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18.01.2017 • GoSee JOBS from ROBA PRESS Hamburg, MEDIA CONSULTA Berlin, LEOS THJNK TANK Munich, ORENDT Studios Düsseldorf, CONDE NAST Munich, THE SCOPE Hamburg, TRACK Hamburg, KURZGESAGT Munich, SÜDLICH-T Munich, UNIPLAN Bejing, FEEDMEE Design GmbH Cologne, PLANTAGE Berlin, OTTO Hamburg, SÜDLICH-T Zurich, RGBERLIN Berlin, MACKEVISION Stuttgart, CASA Münster, PLANTAGE Berlin, APERTO Berlin, ADSPERT Berlin, thjnk & Leo's thjnk tank Munich, ... Find more exciting jobs on the completely free-of-charge GoSee JOB MARKET. And don't forget: Spread the good NEWS!

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Advertising • 'The Power of Why' - DOP Tommy WILDNER c/o FRÖHLICH MGMT films a one-miinute time trip for CHESAPEAKE

17.01.2017 • Together with Director Brumby Boylston, FRÖHLICH MANAGEMENT DOP Tommy WILDNER realized the CHESAPEAKE spot titled 'The Power of Why' in Dallas and Oklahoma. The slogan of the company is: 'Focused on driving value'. We learn more from the website: “Chesapeake holds an industry-leading portfolio of high-quality unconventional assets in top U.S. onshore plays. Chesapeake’s value-driven strategy includes continuously generating capital efficiencies and operating with industry-leading production and G&A costs – along with a disciplined approach to liquidity. The safety of our employees, contractors, the public and the environment is our number one priority and reflects our commitment to conducting our business responsibly and living our core values.”

About - Chesapeake Energy Corporation is a petroleum and natural gas exploration and production company headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The company was founded in 1989 by Aubrey McClendon and Tom L. Ward with only a $50,000 initial investment. McClendon named the company due to his love of the Chesapeake Bay region. // show complete news


Advertising • The world of SIEMENS Technology - two motifs by Rui CAMILO c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN

15.01.2017 • And Rui CAMILO c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN photographed two motifs for the agency Scholz & Friends Hamburg and the client SIEMENS. Art Director was Dennis Hofmeister and art buying came from Angela Barilaro. Styling: Heidi Lauhoff, Hair & make-up Nicola de Assis Camilo.

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Advertising • Paris Hilton advertises her own haircare collection in a LIDL commercial with glamorous Hollywood diva styling by Stefanie SCHWAIGER c/o PERFECTPROPS

15.01.2017 • Somehow, she seemed to have vanished from the face of the Earth. But now, Paris Hilton turns up in the newest LIDL spot and advertises her very personal haircare product line. A spot that shows Paris in all of her hair facets. Beautifully realized and with great styling by Stefanie SCHWAIGER. Direction by Ben Hartenstein.

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BEAUTY • 'Feel the Color' - L.O.V Cosmetics campaign with beauty motifs by Daniel ROCHÉ c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN

11.01.2017 • Beauty shots were delivered by Daniel ROCHÉ for L.O.V., a cosmetics brand that keeps its promise with a passion: desire, emotion, happiness, pleasure and passion – the essences of love. L.O.V. gives everything to fulfill all individual wishes and needs – for the irresistible beauty of a woman in L.O.V.

Plus, Daniel photographed a spread for THE FORUMIST, which we present here on GoSee.

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Advertising • 'You Can Never Be Too Much You' the new GEORG JENSEN campaign with every inch of woman power, photographed by Elisabeth TOLL c/o NERGER M&O

09.01.2017 • Danish design company Georg Jensen focuses in his new campaign on women with role model effect. Women around the world are encouraged to be themselves and fight for their success. In front of Elisabeth TOLL's camera stood film Director Susanne Bier from Denmark, boxing champion Cecilia Brækhus from Norway, comedian Sarah Kendall from Australia, motocross driver Behnaz Shafiei from Iran, and chef de cuisine Dominique Crenn from the US. They all broke with conventions and managed to get it to the top of their industry anyway or, perhaps, for just that reason.

CEO Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt at GEORG JENSEN on the campaign: “At Georg Jensen, we’ve always encouraged women to be themselves and make their own success – our campaign is the extension of that very philosophy, and the women featured are the embodiment of that... We wanted this campaign to transcend ideals about beauty, putting focus on personality first. The women featured are powerful role models, and we’re very proud to be featuring.”

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Advertising • Stop the flu! Sharpshooting SOFTIS motif by GARRIGOSA STUDIO c/o PAM for Philipp und Keuntje, Hamburg

09.01.2017 • The quasi viral advertising motif for the handkerchief brand SOFTIES (Procter & Gamble) hits the spot. Together with Hamburg-based agency Philipp und Keuntje, the Spaniards perfectly realized the advertising motif, combining photography, CGI and post production.

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Advertising • RENAULT Megane print campaign by Jan STEINHILBER c/o NERGER M&O

09.01.2017 • The Europe-wide RENAULT Megane print campaign was photographed by Jan STEINHILBER for Publicis Conseil, Paris. ADs: Yoann Simon and Arnaud Jolivel, AB: Marion Venot. Retouch: La Souris sur le Gateau.

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Advertising • VW campaign for Switzerland - realized with CGI by CARIOCA STUDIO c/o PAM for the agency KSP, Zurich

09.01.2017 • The answer to the question of how an egg-laying wool milk sow might look is provided by Carioca Studio – namely for Volkswagen. Together with the Zurich-based agency KSP, the creative heads of Carioca Studio not only realized the motif in photos, but later also with CGI and in post production.

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