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Photographers • PETER LINDEMANN : 'High standard, high tech' – dynamic TOYOTA LEVIN shoot in Shanghai, a launch campaign for Dentsu Beijing

18.01.2017 • 'Fashionable dynamic, strong power – high efficiency, smooth & safe' : TOYOTA advertizes the launch of the TOYOTA LEVIN with dynamic driving shots and a graphic interplay of lines. The new model was photographed by PETER LINDEMANN and his team on a mission for Dentsu Beijing at the NDC Studios. See the result on GoSee.

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Photographers • 'Photographer of the Year' Swedish ELLE celebrates Johnny KANGASNIEMI c/o LUNDLUND - GoSee congratulates and presents his '#PowerModELLEs' spread

18.01.2017 • GoSee congratulates Johnny KANGASNIEMI on his award 'Photographer of the Year'. During a gala, ELLE SK awarded the successful and innovative maker of the industry..

With the hashtag #PowerModELLEs, Johnny KANGASNIEMI photographed a fashion portrait with 17 Swedish models of different ages. Trine SKJOTH, also at LUNDLUND, took care of make-up of models Frida Gustavsson, Caroline Winberg, Emma Wiklund, Emmy Rappe, Julia Hafstrom, Hedvig Palm, Mona Johannesson, Ingmari Lamy, Malin Persson, Adina Fohlin, Anna Tamander Jonason, Anna Klevhag, and Frida Weste (hair: Martina Senke, production: L1 PRODUCTIONS). Several more works by the Finn who lives in Stockholm are available directly via LUNDLUND.

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Photographers • 'Dance, shoes and lingerie are a girls best friends' - OANA SZEKELY photographs girls' dreams; we have three personal works for you on GoSee

18.01.2017 • Girls' shoe dreams were staged by Frankfurt-based photographer OANA SZEKELY in a particularly beautiful apartment in Frankfurt on the Main. The location was already on Oana's radar quite a while for a photo production. But when stylist and girlfriend Mimi showed her their own personal shoe collections, it was clear that it would turn into a chic shoe test." Oana tells GoSee and continues: "Location, leg model and stylist all in one. Excellent! Thanks to Myriam Schlicher." Styling assistant was Patrick Vieira.

Nizza Hotel in Frankfurt was the inspiring location for the lingerie shoot with sports model Mana. Also on the team were stylist Birgit Weinrich as well as visagist Evelyn Fay.

And redheaded dancer and choreographer Paula Rosole demonstrated her skills for Oanas camera. Paula Rosolen graduated from the University for Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt. She has a MA in Choreography and Performance from the JLU in Gießen. And she was 'Choreographer in residence at K3-Zentrum für Choreographie' in Hamburg and in Workspace Brussels. We have the photos...

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Photographers • Patrick Curtet photographs the PORSCHE 911 plus backplates in Chicago

18.01.2017 • “Car advertising photography is a world undergoing constant transition. For various reasons: transportation costs, inaccessible locations or code-red models – photographers and agencies need to find a new way and new area of shooting. In response to these new demands, I traveled to Chicago to capture backplates and worked with Curve Digital studio in England to demonstrate their skills in working with CGI models. Enjoy the ride!” We have the spread by the automotive specialist with the stylish 911 here on GoSee.

Patrick Curtet has been shooting professionally for over 20 years, and after concentrating on sports and reportage photography, where he traveled to more than 60 different countries, he shifted his attention to automotive work. He is really keen on proper technique and has expertise in controlling the lighting, effects and/or other elements in order to be in command of the scene. But he keeps these elements hidden and out of sight... as if they were not even there.

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Photographers • BERND OTT : photographs laid-back MADELEINE Spring/Summer 2017 fashion on the Balearic island of Majorca

18.01.2017 • For the new MADELEINE Spring/Summer catalog, it was off to the sunny island of Majorca for BERND OTT and his team where they produced at beautiful locations and in the studio with models Thayna Brito, Michaela Kocianova and Raica Olivera. For more than 30 years, MADELEINE Mode GmbH has been a well known mail-order specialist for women's fashion with a standard of quality. The MADELEINE collections offer high fashion, confident business fashion, basics, up-to-the-minute accessories and luxurious lingerie. Responsible for hair & make-up was Stephan SCHMIED c/o BLOSSOM MGMT, and on set for styling was Ingrid Klages.

