blog | Sandra Beer – The Hidden Face

Illustrator and designer Sandra Beer was born in Frankfurt, where she lives and works when she is not travelling the globe for work and inspiration. Sandra's preferred medium is India ink on paper.  Her sketch-worlds are mainly built by hand and are intuitive, naive, playful and elegant.  She illustrates books, music artworks, posters and fashion designs. Sandra Beer was born in Frankfurt and graduated in Illustration from the Academy HfG University of Art and Des …

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news | Leichenschmaus? Philipp SEEFELDT animated two short films for the ARTE program 'Karambolage'

Every week, the ARTE program 'Karambolage' shows German-French peculiarities and curiosities in an artistic, humorous and experimental way. For that purpose, Philipp SEEFELDT animates two short films on the topic 'Leichenschmaus' (funeral meal) and 'Aldi'. In 2006 Claire Doutraux received the Adolf-Grimme-Preis in the contest category 'Spezial' for 'idea, design and realization' of this program.

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news | Nina Hoss, Malala Yousafzai and Kate Bush - Nils KASISKE portrays 'everyday heroines' for the annual chronicle 2014 of DER SPIEGEL

For the annual chronicle 2014 of the magazine DER SPIEGEL, illustrator Nils KASISKE portrayed eleven 'everyday heroines' including singer Kate Bush, Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai and the actress Nina Hoss.

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news | Contrary unicorn or coy ostrich? Find out with illustrations by Matthias SEIFARTH for TELEKOM

With regard to the topic ‘personnel management’, Matthias SEIFAHRT humanized various animal species for the TELEKOM magazine 'you&me' and transformed them in types of strong character. And which type are you?

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news | Bonjourskincare! LAPIN draws cosmetic cliches for COSMÉTIQUE Magazine

The French magazine COSMÉTIQUE is presently dealing with cosmetic habits of German, Chinese, American and French consumers. In his drawings for the magazine, LAPIN played with the stereotypes and the mythical packing of the respective countries.

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news | Understanding products with info graphics - Michael VESTNER for MANDUCA, HARTMANN and CULLMANN

Info graphics are his strengths. By using detailed motives, Michael VESTNER leads through the application of various products of the customers MANDUCA, HARTMANN and CULLMANN.

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news | Matthias SCHARDT illustrates the limitless choice of IMMOWELT

IMMOWELT is piling up an unlimited choice of beautiful houses and free apartments. A view of the amazingly confusing housing units is delivered by illustrator Matthias SCHARDT.

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news | Most people drink beer, LAPIN illustrates it. Enclosed, the OETTINGER logistics diversity

For the first time, OETTINGER was mentioned in records of 1333 as ‘Forstquellbrauerei’ (brewery) in Fürnheim, Germany. Meanwhile the brewery group has more than one thousand employees and partly a long logistics and production way which LAPIN demonstrated with colorful illustrations.

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