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'Get together' - fashion editorial in LOOK mag with hair & make-up by Anja EL SAWAF c/o LES ARTISTS

In the fashion editorial of LOOK magazine, new style is created by combinations. The brand ’Fomme’, for example, stands for unisex fashion and is a combination of femme and homme. Combined also are Kenzo and H&M. Vintage fabrics are given new life by recycling, and much more. The extensive editorial was skillfully supported by hair & make-up artist Anja EL SAWAF c/o LES ARTISTS, and the photos of the reportage were shot by Jens MAURITZ  c/o LILA MANAGEMENT..
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'Best Secret - I’m in' - the BEST SECRET campaign with hair & make-up by Sandra KERN c/o LES ARTISTS, photos by ANDREAS ORTNER

We're going to let you in on a secret: For the BEST SECRET campaign, one of the largest fashion communities in Europa, Sandra KERN c/o LES ARTISTS used her secret hair & make-up powers. The campaign was photographed by GoSee member ANDREAS ORTNER. It's this way to the no longer very secret tip with more than 3,000 designer labels with up to 80% rebate:
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