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news | Brighten the future with laser beams.... Marcus Philipp Sauer shoots AUDI R8 LMX Special Edition for Philipp und Keuntje

The future is bright according to AUDI and the new AUDI R8 LMX, a breathtaking combination of dynamics and cutting edge technology. What makes it so unique? The Audi R8 LMX is AUDI’s first series to use headlights with laser technology. AUDI and agency Philipp und Keuntje commissioned Marcus Philip Sauer to create the catalogue images for the R8 LMX in collaboration with PX2 post-production. The vehicle was created using CGI and the backgrounds were shot in Death Valley in Mojave Deser …

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news | Marcus Philipp Sauer BMW M Horse Edition shoot in Beijing commissioned by BMW China

The ‘Horse’ special edition was photographed in Beijing for BMW CHINA, celebrating 2014, the year of the horse. Leo Burnett Beijing agency was in charge of the concept and realisation. The shoot took place on a brand new, unopened motorway, as the making-of images show, which the car photographer shot exclusively for GoSee readers. In addition eight additional studio images were shot, two of which we have here for your viewing pleasure. The challenge was getting the cars dust free …

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news | Marcus Philipp Sauer shoots KIA SPORTAGE campaign commissioned by Gürtlerbachmann and Innocean in Cape Town

Marcus Philipp Sauer photographed three advertising images in Cape Town for the current KIA SPORTAGE campaign. The compact SUV is the epitome of design, boasting a central cockpit for the driver, signature cooler grill and sporty bumper. GoSee Member CAPE TOWN PRODUCTIONS provided local production support, making sure everything ran smoothly and recommending the best restaurants and bars in the South African dream city. Hamburg based agency Gürtlerbachmann and Innocean, Frankfurt came up …

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news | Marcus Philipp Sauer : AUDI A1 Lifestyle shoot in creative mecca Copenhagen for Philipp und Keuntje and the Air

AUDI took him to the picturesque city of Copenhagen. The photographer tells GoSee, “the city was the absolutely perfect setting for the AUDI A1 Pattern : young and beautiful, modern and creative and full of joie de vivre”. Model Monica Christensen posed alongside the car. Bijarne Lindgren carried out the styling, Henrik Steen took care of the hair and make-up. The agency was PHILIPP UND KEUNTJE PUK Postproduktion carried out the post-production in house. Tim Michel and Grace Lovi …

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news | Marcus Philipp Sauer : INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe GmbH in Barcelona commission 18 key visuals for KIA European campaign plus exclusive backstage report on GoSee

A total of 18 key visuals were developed for the European campaign to mark the launch of the new models. The agency is Korea based INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe GmbH, with European headquarters in Frankfurt. The transportation photographer told GoSee, ‘the challenge was to find suitable locations in busy Barcelona that fit visually and weren’t too crowded. We had a tight schedule and the pressure was high. But thanks to Estrelle it all worked out in the end.’ Igor Karpalov c …

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news | Marcus Philipp Sauer : new range shots for PORSCHE and Kemper Kommunikation; on the road through various geographies for TOYOTA LAND CRUISER commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi Design London

The transportation photographer teamed up with RECOM post-production to create the last two range shots in CGI for PORSCHE. The backplates were photographed in California for PORSCHE’s most-used images worldwide. The agency was Kemper Kommunikation, Frankfurt. Saatchi & Saatchi Design London approached him with an elaborate concept for the legendary LAND CRUISER. He shot landscapes and spheres in and around the USA, Spain and Germany. The juxtaposition of the urban with extreme land …

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news | Marcus Philipp Sauer : across California for the LEXUS IS campaign and Team One agency, interview and making-of images on GoSee

Photographer MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER travelled across California together with Team One agency from Los Angeles for the new LEXUS IS campaign. From the famous Laguna Seca racecourse to Truckee near Lake Taho with the obligatory trip to San Francisco and then back to Los Angeles. We present the 14 photographs and ask some questions … What is the process of a production like this? We all started off in Los Angeles; I travelled there from Germany and then I met the rest of the team and w …

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news | Marcus Philipp Sauer : on and off the roads of Dubai with the exclusive LAND ROVER Discovery 4 Pursuit and Designers Digest

Marcus and team were in hot pursuit of dreamy desert landscape shots with the LANDROVER DISCOVERY 4 Pursuit. The vehicle is exclusive to the Mena region and limited to 100. The car already impresses drivers from gracefully handling the initial metres in a car park to dune bashing in the desert. The directions were short and to the point, let off some steam, if in doubt, hit the gas, the Discovery will take care of the rest. The team was so enamoured by the 5-litre V8 with 375 PS, they alm …

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news | Marcus Philipp Sauer : AUDI RS7 shoot in front of modern architecture and with elaborate light concept for Philipp und Keuntje

The team travelled to the south of Germany, Austria and Spain for AUDI with PHILIPP UND KEUNTJE agency and the AUDI RS7. They found what they were looking for in modern architecture with elaborate light concepts. Producer Tim Michel discovered the perfect location and was in charge of production. PX2 carried out the subsequent post-production as well as the CGI components in Hamburg.

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news | Marcus Philipp Sauer : BMW M6 Gran Coupé shoot at the foot of the Pico del Teide volcano on Tenerife

Marcus Philipp Sauer and his team travelled to Tenerife for BMW to photograph the M6 Gran Coupé in the best possible light. They carried out the shoot on the Pico del Teide volcano, which is 3,718 metres high and therefore the highest elevation on the Canary Islands and the highest mountain on Spanish land. ‘The production required fast actions because the weather would completely change in a matter of seconds and suddenly produce a fog bank including rain and stormy weather. Th …

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