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news | Marc Trautmann takes pictures of Grime rapper Tinie Tempah in front of the AMG GT for GQ UK and presents his people/ places portfolio here on GoSee

MARC TRAUTMANN snapped an editorial for GQ UK with British Grime rapper and MC from South East London Tinie Tempah, as well as the new AMG GT. Creative director James Warner took the creative lead on set in London and Andy Knight carried out the set design. The pictures received a concrete wall via CGI as well as the classic creative retouch made by RECOM. We also present the behind-the-scenes video by Mercedes Benz here on GoSee. We also present as a glimpse into the photographer’s por …

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news | Marc Trautmann presents the first results of his new photography project cinemascope format

A film? A snapshot of the past? A legendary moment. In his new project photographer MARC TRAUTMANN creates situations that put the viewer in the position of an innocent bystander in a movie scene, but which movie? The cinemascope format plays with the DNA of film shots which lead the viewer to believe they already know what they see. The images suggest they are taken from a thriller, a film noir or from other crime genres in cinema culture. The protagonists seem somehow haunted and lost at th …

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news | Marc Trautmann : photographed the SMART ForFour in Los Angeles for the brand’s catalogue and online content, commissioned by BBDO Proximity Berlin

Marc Trautmann photographed the newly developed SMART ForFour in Los Angeles in the summer. ‘They glued great white sharks on walls. They painted whole large brick walls. They let Birds fly...all for the camera...ok not the birds....’ The crew received on set support from Christoph von RECOM Farmhouse London and the agency in charge was BBDO Proximity. The creative director on location was Kai Grützmacher and Simone Kiening was the art director. Felix Engelhardt and Tomas Acero …

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news | INFINITI Q30 Concept Car - first shoot in space by MARC TRAUTMANN

Transportation specialist photographer Marc Trautmann and his assistant Felix had the pleasure of carrying out the first ever shoot in space. Marc shared his experiences with GoSee: “the INFINITI Q30 Concept Car was photographed on the start ramp for smaller spaceships on a big mother ship, set against the backdrop of the universe, near the moon. Using cameras and lighting equipment was incredibly complicated. We took a picture of our footprints to prove we’ve been up there.” …

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news | Marc Trautmann : presents his new website with brand new work and shoots the new BMW F45 in San Diego in an innovative colourful look

After half a year of being ‘under construction’ Marc Trautmann’s new website is now online. TRANSPORTATION, CGI, PEOPLE, ARCHITECTURE, PEOPLE, MAKING OF, FILM.... – all images are easy to find and are presented in a bold XL format. The website benefits from a clear, easy to use design and art buyers and creatives can confirm it is a great work tool. It is easy to drag and drop images and use them for layouts. In addition to his personal work he presents his commissio …

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