news | Kombinatrotweiss : Life is a trip and not a destination. Three personal films by Estelle KLAWITTER on GoSee

Most things are simple. The same can be said of the clean and fresh denim video starring Marco Rodrigues. A young man, a beautiful body, a pair of denims, a beach. Simple. GoSee presents the one-minute video by photographer and director Estelle KLAWITTER. Camera & Directed by Estelle Klawitter, starring: Marco Rodrigues, voiceover: Mars Saibert, styling & set: Rolf Buck, hair / make-up: Elena Köhler. In addition we present two more personal videos by Estelle Klawitter, ‘Fi …

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news | Animated English language commercial spot for European project AXES - artwork Philipp SEEFELDT

AXES is an R&D EU project exploring audiovisual content from three different axes: users, content and technology. This 4-year project is co-funded by the European Commission and develops tools to interact in new and engaging ways with audiovisual libraries. DW 2013 produced the film, script by Jan Schäfer. Storyboard, animation & illustration by Philipp SEEFELDT c/o GoSee Member KOMBINATROTWEISS.

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news | Personal transportation series with VW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, photography by Michel JAUSSI

Landscape and transportation photographer Michel JAUSSI travelled to South Africa and the snowy Swiss Alps. The models in front of his lens varied: VW Touareg, Audi RS4 Avant, Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz in C-, CLS- and CLK class and the BMW 435i xDrive. Patrick SALONEN harnessed their combined horsepower in post-production.

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news | ARTE’s Karambolage TV show - illustration, animation & sound design Philipp SEEFELDT

We present a filmed declaration of love to our favourite European TV channel, ARTE. Unfortunately it is only available in German. Illustrator Philipp SEEFELDT was the brains behind the film for the cultural channel, contributing illustration and animation, as well as sound. The film was screened as part of the show dedicated to the big differences between the Germans and the French. Film text by Hajo Kruse, production by Arte Karambolage. Catch up on the show : arte.tv/de/alle-sendungen …

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news | Detailed images - Nils KASISKE’s car illustrations for VW and AUDI Magazine

Nils KASISKE dedicated his skills to the inner lives of our metal companions. Grabarz & Partnern commissioned him for an elaborate series for client VW. Love agency hired him for super detailed illustrations for AUDI magazine.

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news | Fabian Sommer shoots sports editors for BILD newspapers’ World Cup campaign

Fabian SOMMER delivers the BILD World Cup campaign straight from the BILD sports editors. He photographed four images commissioned by Hamburg agency Jung von Matt. GoSee Member ZOOT POSTPRODUKTION provided full support in post-production. The campaign reads ‘ready to give you the best FIFA World Cup you have ever seen’. Good job that they managed to scrap the controversial matter of ‘reading’ from the campaign. We recommend their website bild.de …

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news | 'Spectrum of the revolt' for REVS 11 magazine - photographer Stefan Milev’s commissioned piece on GoSee

Stefan MILEV shows us fashion’s full rebellious spectrum in editorial, 'Spectrum of the revolt', for REVS 11 Magazine. The surprising part – all of the pieces are by Düsseldorf label 22/4 hommes femmes, founded in 2007 by designer Stephanie Hahn. Talented London based stylist Jason Hughes styled models Helena Severin and Arwel M for the revolution, Sonia Duchaussoy perfected their hair and make-up. 224hommesfemmes.com

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news | Michael HEINSEN presents three new ERCO images on GoSee

GoSee Member MICHAEL HEINSEN was busy working on another commission for client ERCO. GoSee presents three recent images. Styling by Julia Neugebauer c/o BIGOUDI, hair and make-up by Rebecca J. HERRMANN and Julia SERGIENKO, both c/o GoSee Member LIGANORD. Art Buying & Production by akku artproduction and post by GoSee Member IMAGEREFINERY. …

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news | Maak ROBERTS says ‘Danke Anke!’ for the Berliner BSR campaign amongst others

Maak ROBERTS photographed the campaign images for Berlin waste collection BSR. Styling by Doreen RIEGEL, hair & make-up by Saskia KRAUSE, both artists c/o GoSee Premium Member BASICS, Berlin. Set design by Henning Deertz and production by Maasz Foto.Film. bsr.de

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news | CARL ZEISS campaign image by photographer Michel JAUSSI and post-production by Patrick SALONEN

Photographer and GoSee Member MICHEL JAUSSI shot the CARL ZEISS campaign, focusing on the advantages of short sight glasses. After all how else would you possibly find a wedding ring lost by the lakeside? Good job he was shooting a print campaign, not a film. The agency was KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner with Uwe Schlupp and AD Sebastian Krayer. GoSee Member PATRICK SALONEN, likewise represented by kombinatrotweiss, headed the post-production. …

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