blog | Mmusi Maimane by Heiko RICHARD c/o NERGER M&O

Photographer Heiko RICHARD c/o NERGER M&O Model Mmusi Maimane  Location Johannesburg Post Production vividgrey

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news | Kavita Meelu and Conrad Fritzsch are 'progressive people' for AUDI – photography and film by Jan VAN ENDERT

Jan VAN ENDERT produced portraits in photographs and film of two inspiring people for AUDI’s ‘Progressive People’ series. Audi puts forward Kavita Meelu and Conrad Fritzsch as their favourite forward thinking people. Kavita Meelu is a food innovator and winner of the City of Berlin’s Innovation Award. Conrad Fritzsch is CEO and Founder of The film material was created in Berlin and London for loved agency. Sabine Cole and Imke Jurok were in charge of creation. …

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news | New Flare & Brugg and Skør images for GÖRTZ Shoes - photography Daniel SCHROEDER

Daniel SCHROEDER shot new images for Flare & Brugg and Skør for GÖRTZ shoes. The supervising agency was loved, production by GoSee-Member NU PROJECTS. The Skør shoot took place in Morocco with boys from a local street casting.

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news | Model Ilva Heitmann for GRAZIA - photography Elizabeth TOLL

Elisabeth TOLL photographed beautiful images in Iceland for GRAZIA. Birgit Schlotterbeck styled model Ilva Heitmann. Hair and make-up by GoSee friend Thorsten Weiss.

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news | Back to the future. Heiko RICHARD shoots cover story for INTERSECTION Magazine featuring the FIAT 500

Heiko RICHARD photographed the latest cover story for INTERSECTION titled ‘back to the future’ on the future of mobility. The Fiat 500 is the cover story star.

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news | SPARKASSE Berlin customer magazine cover story – image by Wolfgang STAHR

Wolfgang STAHR photographed a musical cover story for Berlin SPARKASSE’s customer magazine. Wolfgang STAHR’s son, Hugo Stahr, is the musical newcomer model.

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news | Plus size lingerie editorial with model Aglae Dreyer, shot by Brita SÖNNICHSEN c/o NERGER M&O

Brita SÖNNICHSEN produced a lingerie fashion editorial with plus size models. Angelica Francis styled model Aglae Dreyer’s hair and make-up. We can only agree with her statement ‘being bigger doesn't make you not beautiful’ and are very pleased to present this series on GoSee. Julia Stübner was in charge of post-production.

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news | Jan VAN ENDERT delivers pictures and a making-of film for the new AUDI e-tron – see the spectacular results here on GoSee

Transportation expert Jan VAN ENDERT shot the AUDI e-tron as part of an elaborate production in Johannesburg. He also produced the making-of film for the commercial and impressively showcased the many light effects as well as the amazing teamwork. Audi finally turns to electronic cars with the plug-in hybrid A3 e-tron. The agency in charge was think und loved. Creative direction by Gerrit Zinke.

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news | The CHANEL Resort Collection 2015 –snapped twice by Greg ADAMSKI

Greg ADAMSKI snapped not one but two advertorials for the CHANEL Resort Collection 2015. He travelled to the desert with models Monika SAWICKA c/o MUNICH MODELS, Ewelina Mika and Iza Bielawska as well as stylist Teresa Karpinska, in order to shoot in front of contrasting and sparse backdrops. Shindesu Shin tamed the models’ hair on set, while Toni Malt applied their make-up. The studio shoot then focused exclusively on Sofia RUDYEVA c/o MUNICH MODELS. And of course stylist Teresa and make- …

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news | 12 pages of seventies glamour - Stephanie PFAENDER shoot a fashion story for INTERVIEW magazine

Stephanie PFAENDER produced a 12-page fashion story for the German edition of INTERVIEW magazine. Junior fashion editor Réka Maria Probst created a seventies glamour look on brunette beauty Antonina PETKOVIC c/o MUNICH MODELS.

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