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Agencies • SEVERIN WENDELER : VW TIGUAN, Aiden Bradley with PORSCHE TARGE, Chevrolet Equinox, Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo, road trip with the Maserati Levante, BMW Motorsport, Lexus LC500, Dodge Challenger, BX5 – and UPDATE17 exhibitor

24.07.2017 • Daniel Cramer photographed the VW Tiguan in various locations. Together with a Porsche Targa, Daniel staged model Aiden Bradley. BORGWARD, the Bremen-based traditional brand in Chinese hands, brings its Compact SUV BX5 onto the German market exclusively as an electro vehicle. For Borgward, HE & ME staged the new BX5. For Maserati North America and AKQA, Patrick CURTET photographed the Levante.

Meet SEVERIN WENDELER at UPDATE17 on 6 October in Berlin – where she will not only introduce you to her transportation specialists but also present you her exciting team of fashion and lifestyle photographers.

For BMW Motorsport, Agnieszka Doroszewicz photographed several new campaign motifs.

For Lexus, He & Me photographed and staged the LC500 from top to bottom and also shot the new campaign motifs with the BX5 for Borgward. Plus, the duo was on a road trip with the Dodge Challenger.

For a personal spread, Tobias Hutzler placed a Porsche in front of an impressive landscape for a photo session.

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Agencies • NEW : MP ARTS, the agency for illustration, CGI, paper works, London; with works for LYFT, COCA COLA, Le Petit Balloon, Modus magazine, ... and an exhibitor at UPDATE17BERLIN

20.07.2017 • We are delighted to welcome new GoSee member MP ARTS. The London-based agency represents around 30 exciting designers, illustrators and image makers. We bring you a selection of their artists here on GoSee. And meet Tom Higgs and his team in person at UPDATE17 on 6 October in Berlin, where they present their portfolios live and in color.

“We develop, nurture, and maintain lasting careers for our artists through high production standards, curating quality portfolios, encouraging exceptional artistic and personal projects, and providing a platform through which to identify, direct and facilitate commercial work. MP have a team of 8 industry specialists to guide and manage our artists careers. We understand the changing face of the visual industry – offering a forward-thinking approach combined with an ability to create fully integrated campaigns through new media. Our aim is to extend our passion and enthusiasm for representation beyond photography, and widen our horizons to new and existing platforms, audiences and clients...”

An introduction with a spread by illustrator...

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photo • b>MARION ENSTE-JASPERS : FORD launch campaign with the pouty-roast love doves, BAD RELIGION singer Greg Graffin portraits, SALVE mag, AOK, ADELHOLZENER, KIA, DEUTSCHE LEASING AG.... and with an XXL booth at UPDATE17BERLIN

20.07.2017 • The new launch campaign for FORD Fiesta was realized by Michael SCHNABEL c/o MARION ENSTE-JASPERS and his team in Barcelona on commission for the agency GTB Germany. With the campaign, the pouting couple is also back again. In addition to the two TV spots and the print campaign, there is a micro-site, which is another important component so that the visitors can dip into the adventurous world of actor Tino Mewes and film girlfriend Sarina Radomski. The shoot was under the executive of CD Oliver Micklitz as well as AD Kristin Temme. GoSee member HETZNER PRODUKTION ensured smooth production, and the time freeze animations were supported on location by the specialists from 360ties. Retouch was done by the top post production pros at RECOM.

At the request of singer Greg Graffin, Per SCHORN c/o MARION ENSTE-JASPERS was invited to the US in order to portray him in his habitat. Greg Graffin, famous worldwide the singer and founding member of the band BAD RELIGION, is also a professor at the renowned Cornell University as well as an author. Bad Religion is a punk rock band from Los...

