news | Andreas Koppe : props and dummy build for TOM TAILOR - Rock your life and LICHER, ice set design for SAMSUNG and food creations

The new LICHER advertising campaign presents people 'In the heart of nature'. By merging evocative and emotional visual language with nature and gregarious sociability, it is hoped that the consumer will identify with the brand as a whole. Nature is a core concept at LICHER, from untouched landscapes to a luscious roof terrace in the city centre. In order to support the photo shoot and film by Florian Geiss, Andreas Koppe constructed a landing stage and a roof terrace with a lawn at the respe …

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news | Andreas Koppe : dummies for MyPartsPartner and fresh punch bowl motifs

Andreas made surreal objects for client MyPartsPartner and the Damm & Bierbaum agency, Frankfurt am Main, in keeping with the campaign concept: ‘more content than you’d expect’. CD Uli Happel joined AD Maja Milosevic on the project. MyPartsPartner is the specialist dealer in replacement parts for machinery in agriculture, industry, forestry and gardening. Frank Weinert, Frankfurt photographed the campaign. In addition to this, the two of them took on the subject of …

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