blog | Collages and Vessels by Liselotte Watkins c/o LUNDLUND

Liselotte Watkins c/o LUNDLUND lives and works in Rome and is one of Europe’s most prominent fashion illustrators. After her studies at the Art Institute of Dallas in the late 90s she launched her career as an illustrator in New York. Her unique style gained immediate attention and she landed the prestigious assignment to illustrate Barney’s make-up ads every Sunday in The New York Times. Her strength lies in never-ending restlessness and she never stays complacent, but ceaselessly r …

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news | Camilla Åkrans 'Selected works 2005–2014' - sensual women - and beauty photos, timeless floral arrangements, presented by Fotografiska & CFHILL in Stockholm

The renowned photography museum Fotografiska and the gallery CFHILL in Stockholm presents selected works by Camilla AKRANS. The focus of the exhibition is on her sensual photos of women and flowers. She produces commercial and editorial fashion and beauty photos which due to their timelessness have become icons of photography. Born and raised in Sweden, Camilla AKRANS moved from Europe to the US in 2003. She has lived in the fashion capitals New York, Paris and Milan where she photographed fo …

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news | 'Most wanted shirts' - title spread in THE EDIT from Net-A-Porter magazine THE CUT, photographed by Marcus OHLSSON c/o LUNDLUND

Marcus OHLSSON photographed the title spread 'Most Wanted Shirts' in THE EDIT from Net a Porter magazine THE CUT with successful model Arizona Muse, who is considered one of the hottest newcomer models between New York and Milan (Art Director: Gemma Stark, Morgan Pilcher).

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news | 'Time to Party' - Beauty cover spread in VOGUE BEAUTY Japan - make-up: Fredrik STAMBRO, photos: Marcus OHLSSON, both c/o LUNDLUND

The title story 'Time to Party' in VOGUE BEAUTY Japan was photographed by Marcus OHLSSON, and with the colorful make-up by Fredrik STAMBRO, the hair look by Martin Cullen and styling by Charles Varenne, the motto of the party could be 'back to the 80's'.

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news | 'Photographer of the Year' Swedish ELLE celebrates Johnny KANGASNIEMI c/o LUNDLUND - GoSee congratulates and presents his '#PowerModELLEs' spread

GoSee congratulates Johnny KANGASNIEMI on his award 'Photographer of the Year'. During a gala, ELLE SK awarded the successful and innovative maker of the industry.. With the hashtag #PowerModELLEs, Johnny KANGASNIEMI photographed a fashion portrait with 17 Swedish models of different ages. Trine SKJOTH, also at LUNDLUND, took care of make-up of models Frida Gustavsson, Caroline Winberg, Emma Wiklund, Emmy Rappe, Julia Hafstrom, Hedvig Palm, Mona Johannesson, Ingmari Lamy, Malin Persson, Adina …

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news | Montgolfière - only flying is better - kid's fashion in MILK MAGAZINE, photographed by Sandra FREIJ c/o LUNDLUND

Sandra FREIJ's kid's fashion motifs for MILK magazine spark the thirst for adventure in both small and big. The styling full of imagination was taken care of by Emma Macfarlane, and the set & props were developed by Helen Macintyre.

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news | 'NeuroMANCER' - men's fashion editorial in OFF BLACK mag by Benjamin VNUK c/o LUNDLUND

In the fashion story 'NeuroMANCER' for OFF BLACK magazine, Benjamin VNUK photographed male model Matthieu Villot c/o success models in cyberpunk-inspired looks (styling: Erik Raynal, grooming: Terry Saxon c o Jed Root Limited).

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news | 'Gift Guide' - luxurious gift ideas in WSJ mag, photographed by Gustav ALMESTÅL c/o LUNDLUND

The joy of giving starts with selection of the gift. In the 'Gift Guide' of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, still life specialist Gustav ALMESTÅL photographed beautiful and luxurious lifestyle items for particularly valuable occasions.

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news | Flora Carter in CACTUS mag photographed by Mattias BJÖRKLUND c/o LUNDLUND

Mattias BJÖRKLUND staged beautiful Flora Carter in the stimulating, provocative fashion editorial of CACTUS magazine (styling: Riccardo Linarello, make-up: Marta Vetere).

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news | Camilla ÅKRANS c/o LUNDLUND photographs fashion editorials for HARPER'S BAZAAR US, VOGUE JAPAN and VOGUE GERMANY

In the 'Pure Pastel' fashion editorial, Camilla ÅKRANS delicately staged model Mayowa Nicholas in American HARPER'S BAZAAR. The photographed also realized the 'The Young Revolution' fashion spread for Japanese VOGUE. The fire red short bob of model Katherine Moore was done by hair expert Franco Gobbi. Styling was in the hands of Sissy Vian, and responsible for make-up was Wendy Rowe. Production was under the executive of Jessica Hafford. 'Wet' is the title of Deutsch VOGUEs moisture- …

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