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Photographers • hs Matt Jones, Motoring Editor of GQ UK, together with the stylish oldtimer MERCEDES 280SE

18.01.2017 • Elegant and very British is how JAMES LIPMAN staged GQ Editor Matt Jones in a Mercedes classic, the 280 SE. The timeless spread appeared in GQ UK, and the result is also here on GoSee.

About : Authenticity in the digital age need not be a paradox. James' images reflect an unrivalled ability to capture spontaneity; heavy-handed curation forgone for legitimacy but never at the cost of impact. Delivering consistently genuine and exciting imagery has gained him an enviable client portfolio over his 14-year career: Alfa Romeo UK, BBC Top Gear magazine, BBH London, Bentley Motors, Car and Driver magazine, CAR magazine, Citroen UK, Classic & Sports Car magazine, Eagle GB, Evo magazine, Fiat Group Automobiles Japan,..

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Photographers • Refugee project 'MENSCHLICHKEIT' by photographer Philipp RATHMER c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN appearing right on time for the Berlin Fashion Week and tells personal stories from Syria

17.01.2017 • "Epic Escape is not a fashion brand for expensive clothing in destroyed look. And the models are not models, but instead refugees. They tell touching stories of their flight out of Syria. It is meant to inspire more understanding, respect and empathy for people fleeing, to increase willingness to help." is the statement of the initiative for more humanity. The start motifs are launched since 16 January all over the Fashion Week in Berlin with posters, online banners and guerrilla measures. They are reminiscent of the high-gloss campaigns of big fashion labels. The statement is, however, "The world is made up of more than looks."

Philipp RATHMER had the honor of supporting the project and the campaign as photographer and realizing it as Director. The agency was FCB Hamburg, and it was photographed in the Spreegraphen studios in Berlin. Recom was in charge of post production.

The initiators FCB Hamburg and hope for a great response to the interpretation of the used and destroyed looks in the context of the Fashion Week. The campaign has received first...

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Photographers • LEO KRUMBACHER : Beauty editorial for MADAME, fashion spread for TALKABOUT and a stylish landscape portrait in Italy's wine-growing region Franciacorta for LUFTHANSA MAGAZINE

16.01.2017 • For MADAME mag, LEO KRUMBACHER produced the 'Beauty Flower' series in close cooperation with hair & make-up artist Monika Spisak. Monika got inspired by the colors and shapes of the flowers, which she incorporated. The perfect pinch of post production by GoSee member RETOUCHED-STUDIOS made it all complete – so that you can almost feel the flowers. We have the flower power photos for you here on GoSee.

For TALKABOUT Fashion, LEO KUMBACHER and his team photographed motifs at a beautiful location of NSP Productions. The agency Donkey and Leo Krumbacher booked Benjamin Becher for hair & make-up on model Rianne Haspels (styling: Josepha Rodriguez, post production: PX 2 from Hamburg).

LUFTHANSA magazine portrayed the Franciacorta region near Isco lake just outside of Breschia, Italy. Franciacorta is a wine-growing region known in Italy for its sparkling wines produced according to the champagne method. On the team were Diana Gullotto c/o Stilbüro, who was responsible for production and concept, as well as photographer LEO KRUMBACHER and Elena Pivetta for hair & make-up....

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FOOD • 'BEEF! NOSE TO TAIL: Masterpieces For Men' Stefan THURMANN c/o JULIA WALDMANN photographs food motifs for the BEEF! cookbook series

16.01.2017 • From the nose to the tail, from a whole lamb to a leg of veal, from the innards to the steak – book 5 of the BEEF! Series deals with the complete and consequent use processing of the entire animal. For the BEEF! cookbook 'Nose to Tail' which was published in December, Stefan THURMANN photographed 50 motifs, a selection of which we present you on GoSee. Food styling was done by Raik Holst.

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