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news | INFINITI Q30 Concept Car - first shoot in space by MARC TRAUTMANN

Transportation specialist photographer Marc Trautmann and his assistant Felix had the pleasure of carrying out the first ever shoot in space. Marc shared his experiences with GoSee: “the INFINITI Q30 Concept Car was photographed on the start ramp for smaller spaceships on a big mother ship, set against the backdrop of the universe, near the moon. Using cameras and lighting equipment was incredibly complicated. We took a picture of our footprints to prove we’ve been up there.” …

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news | Marc Trautmann : presents his new website with brand new work and shoots the new BMW F45 in San Diego in an innovative colourful look

After half a year of being ‘under construction’ Marc Trautmann’s new website is now online. TRANSPORTATION, CGI, PEOPLE, ARCHITECTURE, PEOPLE, MAKING OF, FILM.... – all images are easy to find and are presented in a bold XL format. The website benefits from a clear, easy to use design and art buyers and creatives can confirm it is a great work tool. It is easy to drag and drop images and use them for layouts. In addition to his personal work he presents his commissio …

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news | Marc Trautmann : country parties and modern cityscapes for OPEL INSIGNIA and INSIGNIA COUNTRY TOURER in Berlin, Barcelona and in the breath-taking Dolomite landscape

Scholz & Friends Hamburg commissioned Marc Trautmann and crew to photograph the new OPEL INSIGNIA and OPEL INSIGNIA COUNTRY TOURER in Cortina d’Ampezzo and Berlin for catalogue and online uses. The campaign images were created in Barcelona. THE COUNTRY TOURER images were shot in breath-taking mountain landscapes in the Dolomites at heights of up to 3,000 metres. The transportation specialist and his team travelled to Berlin to photograph the vehicle and the SPORTS TOURER. Kati D …

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news | Marc Trautmann : in the Cortina D'Ampezzo and Antinori mountains with the BMW Gran Lusso for BMW

Marc TRAUTMANN and his crew photographed the new BMW Gran Lusso, designed by Pininfarina, in the unique mountain areas of Cortina D'Ampezzo and Antinori for BMW. They recently unveiled the car to the public at the ‘Concorso d'Eleganza’ at Villa D'Este in May 2013. As homage to the Gran Tourismo from the 1960s and 70s they produced the pictures on locations that were significant to the European jet set society of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Marc told GoSee: ‘this 12 …

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news | Marc Trautmann : ‘Rockduster’, the MERCEDES-BENZ G-Class for CONDENAST in the Carrara quarries

Marc Trautmann and his crew travelled to the impressive Carrara quarries for MERCEDES-BENZ G-Class and CONDENAST. Transportation specialist Marc tells GoSee, ‘where all equipment vans fail and get stuck, we managed to transport the material up to the very highest locations thanks to the G-Class. I doubt there is any other better test for all terrain’. Only one G-Class didn’t have a load to bear. It was the elegant model and muscular man in one. The sun was never visible …

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news | Marc Trautmann in the great outdoors with the BMW F45 in summery deserted Paris

Marc Trautmann photographed the new BMW F45 Active Tourer with his lads under top-secret conditions in Paris. Paris and top-secret? How on earth is that supposed to work? Marc tells GoSee : ‘August is the only month in Paris where the streets are really calm. This enables us to completely block off large boulevards for short amounts of time. Absolutely no permits will be distributed during any other time in the year other than the ‘Grandes Vacances’ (summer holidays).&rsquo …

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