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Hot Waves... with a snowboard and a Landrover in the desert plus a lifestyle test for Smart - photographed by Joel Micah Miller c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT

Sand as far as the eye can see, with a car and lots of fun. Joel Micah MILLER photographed with a Landrover, a tough snowboarder and a fast driver spectacular stunts in the desert of South Africa. “They had fun. We got sandy. Everybody´s happy,” says the photographer. The result is a photo spread which, next to the obligatory romance and off road shots, also crazy pictures of the snowboarder in the dunes and the driver in the car.

He also photographed a lifestyle test for Smart...
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“A Cadillac is a car that has character, its own profile and charm. It is subtle but prominent and always elegant. You might even start philosophizing that it’s a car which finds its matching driver rather than the driver being the one who finds the right car. The situation is similar with Tillmann Franzen’s photos: These are photos the presence of which you can actually feel. They are exactly the type of photos that speak a certain language. Thus, the cooperation between Tillmann Franzen and General Motors for their Cadillac’s V-Series constitutes a perfect match. In this photo series, he creates a very effective but sober romanticism that gives his pictures these special Franzen aesthetics. Presenting the Cadillac in various everyday situations means presenting its hidden aspects. The not-so-obvious, unobtrusive splendor that yearns for being discovered…” says Christa Klubert about the job.
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'We Are What We Live' - A trip around the world with landscapes and imipressive portraits by photographer DENIS ROUVRE for the LAVAZZA 2017 Calendar

Embracing the ethos, 'We Are What We Live', internationally acclaimed French photographer Denis Rouvre presents with twelve Diptychons pickers and their habitats in Southeast Asia, where Slow Food and Lavazza have ongoing projects – from India to Laos and Vietnam, from Sri Lanka to Indonesia. Every portrait is therefore a landscape and every landscape also becomes a portrait in the end... “The Lavazza 2017 Calendar shows the symbiosis between humans and the environment,” says Francesca Lavazza, who is responsible for the calendar. “Mankind and nature are inseparably connected. They share fulfilment, suffering, bad weather and sweat.”
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