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news | Mainworks is in charge of post production for Hübner & Sturk and utility company Energieversorgung Sylt

The German island Sylt is unmistakable. Its contour is a shape familiar to everyone, which can be seen in the number of stickers on the cars of Sylt fans. The Sylt logo became a symbol which is just as easily recognized as the shape of a coke bottle. Hübner & Sturk developed the concept and the ideas for the motifs, the breadth of which stands for the wide variety of the energy supplier's services. Photographs were shot by Sigi Lustenberger, and responsible for creation was Christof J&o …

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news | Mainworks retouch MERCEDES-Benz GLA motifs for Jung von Matt on location in Portugal

For two MERCEDES Benz GLA motifs, photographer Benjamin Pichelmann traveled to Peniche in Portugal where Mainworks started with retouch work on the spot. The executive agency was Jung von Matt.

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news | Curtains up for the SMART Blackbusters! Mainworks is in charge of post production for the SMART special models and BBDO Berlin

What the blockbuster is for cinema, the new Smart Blackbuster editions fortwo and forfour are for the streets. BBDO Berlin's CD Daniel Haschtmann was responsible for the ideas and layouts of the SMART Blackbuster special models. Uwe Breitkopf photographed the cars in the studio while MAINWORKS realized the movie theater backdrops in CGI, which had been developed together with the transportation photographer in advance. In post production, it all finally came together and was integrated in the mo …

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news | Mainworks : does CGI work for the five-door city cruiser OPEL KARL for the agency Scholz & Friends

The OPEL KARL is just the right size for driving through intense city traffic and masters even the sharpest curves and fits perfectly into the smallest parking spaces thanks to its advanced driver assist systems. Nick Meek photographed the city cruiser in Barcelona, with backgrounds, details and elements – and was supported on location by Mainworks, which was responsible for the technical photography part (spheres, HDR planes). "Opels new entry-level model in the micro-car segment …

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news | Mainworks : Post production for Transportation & Fashion Special in SPLENDID / MANAGER MAGAZINE

The MAINWORKS post production team not only demonstrates a knack for international car productions, the retouchers also have finesse when it comes to fashion & Transportation . Fashion photographer Karel Kühne shot a photo spread for SPLENDID, the art, style, and cultural supplement of MANAGER MAGAZINE. Styling was done by Jane Garber c/o GoSee Member BIGOUDI, make-up and hairstyling came from Sacha Schütte also c/o BIGOUDI. And models Ilias and Leonie strike attractive poses with …

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news | MAINWORKS "Authenticum" post production for CEM YÜCETAS and the 7th AUDI Vernissage

Cem Yücetas’s "Authenticum" series presented unusual everyday situations on show at the seventh AUDI vernissage. The photographer created these nine large format works in collaboration with MAINWORKS exclusively for the event. For more information visit

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news | On tour in London: the new HYUNDAI i20. Previz & backplate support MAINWORKS

The new HYUNDAI i20 sets new standards with its design, size and fittings. This car needs the right stage. What better place than London. Rainer Stratmann took care of the backplate and sphere shoot, MAINWORKS managed previz and backplate editing on location. The cars were created using CG. Creation: Artur Friedrich.

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news | Little Carl is a big hit in the big city – the OPEL Karl CG project by MAINWORKS for Scholz & Friends

Scholz & Friends and AD Tobias Nientiedt commissioned MAINWORKS with an additional CG project, this time for OPEL Karl set to launch in 2018. The backgrounds are based on stock material and the cars were rendered. Photographer Nick Meek joined the team to provide support for the special look of the images. The car is one of the manufacturer’s smallest and is named after Carl Opel, one of company founder Adam Opel’s sons.

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news | MAINWORKS postproduction makes new HONDA Civic shine

Uwe BREITKOPF c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS photographed the advertising image for the new HONDA Civic and commissioned MAINWORKS for the postproduction. The agency was Hakuhodo Deutschland, art direction by Florian Schreiber.

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news | Mainworks : HYUNDAI i20 Paris Motor Show - print brochure & launch film – full CG

The team created various media with great synergy effects for client HYUNDAI and Paris Motor Show: first they prepared the CAD data of the new i20 in such high-definition that it’s particularly suitable for large prints as well as film. For the film the Mainworks team developed a loft-like hall in full CG, the geometries of which can be used for print images. The film was aimed to prepare the viewers for the world premiere of the New Generation i20 at the Paris Motor Show press conference …

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