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news | Markus Meuthen shoots the CHEVROLET SPARK campaign in Prague, plus a beautiful series of personal Nature Morts images on GoSee

Düsseldorf-based transportation specialist MARKUS MEUTHEN was booked for the new CHEVROLET Spark campaign. The images were elaborately created on a large scale – the result of a great effort, the loft was entirely constructed as a set, complete with kitchen, living room and bathroom. The entire production took place at Barrandov Studios, Prague. The styling was immaculately construed to the tiniest detail, even down to a casting for the best possible goldfish. Next stop was …

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news | An anthroposophy excursion - Markus Meuthen for DR. HAUSCHKA

The Dr. Hauschka gardens make you feel like you are on an excursion to Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy. Treating plants with respect is only natural and the production process is truly unique. All products by the brand carry the BDIH label ‘Certified Natural Cosmetics’. Markus MEUTHEN got up close and personal with the plants in the garden and created ‘respectful’ photographs of borage, roses, euphrasy and co. You can see all of his work plus the corresponding …

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news | Markus Meuthen : atmospheric and melancholic shot of the VW SP2. A photographic homage to the Brazilian sport coupé from 1972

Markus Meuthen produced atmospheric, autumnal and slightly melancholy images of one of the rarest and most beautiful VWs of all time – a VW SP2. The light concept, styling, model and appropriate bungalow from that time tie in with the groovy ‘70s – the Brazilian SP2 was launched in 1974. What does the SP stands for? São Paulo, Special Project or Sem Potência, Brazilian for ‘without potential’… who knows? Melisa Borg looked simply breathtaki …

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portfolio | STILLS

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portfolio | Transportation

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news | Markus Meuthen : on a voyage of discovery with STARLIGHT EXPRESS. 1,600 single form an impressive 360 degree indoor panorama

It took a staggering two days and nights to photograph 26 actors and the whole of the STARLIGHT EXPRESS theatre in more than 1,600 single shots, which were turned into a sphere afterwards. The complexity of the task (fog, speed, flips, Rollerblades, fire) is reflected in the highly impressive result. The agency in charge was Ogilvy. The stage in Bochum features elaborate laser effects, lanes than run straight through the audience and a nine-ton, moving bridge. The STARLIGHT EXPRESS websit …

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news | Markus Meuthen : Vrooommm .... a new look OPEL spread in RAMP magazine

Markus MEUTHEN realised the new Opel Astra OPC in his unmistakeable VROOAAMM art style. The template for the shoot was the numerous race-way segments of the famous Nürburgring and its pitfalls. The CGI car was produced by GoSee member RTT AG Realtime Technology, while GoSee Member Markus MEUTHEN took care of illustration and post-production. The whole shebang was published in RAMP magazine, right in time for the Geneva Autosalon. …

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news | NEW : Markus Meuthen, photographer, transportation & stills; Düsseldorf & Hamburg; first portfolios online

NEW at GoSee: photographer Markus MEUTHEN, who specialises in still and transportation photography. Markus is based in Düsseldorf but also works from Hamburg. It is particularly worth noting his special approach to picture processing. Over the last few years, he has perfected his unique and skilful technique to create impressive results. The success of his work is evident in the list of satisfied international clients including Ogilvy, BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi, DDB as well as his f …

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