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news | MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI portrays Désirée Nosbusch, Andrea Sawatzki and Christine Neubauer for COCOON magazine

MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI staged presenter Désirée Nosbusch with actresses Andrea Sawatzki and Christine Neubauer for COCOON magazine. The outfits were put together by Séraphine DE LIMA c/o BIGOUDI and Irina SKLADKOWSKI c/o NORDISH REPUBLIC; hair & make-up on set were done by Sandra SCHUETZ c/o CLOSE UP, Serena GOLDENBAUM c/o KULT ARTISTS and Manuela DEGELMANN c/o NORDISH REPUBLIC. Production: Agency Call, Reinhard Metzler. …

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news | Brand new in the fashion world: the clothing label VISOUS - campaign photos by MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI

The fashion start-up VISOUS presents glamorous party fashion with flowing fabrics, delicate lace and sparkling stones in their new Spring/Summer collection. The face of the young fashion line is Anna RUDENKO c/o LOUISA MODELS, who was photographed by fashion photographer MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI. Hair and make-up was done on set by Younes BENT c/o LOUISA ARTISTS. …

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news | In Scotland for the MEYER HOSEN campaign: photographer MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI with top model Werner Schreyer

Against a spectacular backdrop, she photographed top model Werner Schreyer for the HOSEN-MEYER AG. During the cinematic shoot, the Hamburg-based photographer had the professional support of GoSee member MARION WALTER in his usual great mood - 'even if it was a very stormy production' – Margaretha tells us.

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news | New testimonial of the GLORYFY 'Unbreakable' eyewear campaign: model and artist Werner Schreyer, portrayed by MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI

Werner Schreyer is the testimonial for the GLORYFY eyewear campaign titled 'Unbreakable', which was photographed by MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI. With their collection of unbreakable sunglasses, the Austrian company sets new lifestyle accents and advertises with celebrities, who have overcome personal strokes of fate without losing hope. Model Werner Schreyer, who also works as a painter and artist, created an exclusive series of pictures for an exhibition for Gloryfy, an event to accompany the campaig …

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news | Three titles and an editorial for DONNA magazine, realized by fashion photographer MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI

On the stormy peninsula St. Peter-Ording and in the Hamburg harbor, MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI photographed for DONNA magazine with Fashion Editor Pia Knoll. In front of her camera: model Barbara Mina Weixler. Also staged – three covers for the women’s magazine with DONNA Fashion Editor Sandra Krutzsch and models Maria Bailey as well as Kerry Ferguson.

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news | Decorative times at KARSTADT - MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI shoots the image motifs for the agency designpeople

The image shoot for KARSTADT’s jewelry department was staged by the Hamburg-based photographer MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI with organization support by Monika Müller from the agency designpeople. Casting was taken care of by Margaretha’s agent Ellen Vorstandlechner c/o LILA MANAGEMENT. In front of the camera posed 'the wonderful' Christina Tosio, as Margaretha tells us.

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news | Iris Berben, Natalia Wörner, Annette Frier and Thekla Carolina Wied in MYWAY magazine - portraits by MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI

For the celebrity magazine MYWAY, Margaretha staged cover stories with the agelessly beautiful Iris Berben, the charismatic Natalia Wörner and a humorous Annette Frier, who started off by teaching everyone on set how to dance the cha-cha, plus Thekla Carola Wied, who’s exciting personality speaks for itself as her cover photo clearly demonstrates. All covers were produced by Roba Press.

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news | Regina Halmich, Frauke Ludowig and Sylvie Meis as testimonials for the PINK RIBBON breast cancer early diagnosis campaign - photos by MARGAETHA OLSCHEWSKI

It is very important for photographer MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI to support PINK RIBBON Germany with its campaign to raise awareness for the early diagnosis of breast cancer. The pink ribbon is the unmistakable symbol for the disease worldwide. With exceptional effort, she created motifs with the German celebrities Regina Halmich, Frauke Ludowig and Silvie Meis. Annalena Rumler supported the campaign of the non-profit organization with her post production.

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news | MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI shoots the NEW YORKER fashion motifs

For NEW YORKER, MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI photographed sporty fashion for cool men on an old wharf in Hamburg's harbor. She also staged the sexy NEW YORKER lingerie line with ten wild kittens with supported from her agent Ellen Vorstandlechner c/o LILA MANAGEMENT. Production was done by GoSee member NU PROJECTS.

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news | 'Women can be a kind of home' - Peter Maffay in a DONNA exclusive interview. photos by MARGARETHA OLSCHEWSKI

For his interview in the journal DONNA, Peter Maffay requested to be photographed by MARGARETHA OSCHEWSKI on the island of Fuerteventura. He was very pleased with the results of the shoot, and Margaretha has been a dedicated Maffay fan ever since. His old friend Reiner Loos has been living on the island for several years and runs the restaurant Casa Santa Maria. He supported the team during production by providing great locations and excellent food. Doris Hartwich was in charge of equipment.

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