Markus Wendler


news | Transportation Specialist Markus Wendler through Death Valley with the BMW X6

Markus photographed a personal series in 20 Mule Team Canyon. It is located in Death Valley and has been used as a set for Star Wars films as well as other Hollywood productions. The unsecured railway track is a challenge for drivers. The action-packed photos go to show just how the BMW X6 mastered the situation.

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news | Markus WENDLER shoots sporty PORSCHE CAYMAN GTS for Kemper Kommunikation in Barcelona

The transportation photographer shot the new PORSCHE CAYMAN GTS with dramatic lighting and contrasting architecture. Kemper Kommunikation and Senior Art Director Patrick Falter oversaw the production. The shoot took place in Barcelona with local production company Sonda Produktion. Tim Michel was the head producer.

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news | Markus Wendler shoots sporty PORSCHE BOXSTER GTS for Kemper Kommmunikation in Portugal and Spain and personal series in Death Valley

The transportation photographer shot the new PORSCHE BOXTER GTS on impressive locations in North Spain and Portugal. GoSee presents the results from the 14-day shoot. Head Producer Tim Michel and Sonda ensured everything ran smoothly, meanwhile Patrick Falter headed art direction. The new PORSCHE BOXTER GTS displays an insatiable desire for acceleration and it’s evident at the very first glance. The distinctively designed front end, with largely dimensioned air intakes characterised by …

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news | Markus Wendler : on location by night and in the studio for the new TOYOTA AVALON and Saatchi & Saatchi LA

Markus WENDLER photographed the new TOYOTA AVALON for Toyota USA and Saatchi & Saatchi LA. He produced a total of 50 images on 30 photo shoot days. All the main images were shot on location by night. Furthermore, additional beauties and interiors were photographed in the studio. Rob Beckon of Saatchi LA headed the art buying and Tony Donna was in charge of art direction. The TOYOTA AVALON is a full-size car, produced by Toyota in the USA and sold exclusively in North America. The p …

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news | NEW : Markus Wendler; Automotive and Landscape Photography; DELOREAN DMC-12, AUDI RS5 CONVERTIBLE, VW TIGUAN, SKODA OFFROAD, PEUGEOT 208 and new website

Automotive and Landscape specialist photographer Markus Wendler is a new entry at GoSee. After completing his degree in Photography and Visual Communication at Fachhochschule Bielefeld in the late ‘90s, he worked in the editorial sector. In 2000, he kicked off his career in advertising. Currently, Markus splits up his time between California (particularly ideal for car productions) and his hometown in Hamburg where he lives with his wife, Heike and their son Oskar. He recently photo …

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