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Directors & DOPs • BITE MANAGEMENT : Charlize Theron is the 'Atomic Blonde', production design by David SCHEUNEMANN and the new OPEL Insignia spot by Matthäus BUSSMANN for you on GoSee

20.07.2017 • The impressive production design of the action thriller and blockbuster 'Atomic Blonde' is thanks to David SCHEUNEMANN c/o BITE MANAGEMENT. Absolute star of the film is actress and Oscar winner Charlize Theron, on her side James McAvoy, Sofia Boutella, John Goodman and German jack-of-all-trades Til Schweiger. The plot: Imagine Berlin in 1989. Super top agent Lorraine Broughton has the mission of intercepting highly explosive information. But the divided city makes her take extreme measures – it is literally down to bare survival. With a good head, sex and longevity, the dangerous blonde unrelentingly comes closer and closer to her goal. Director: David Leitch.

Technology alone is not enough – you have to know how to handle it. Something main actor Chris seems to have no problem. Perfect timing, great manners and a pleasant appearance make this young man complete. The perfect man for almost everything, so to say. And he can get you coffee too. Director Matthäus BUSSMANN c/o BITE MANAGEMENT and the OPEL Insignia skillfully poke fun at outdated role cliches. The slogan...

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photo • Klein Photographen : MINI Lifestyle, UNION INVESTMENT, UBS lifestyle campaign, STEVE BIKO lookbook, a road story in S mag and a home story on architects Alex Michaelis in A&W Mag... and once again an UPDATE17BERLIN exhibitor

19.07.2017 • Hans van Brakel realized the new lookbook for Kenyan–Dutch fashion label STEVE BIKO in Amsterdam, and Emir HAVERIC photographed for MINI Lifestyle. Responsible for creation was Serviceplan Munich. Hans Peter Sporer was in charge of creative direction, and Nicolas Klein took care of art direction.

In Cape Town, Ailine Liefeld photographed for UBS. Brand management was taken care of by Sarah Martin and production by GoSee member NORTH SOUTH PRODUCTIONS. Meet KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN as an exhibitor at UPDATE17 in Berlin.

Philipp Rathmer was on a mission for the client Union Investment. Styling was in the hands of Petra Branscheid c/o Liganord, and hair & make-up were done by Esther Döppes.

For S Magazine, James Meakin photographed an editorial spread in South Africa. Styling was taken care of by Lorna McGee with hair & make-up by Josephin Martins c/o Bigoudi. Production was wrapped up by GoSee member NORTH SOUTH PRODUCTIONS. Post production: Taylor Light. The model was Chane Husselmann.

When architects go wild, it makes the hearts of design & interior aficionados leap – just...

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Production • LUNIK : Interview with Prima Ballerina Elisa Carrillo and the filmed making-of the SILHOUETTE shoots – and meet the producers from LUNIK at their booth at UPDATE17BERLIN

19.07.2017 • Elisa Carrillo's dream came true, and then more: She lives it every day. In the film, the congenial dancer tells about her long way from Mexico via England to the big stage of the National Ballet in Berlin. Words to live by for the proud Mexican: It is always worthwhile to fight for your dreams. Day by day and step by step. With lots of love and just as much commitment. The video was produced by LUNIK, who you can meet at UPDATE17BERLIN.

'SILHOUETTE. Authentic Eyewear since 1964.' The making-of the campaign shoot exclusively for you on GoSee – produced by Hamburg-based production company LUNIK.

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Photo & Film • ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS : VILLEROY & BOCH campaign featuring star chef Haya Molcho, JAGUAR, THE DEVIL'S TWINS band portrait, image film for the LONG MARCH Canteen & a personal food spread

19.07.2017 • Jochen ARNDT was in charge of directing and photography for the new campaign of VILLEROY & BOCH. In the main role is the Israeli native with Romanian roots, star chef Haya Molcho, and her son Nuriel. Find out more details on the charismatic Haya, her four sons, her food, her restaurants and NENI concept on her website: or

Michael HAEGELE had two dangerous protagonists in front of his camera at the same time. The archer and the new JAGUAR F-Type, whom he both stages with the usual sporty sophistication and a bit reduced.

