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news | Peter LINDEMANN shoots the TOYOTA CROWN for the Chinese brand launch, commissioned by DPH agency in Peking

The transportation photographer snapped the TOYOTA CROWN in a contemporary and elegant look in the studio in Peking as well as on an airfield near the Chinese metropolis. The car company will use the images for the Chinese brand introduction of the Toyota model. They undertook this secret project in collaboration with NDC Studios for DPH agency. FYI the Crown is one of the most popular taxi cars in Japan (besides the Nissan Cedric) and is also used in Hong Kong and Singapore as a taxi.

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news | Peter Lindemann shoots PEUGEOT 3008 campaign for China, commissioned by Dentsu agency

The transportation photographer captured the PEUGEOT 3008 campaign for the Chinese market in Autumn this year. The agency in charge was Dentsu. The location shots were taken around 200km North of Peking and the location for the studio pictures was NDC Studios in Peking City. The PEUGEOT 3008 perfectly embodies the brand’s new style features with chrome grilles, boomerang-style fog lights and dynamic lines.

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news | Peter Lindemann : people shoot in Switzerland, MERCEDES E–CLASS for BBDO China, personal projects with AUDI A4 and A7 and MERCEDES S-Class Coupé

Peter Lindemann travelled across Switzerland with his team for a people shoot. The result is a personal transportation project, which includes pictures he took of a BMW X6 model. The next stop was Brennerpass, where he shot the back plates for both AUDI CGI images (A4 and A7). PX4 carried out the rendering and post-production in Frankfurt. Back in Cologne the team snapped the BMW X6 in Düsseldorf as well as creating the back plate pictures for the MERCEDES E – CLASS. Peter and Conc …

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news | Peter Lindemann : AUDI service shoot commissioned by Palmer Hargraves, LÜRZER'S ARCHIVE 200 Best Photographers award, cinematographic shots at dawn

The transportation specialist photographer produced an additional shoot for AUDI Service. The eight-day production took place in Berlin and Peter could once again combine his automobile and people expertise. Christen Sackmann was there to represent the clients. The agency was Palmer Hargraves from Cologne with creative director Christoph Schmitz. Post-production by Tyson on ICE and back office by Hildegard Findeisen. His modern image of the NISSAN TEANA caught the LÜRZER’S ARCHIVE …

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news | Peter Lindemann : A Remarkable Taste of Power – fashionable shots of the NISSAN TEANA in Beijing

At the end of the year the transportation specialist and his team once again went to China. They photographed the NISSAN TEANA in Beijing and surrounding areas as well as at NDC Studios. With the help of cleverly placed light projections and lots of CGI they created stunning images, which we are pleased to present here on GoSee. The Nissan Teana has been in production since 2003 and is an upper-middleclass model from the Japanese car manufacturer. The name Teana is derived from the Native Am …

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news | A day at the Nürburgring racecourse with photographer Peter Lindemann

Photographer Peter LINDEMANN travelled to the legendary Nürburgring racecourse to shoot a free report on the racing events from a close distance. The Nürburgring is located in the beautiful and remote Eifel region of Germany and was inaugurated on 18 June 1927. The original ‘mountain, racing and test course’ was about 28 km long and fully functional until 1982. The Grand Prix course can be divided into the sprint circuit (short version) and Müllenbach circuit (s …

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news | Peter Lindemann : AUDI service shoot for Palmer Hargreaves, at the Cologne Rheinenergie stadium with FORD, people images for BUSCH JAEGER

Almost too beautiful for the garage? Cologne based photographer Peter LINDEMANN produced the Audi service shoot in Leipzig. Agency in charge was Palmer Hargreaves with CD Christoph Schmitz. Christine Sackmann supervised for Audi. The FORD shooting – without any cars – took place at the Cologne Rheinenergie stadium. CD Christoph Schmitz c/o Agentur Palmer Hargreaves was once again advising on set. And ‘my light switch says there are no traffic jams on the motorway&rsquo …

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news | Peter Lindemann : transportation calendar for MAN commercial vehicles AG and free CGI project in Crete

The people and transportation specialist photographer already shot the images last year in Munich and Austria for the MAN Busse 2012 calendar. The agency was Publicis in Munich with Roswitha Haslinger in Art Buying. The Group Head Art was Antje Jagow, client consultation by Mike Plöttner. The client was MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG with Dagmar Wegstroth - Disselbach on location. We have attached a personal CGI project, which Peter shot in Crete with AUDI. …

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