Koester und Lumma


news | Köster und Lumma : shoot interiors and people for the Hapag Lloyd cruise ship fleet’s second flagship – MS EUROPA 2

Photography duo Olaf Lumma & Christoph Köster, also known as Köster und Lumma, shot the new catalogue for the MS EUROPA 2. The Hapag Lloyd cruise ship fleet’s second flagship was officially christened on the Hamburg harbour anniversary in May 2013. Köster und Lumma visited the dockyard in France beforehand, in order to capture the images for the main catalogue in the time it took to complete the crossing to Hamburg. Besides shooting the suite’s interiors, restau …

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news | Koester und Lumma : shot new image motifs for BLOMUS GmbH in Cape Town and combine food and interior at their houseboat shoot

Photography duo Köster & Lumma travelled to Cape Town in December and shot new image motifs for client BLOMUS GmbH. They snapped luxurious interiors in gleaming lights in line with the PURE GARDEN and PURE HOME themes. Jutta Schnieders and her agency Cyclos Design GmbH developed the concept and supervised the production creatively. GoSee member NORTH SOUTH PRODUCTIONS supported the photographers in Cape Town and POP POSTPRODUCTION added the finishing touches to the pictures. The t …

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news | Köster & Lumma : in the Provence and by the North Sea for client WAECO

Photography duo KÖSTER & LUMMA carried out a shoot for client WAECO’s campervan and caravan range in the Provence and by the North Sea. The agency in charge was Cyclos Design Gmbh with art director Henning Labuch and creative director Jutta Schnieders. In 1974 brothers Theodor and Peter Wähning developed the first battery-operated fridge. A perfect idea - marking the birth of WAECO International GmbH. …

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news | NEW : Köster und Lumma, lifestyle, interior and stills photography, Hamburg

Photographer team Köster and Lumma from Hamburg are the newest arrivals at GoSee. Christoph Köster and Olaf Lumma met 12 years ago and decided to continue their path into the world of photography together from then on. Olaf had just graduated from university in the United States, while Christoph decided to dedicate his time and talents to still life photography, following international gigs as a cameraman. Their work encompasses everything from stills to lifestyle. The duo runs …

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