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Advertising • 'A love stronger than steel', the HYUNDAI spot celebrates the Robo-Dance - Director Alex & Steffen, DOP Maher MALEH, all three artists c/o BITE MANAGEMENT

16.02.2017 • Imagine, Nosovice, Czech Republic, around 2016. The large gate opens and the love of your life glides very slowly towards you. Your big yellow eye shines, Your big yellow heart leaps... And you hope the force is with you – for you are not alone in this game. Thanks for the romantic "A love stronger than steel" spot for HYUNDAI go to the director team Alex & Steffen and DOP Maher MALEH, all three artists c/o BITE MANAGEMENT. The automobile and transmission manufacturer Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. has been manufacturing in Nošovice, Czech Republic, since 2008, where the four models ix20, i30, i30 wagon and Tucson from the South Korean HYUNDAI Group are produced with lots of love.

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Advertising • The dreamlike caleidoscope AUDI spot featuring actor Clemens Schick - DOP Peter MATJASKO c/o BITE MANAGEMENT

16.02.2017 • Red, blue or gray? Swimming with dolphins? Beach time? Dancing with Snow White or rather with all seven dwarves? Carefree, speechless, just get in... Take a smile, black, white or a little blue? And anyway, do you time for a dream? Clemens Schick's magnetic voice leads you through the AUDI spot, DOP was Peter MATJASKO c/o BITE MANAGEMENT.

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Advertising • 'Time flies when you are having fun!', the VW Rally 'Time Flies' spot says thanks for the four great seasons 13-16 - DOP Maher MALEH c/o BITE MANAGEMENT

16.02.2017 • World Rally Championship, WRC for short – the rally world championship is a rally series organized by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). The Rally World Championship is the highest ranking rally series organized by the FIA. It is known as the royal class of rallying since it claims to place the highest technical, driving, and financial requirements of all rally series on drivers and designers. The sad news first: To concentrate more on customer sport, VW decided to leave the WRC in 2017. All we can do now is thank Volkswagen for four great years in the Rally World Championship. Time flies when you are having fun! - DOP was Maher MALEH c/o BITE MANAGEMENT.

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Advertising • The A, B, C, D, E, F, ... V of Vun driving - a classic already today, the great spot for VOLVO by DOP Jan David GÜNTHER c/o BITE MANAGEMENT, here once again for you on GoSee

16.02.2017 • Sorry Amber, Barry, Sorry Clara, Dora, Eric, Freddy, ... and congratulations Garry ! because "V is for VOLVO who knows how to cheat." The spot fpr VOLVO's autonomous driving for you here again on GoSee, DOP Jan David GÜNTHER c/o BITE MANAGEMENT. Volvo on the future of driving: "What is autonomous driving? We believe that mobility should be safer, sustainable and more convenient. For Volvo Cars, technology should make people’s lives easier. That’s why our approach to autonomous driving is all about the people who will use them. Our future cars will be able to navigate without human input, equipped with sensors that read the surroundings, adapting to changing traffic conditions." Go & See :

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Advertising • Live Fully Now! 'The Get Away Car' from VOLVO V90 Cross Country and Forsman & Bodenfors in the words of philosopher Alan Watts

16.02.2017 • The new VOLVO commercial from Forsman & Bodenfors promotes the V90 Cross Country and quotes philosopher Alan Watts from the year 1959, which reminds us to live life to the fullest – Live fully now! The Swedish agency tells us: “You reach a point in life when you have to choose. Career over passion. Work over play. It’s when surfers turn CEOs. Photographers turn lawyers. Fly-fishers turn doctors. Mountain climbers turn engineers. It’s when you put a piece of yourself on hold. And as time passes, the things you used to love doing, start to fade away. This is a reminder to not forget what you love. All the activities that you once embraced. A message amplified by an original speech by the philosopher Alan Watts, recorded in 1959. This is a tribute to his legacy and the values he shared with Volvo.” It was directed byVincent Haycock, and production was wrapped up by Park Pictures.

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Advertising • Fröhlich MGMT : 'Like No Place on Earth' spot for P&O CRUISES, AUDI 'Live Your Dream' spots, commercials for MINI - John Cooper Works, SEAT LEON, NESTLE, FORST BEER, FOODSPRING and OLOREX gas stations

15.02.2017 • After passengers check in at Sydney's Overseas Passenger Terminal, they enter a magical place that takes them around the world... A place that is Like No Place on Earth. For Bashful Agency, Samuel BENNETTS realized the commercial with the floating island. Tim Chenery, CD of Bashful on the campaign: "'Like No Place on Earth,' is one of my favorite advertising lines. It's so evocative and so ownable for P&O. It really was the springboard for us to re-imagine the entire world of P&O Cruises as an actual place."

The new SEAT Leon inspires with a modern and striking exterior. The proportions and the lines make it clear that the new SEAT Leon is hard to keep up with in terms of design. Kai KLINKE directed the new commercial, which we present you here on GoSee. The new commercial for MINI John Cooper was realized by Director Kai Klinke c/o FRÖHLICH MGMT and DOP Maher Maleh. It was produced by Sterntag for the agency Jung von Matt/Spree.

Director Samuel BENNETTS realized two commercials for AUDI Q3 Design and AUDI A4 Technology, which we present on GoSee

Young Director Arun...

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Transportation • Fanny Fournier and Tony Ward in the global launch campaign of the VOLVO V90 CROSS COUNTRY - with photos by Patrik JOHALL c/o SUPERSTUDIO

15.02.2017 • Patrik JOHALL c/o SUPERSTUDIO photographed for VOLVO CARS and the agency Stendahls from Göteborg the latest global launch campaign of the new VOLVO V90 CROSS COUNTRY. The motifs were produced by SUPERSTUDIO both in Iceland and in Scotland. Art Director was Oscar Placedius, and post production was under the executive of MFX/Adamsky Division. In front of the camera of Patrik Johall stood Fanny Fournier and the legendary Mr. Tony Ward.

VOLVO on the new Volvo V90 Cross Country : “Scandinavian design and craftsmanship meet true all-road, all-weather capability. Large wheels and increased ground clearance give you confidence on any road, a front skid plate and Charcoal (or colour-coordinated) wheel arch extensions blend seamlessly into the bumper and underscore the particularly robust character of the new Volvo V90 CROSS COUNTRY.” The Volvo V90 is available in two equipment levels for the market launch. The standard model has a ist mit Sitzheizung vornd front seats, climate control and clean zone air filter for the interior. The V90 Cross Country will hit the market in Spring 2017.

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Advertising • Let’s burn some rubber! MINI - John Cooper Works commercial by Director Kai Klinke c/o Fröhlich Management (production: Sterntag)

15.02.2017 • The new commercial for MINI John Cooper was realized by Director Kai Klinke c/o FRÖHLICH MGMT and DOP Maher Maleh. It was produced by Sterntag for the agency Jung von Matt/Spree.

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