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'Riding the Waves' - campaign film and photos for the VILLEROY & BOCH Decor Line GENESIS BY AFFINITY by Lutz HILGERS c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT

The campaign for the Decor Line GENESIS BY AFFINITY realized by Lutz HILGERS for VILLEROY & BOCH takes quite a colorful turn in film and photos: “Along the lines of: Color is the new white, they appeal to innovative restaurateurs and kitchens.”

Here, new creations meet exceptional design. As a photographer and video artist, Lutz Hilgers is known for powerful, expressive shots. Christa Klubert tells GoSee: “Whether portraits, interior design, or similar, Lutz catches more than just the moment with his lens. Similarly, the brief spot he created for the Genesis line is a powerful, colorful spectacle where multicolored waves clash with Villeroy & Boch’s innocent tableware and leave their traces.” Just like the design of Villeroy & Boch promises.

Lutz Hilgers masterfully takes up the desire for new ideas not only by perfectly visualizing the design concepts but also by contrasting them with conceptual ideas of creative chefs. All in all, this short film conveys pleasure and creates a desire for color. Whether in the design of the porcelain or the innovative dishes.
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The VW Amarok campaign visualized by David MAURER c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT

Transportation specialist David MAURER staged the campaign for the VW Amarok. His representation CHRISTA KLUBERT tells GoSee about the photographic production: “With the VW Amarok, the joy of driving is guaranteed in any situation. The highly resilient and sporty car is not only built for driving down unknown roads, but also for exploring the pure wilderness and also for taming rough terrains. How do you present an all-rounder like this with all of its qualities? David Maurer depicts his shiny protagonist in various settings in order to capture and portray its versatility. The bumpy, rocky desert does not provide true obstacles for the vehicle, and the dust it leaves behind show how the car deals with rough terrain. The all-rounder is equally at home on the road, with the glistening sunlight shining on its rear while it takes on new adventures. With his unique talent of perfectly integrating an object into the most unusual settings, Maurer manages to mirror the car’s versatility in the diverse scenery of his photos.”
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STUDER FOOD CLEANING campaign by photographer Kilian KESSLER c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT

CHRISTA KLUBERT photographer Kilian KESSLER staged the campaign of the Swiss company STUDER FOOD CLEANING with powerful imagery.
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