news | LS Productions : realize the Pleasure Garden – Spring/Summer 2017 editorial with fashion photographer Annemarieke Van Drimmelen in Scotland

'In the Genes' is the the title of the production for PLEASURE GARDEN Spring/Summer 2017, which was photographed by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen on commission for Management+Artists. Styling was in the hands of Dimphy den Otter, and the model in front of the camera of the fashion photographer was Stella Tennant. In charge of production & location was the team from GoSee member LS Productions. The UK's largest stills and motion service production company with a library of unique locations. &q …

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news | 'More Indian than you think' – LUFTHANSA is advertising on the Indian subcontinent with a cricket spot – and location support from LS PRODUCTIONS

Cricket is a team sport most popular among Commonwealth countries and is a national pastime in several others. Cricket is India's favorite sport by far, and a little known fact is: There are breaks for both lunch and tea during the sport. But we don't want to get ahead of ourselves. What is the spot by Director Martin Werner all about? We see a focused British cricket coach who is ready to do whatever it takes to beat the legendary Indian champions with their own weapons. We see English athle …

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news | Northern English beauty Sam Rollinson is 'Above & Beyond' for HARPER'S BAZAAR UK March 2017 - production LS PRODUCTIONS

Model Samantha "Sam" Rollinson is originally from the Northern English town of Doncaster – where she was also discovered at the age of fifteen in her mother's company. The first big campaign soon followed: Sam posed alongside top model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Burberry, and the rest is history. We now present her in the cover spread of the March issue of HARPER'S BAZAAR UK. The spread produced by LS Productions was photographed for the 150 Anniversary issue of the high-gloss …

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news | The 'Be Queen' editorial celebrated noble-mindedness and allure for VOGUE Sposa January 2017 by Michel Comte – produced by LS Productions, styling: Enrica Ponzellini; we have nine motifs for you on GoSee

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news | The 'Changing the World' VOGUE BAMBINI cover and the spread 'Country Gangs' - photos by Michel Comte for the January 2017 issue produced by LS PRODUCTIONS

For the client VOGUE Bambini and photographer Michel Comte it was off to Northern England's remarkable Glen House, built in the 19th century by Scottish Industrialist Charles Tennant, for the January issue of 2017. The young protagonists were styled by Enrica Ponzellini. Production and location came from the specialists from LS PRODUCTIONS.

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news | 'Celebrating Sisterhood' - feminine fashion spread in the Scottish undergrowth for HARPER'S BAZAAR, produced by LS PRODUCTIONS

Photographer Regan Cameron sent Malaika Firth on a wintery hike in the woods of Scotland for HARPER'S BAZAAR. The dreamy-feminine styling was put together by Miranda Almond for the 'Celebrating Sisterhood' editorial. LS PRODUCTIONS made sure as pathfinder that no one got lost in the Scottish undergrowth and that the production was realized successfully.

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news | Holiday fashion for ABOUT YOU – production & locations by LS PRODUCTIONS

From chopping down the Christmas tree in the countryside to decorating it and the festive holidays of the year, the fashion story for about you was stylishly accompanied. The atmospheric motifs of the model Christmas business of Oliver Hines, Florent Megdoud, Noora Lappi and Amalie Lund – all styled by Selina Aulenkamp – were photographed Jaan-Eric Fischer. Production as well as location scouting were in the hands of LS PRODUCTIONS. Art Director was Dustin Lundt.

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news | 'To the holidays' - Christmas campaign for the fashion label ANTHROPOLOGIE - with perfect locations by LS PRODUCTIONS

ANTHROPOLOGIE had the Winter Christmas collection staged by photographer Tom Craig in several locations in and around the Scottish capital Edinburgh. The exclusive locations were scouted by the team from Scotland specialist LS PRODUCTIONS, who were also in charge of production. Set design was in the hands of Gillian O'Brien, and Director of Production was Erin Nikaido. Richmond Tan styled the beautiful flock of models: Anais Mali, Valentine Bouquet, Laura Julie, Ophelie Guillermand, and Josephin …

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portfolio | Harper's Bazaar | December 2016

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news | 'Our Kind of Traitor' - cover shoot for ESQUIRE mag with actor EWAN McGREGOR in Edinburgh, service production and locations by LS PRODUCTIONS

'The hell-raising, risk-taking Ewan McGregor reinvents himself...' goes the title by author Dwight Garner for the October issue of ESQUIRE UK. And LS PRODUCTIONS, responsible for service production and location, had lots of fun at the photo shoot with photographer Dusan Reljin and the obviously cheerful actor Ewan MacGregor for ESQUIRE magazine on the streets of Edinburgh. LS PROD tells GoSee: “This was a lovely one to work on.” The fashion and interview spread was produced by Mai Pr …

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