THE DEVILS TWIN'S – that is the "'Boston-based trio at the forefront of the noir punk scene.' The latest photo session with Frank SCHEMANN c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS is for the promotion of A M E R I C A N N O I R V O L. 1 to be released in August, 2017. Behind the band are Nikki Coogan and Jeremiah Louf – and it's this way to their dark website:

For the Berlin restaurant LONG MARCH CANTEEN, Jochen ARNDT c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS shot an image film. The restaurant in Kreuzberg is said to be uber-hip – serving up...

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Production • EUROCONNECTION : ASICS presents the SMSB Crew with a sport spread, and HUSH magazine goes on a glamping tour in South Africa

19.07.2017 • For the client ASICS and the advertising agency Green Room based in Amsterdam with Art Directors Michael Patist and Paul Silcox, EUROCONNECTION produced a variety of uber-sporty motifs. In front of the camera and front and center of the hot action was the SMSB Crew. SMSB which stands for '... ASICS' first-ever global social running initiative and for ASICS' founding principle 'Sound Mind, Sound Body' will launch in major cities globally over the course of 2017 and create cultural communities of people with a shared passion for fitness and sport.' The sport spectacle was photographed by Ruud BAAN c/o WITMAN KLEIPOOL (in Germany via GoSee member SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN). Line Production in South Africa came from EuroConnection with Julie Van Damme Lagoe.

For HUSH magazine with the VW-Bus on a glamping tour in South African terrain - production by EuroConnection, photos: Anne Dokter.

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19.07.2017 • Young Berlin photographer Clara NEBELING is the latest NEW entry of the Hamburg-based representation AK/KRUSE. We bring you on GoSee her spread titled 'Red Heads' for MATERIAL GIRLS magazine, which was styled by Dogukan Nesanir. AK/KRUSE on Clara's photos: “Her images are modern yet somehow timeless and reflect that she is a true cosmopolite at heart. Not only does she take incredible pictures but she also has a keen eye for faces. For a story for MATERIAL GIRLS, she was also in charge of casting this extraordinary group of red heads.” Make-up: Molly Portsmouth, hair: Maki Tanaka, production: Lennart Schlageter.

Clara NEBELING c/o AK/KRUSE shot a story about sign language together with AK/KRUSE Art Director Alexis ZURFLÜH for SZ magazine. The model showing signs for Facebook, vegan and many other phrases was Viktoria Machajdik. Styling: Kamilla Richter.

Sabrina THEISSEN photographed model Anine van Velzen for a jewelry editorial in L’OFFICIEL Germany. Editors were Ourania Marmara and Julia Alfert, make-up: Manu Kopp and hair: Gregor MAKRIS c/o BIGOUDI.

Beauty portrait...

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Photo • HILLE : MUSSWESSELS Fall/Winter 2017 campaign, INSTYLE mag, KIRSTEN mag & the PERUVIAN CONNECTION Spring & Summer 2017 campaigns

19.07.2017 • Anja BOXHAMMER c/o HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS photographed the MUSSWESSELS Fall & Winter campaign of namesake Hamburg-based designer Kathrin Musswessels. Model in front of her camera was beautiful Manuela c/o Hamburg-based top model agency MD MANAGEMENT. The MUSSWESSELS shop is located in Clemens-Schultz-Str. 29 in 20359 Hamburg St. Pauli, and of course 24/7 online under:

Blasius ERLINGER photographed the Spring & Summer campaign of PERUVIAN CONNECTION with model Tabea Koebach. For the Spring campaign, the team took it to Majorca, and the Summer campaign was shot in Todos Santos/Mexico.

About - Peruvian Connection was founded in 1976 by mother-daughter team Biddy and Annie Hurlbut after an inspiration on the other side of the globe. While conducting anthropological research in Peru, 19-year-old Annie fell in love with the extraordinary hand-woven mantas and ponchos, which she discovered in the markets of Cuzco, the historical capital of the Incas. As they say, the rest is history...

To go with the editorial name 'Deep South', Blasius...

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