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news | GoSee QUEST: Nicole Bongartz, yoga teacher and founder of the Yoga Conference Germany tells us about this year's highlights at the upcoming conference held in Cologne.

There are many connections between New York and Cologne. And please note – not only with regard to art, but also regarding yoga there is an active exchange between the two cities. Trainers from New York enthusiastically teach in Cologne and vice versa. While star trainer Dana Flynn from Laughin Lotus Studios entertains places such as Times Square with yoga and prepares herself for her visit to Cologne, GoSee met the initiator of the German Yoga Conference Nicole Bongartz. And not on hers, …

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We survived it ;-) ! Thanks to everyone invovled, very much appreciated.

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news | "Hello GoSee! We are Prag" - we present actress and singer Nora Tschirner and her band colleagues Erik Lautenschläger and Tom Krimi from the self professed ‘self help group for 1960s film music’ “ on top form on GoSee

‘Kein Abschied’ (no farewell) follows ‘Premiere’. Who would have thought? If you ask Erik, Tom and Nora then it was all too logical. PRAG the three-piece band was and is more than a ‘self help group for 1960s film music’. They have toured across Germany and every night the band grew. The trio discovered that there is a big audience for what they do and the small family has in fact grown to become a veritable PRAG clan, so they tell us. Time for GoSee to also m …

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news | Barbara Friedrich, Editor in Chief of Architektur & Wohnen, presents Michele De Lucchi the 'A&W-Designer of the Year, 2015' and says: "Hello GoSee!" at the exhibition opening at IMM and PASSAGEN in Cologne

Cologne’s PASSAGEN presented its 26th fringe event for IMM (international furniture fair) from 19 – 25 January offering an elaborate programme. More than 400 designers and makers were presented in 200 exhibitions in central Cologne. People, like us, who don’t feel like chasing kitchens, bicycles, lamps, armchairs and carpets, go for the events with the big names who come to Cologne for the awards and prizes. One such event was the celebration of A&W Designer of the Year …

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news | 'All die Narben'. Prag sings a pretty chanson about scars

For their chanson 'All die Narben' PRAG, aka Erik, Tom and Nora Tschirner travelled to Bad Gastein in Gasteinertal, Austria and the Grand Hotel de l´Europe – a truly cinematic location.

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news | PRAG makes one thing clear: "we were all soooo in love with Sophie Marceau ....

Everyone (that is the average straight teenager aged 11 – 17) really was in love with Sophie Marceau, star of 1980s film success La Boom part 1 and part 2...... And who does everyone fancy in 2014? Everyone, but they really all still love Sophie Marceau. And gender doesn’t even come into it. Here at GoSee all are absolutely agreed. Any questions – please direct these to PRAG.......

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news | PRAG loves poodles. Watch their new video "Film Noir" on GoSee

Band members Erik Lautenschläger (as Maître), Nora Tschirner (as Maîtresse) and Tom Krimi (as Garçon) star in the latest video, Film Noir. Direction by Prag friend Jarek Raczek. Inspired by Jaques Tati and Louis de Funès.

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news | marsil welcomes COSMOCOVER to the Games. We present 7 minute backstage trailer for Dark Souls II "Dark Intentions" on GoSee and are looking forward to Friday for several reasons

Cosmocover is a French PR office for the rapidly growing games industry. Cosmocover was founded in 2009 and is made up of Salima Bessahraoui, Pierre-Louis Barbier and John Tyrrell. They introduce themselves by saying, "We’re a cosmopolitan, multi-lingual group of can-do experts and smart thinkers with a shared passion for games, technology and communications.". With their team and external network they have accompanied campaigns in the UK, France, Germany, Benelux, Italy, Spain, …

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news | ‘Handmade in Germany’ – the Royal China Manufacture Berlin shows a preview of the international exhibition in Cologne: striking proportions, clever textures and artful decor

From 4 until 16 July 2014 at KPM Verkaufsgalerie Cologne, design lovers have the chance to catch a first exclusive glimpse of the selection of goods the Royal China Manufacture Berlin will present at the ‘Handmade in Germany’ exhibition, which starts its world tour in St Petersburg in autumn. St Petersburg is the first location of many for this world travelling exhibition called ‘Handmade in Germany’. Among selected products from 30 German heritage brands, manufacturers, …

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news | Cologne’s Marsil Hotel is delighted to welcome Hollywood guests for the Autobahn casting and Späti56 event made by JÄGERMEISTER

This May Cologne’s Marsil Hotel is delighted to have been involved in the AUTOBAHN Hollywood project with Anthony Hopkins and Sir Ben Kingsley. The casting for a role in the blockbuster movie took place in the unique and enchanting ambience of the boutique hotel – lady of light, or should we perhaps say horizontal industry. Good job that Cologne locals aren’t strangers to the touchy or feely. Obviously we can’t give away more than that for the minute, but we’re sure …

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