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Judith goes to Bollywood - MARCUS HOEHN portrays actress and author Judith Döker for BRIGITTE magazine; we have the motif on GoSee

For the women's magazine BRIGITTE, Marcus HOEHN portrayed Judith Döker in 'The Store' at Soho House Berlin. The German television star spent the past years in India and has written her extraordinary experiences down in her book titled 'Judith goes to Bollywood'. Hair & make-up was done by Tricia le Hanne.
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Rediscovery in art: Jakob Mattner, portrayed in his studio by MARCUS HOEHN; we have the motif on GoSee

Jakob Mattner draws with soot and coffee grains, builds blind cameras and gets his inspiration from astro-physicists. Now the Berlin-based light artist has been rediscovered. MARCUS HOEHN visited his studio and photographed him with his mirror tripods.
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Very expressive : actor Alexander Scheer in front of the camera of MARCUS HOEHN

Actor Alexander Scheer, who is famous for his role in the film 'Sonnenallee' and various Tatort episodes, can be seen everywhere right now, whether on the stage or in the cinema – good enough reason for a photo shoot with MARCUS HOEHN. On set were also stylist Nici Teuerkauf and hair & make-up artist Aline HAFEZI c/o PERFECTPROPS.
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