss, Jason Ray c/o Boss, Alex R c/o twenty management. Post production: ImageRefinery). Done too: the sport & lifestyle spread “Running Woodstock” (styling : Sue Dietz c/o Liga Nord; model : Morgan Goodall c/o Boss Models; post production: Markus Behrens).

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news | Basketball young teams from HAMBURG TOWERS - photographed by FLORIAN BISON

FLORIAN BISON had young Hamburg basket-ball player in front of his camera. The agency tells us: "The Hamburg Towers has, since its foundation, been a basketball club with very social roots. Alongside the very successful pro team, there has always been a strong focus and high commitment in the youth section, which aims to get young people from difficult neighbourhoods off the street and onto the courts. This is what the campaign shot by Florian Bison focuses on."

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news | 'Colourful Coincidence' MERCEDES-BENZ CALENDAR 2016 by ROBERT GRISCHEK

Great photos, brilliant colors and their favorite automobile motifs! The Mercedes-Benz Calendars make the hearts of fans leap. Robert GRISCHEK flew with his team to Barcelona where they shot the Mercedes Benz Calendar 2016. At various locations, the topic "Colourful Coincidence" was perfectly staged, and the result are color-coordinated motifs.

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