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Art • GoSee Tip : Harley Weir - Boundaries - modern photography as a visual poem. The modern controversial work by the British photographer at Foam Museum Amsterdam

19.01.2017 • FOAM Photo Museum in Amsterdam has a knack for new talents and exciting artists. In its young and fresh program, FOAM presents through 19 February British photographer Harley Weir. Here on GoSee, we have a peek at the exhibition and further infos on the successful photographer. Lots more exciting works of hers – including a film about African wresters – are available on her website.

“Foam presents the first solo exhibition of Harley Weir (b. 1988, London). With a remarkable eye for detail, she finds beauty in the mundane. Close to the skin of her objects, Weir’s intimate approach is what marks her work in any context, be it a border zone in a politically charged area, or in a room with a model. The title of this exhibition refers to what is ultimately dissolved in the work of Harley Weir. But even as she crosses the lines of what usually holds people apart, on personal as well as political levels she is not out to make any statements. The exhibition therefore reads as a visual poem, open to interpretation.”

ABOUT HARLEY WEIR : Harley Weir graduated in 2010 from Central...

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Art • RAW BLACK presents 'A Celebration of Man' by Reno Mezger and RAW BLACK – a fine art film and a book project in cooperation with Leica Fotografie International

01.01.2017 • 'A Celebration of Man' is the title of the fine art project by fashion photographer RENO MEZGER, which takes a close look at the beauty and aesthetic of men. Created for it over the past two years were several studies in photos and moving images. The result will be published as a book in 2017. Uta von Fintel c/o RAW BLACK supported the project as Art Director and was in charge of curation.

Reno Mezger: "The visual art project, incorporating photography and filmmaking and spanning over two years, once the book is published in 2017, is an ongoing collaboration between Uta von Fintel, who curated all the imagery and pulled the strings behind the scenes, between Leica Fotografie International (LFI) and me, as the photographer and director. All men shown are models from prestigious model agencies and were photographed exclusively for the project. In their everyday jobs, models are part of a sales pitch. Their bodies are vehicles of commercially fueled dreams. A 'Celebration of Man' gives each and every man time and space to show who they really are. All men pose nude. Nudity is...

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Art • 'Garden State Warrior' by fashion photographer Reno Mezger & RAW BLACK (art direction) - fine art prints now available from Gallery Roschlaub, Hamburg

01.01.2017 • The photo project 'Garden State Warrior' by Reno Mezger is now available as an appetizer of 'A Celebration of Man' in the form of of fine art prints from Gallery Roschlaub in Hamburg.

"The photos of the series 'Garden State Warrior' have a very special character which transfers the mood of the photos to a different day and age. The cool edges bleached out with the sepia effect are reminiscent of old photographs taken out of their boxes after years of storage. Reno Mezger studied fashion and design before switching to photography. This creative background always opens the door to fashion and style in his photos," the gallery on his work.

Limited edition of 20 each, in different sizes, beautifully framed, guaranteed to be an unique original, professional gallery prints, with the artist's autograph and an assigned number. All prints available through

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Art • 'Helene Schmitz – Earthworks' – the works of the Swedish artist are still on display thru 7 January at Paris's Maria Lund Gallery

06.12.2016 • Those of you who are as often on Paris' Rue de Turenne as we are certainly know the MAIRA LUND Gallery. It is now showing works by Helene Schmitz, which – literally – often refer to the menacing, downright unpleasant line between culture and nature.

The gallery tells us: “A whole section of Western art and literature attributes a "kind innocence" to nature and links it to the metaphor of Paradise Lost... Far from the idyllic vision, Helene Schmitz focuses on the more obscure side of nature, on its insatiable, menacing, sometimes – cruel aspects, and the representations we make of it, the projections we associate with it. She questions these fascinating spaces where nature and culture meet and overlap, in creations that attract irreparably and cause anxiety... This ambiguity is manifest in the formal approach through the coexistence of great sobriety and an exaltation of color and light.”

Helene Schmitz (born in 1960) is a Swedish photographer currently living and working in Stockholm. Since the 90s, her work has been on display in France, Scandinavia, in the US as well as...

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Art • GoSee presents you Japanese artist duo 'Daisy Balloon', photos by Satoshi MINAKAWA c/o JSR AGENCY

05.12.2016 • Satoshi Minakawa has already worked with the Japanese artist duo Daisy Balloon on several occasions, and just recently this May for the Kyoto exhibition 'Big Bang'. We are delighted to bring you a few motifs on GoSee.

Transience and impermanence are the topics of Daisy Balloon - and in essence properties which are hard to display in a museum. But still they are the main theme of their latest special exhibition 'Capsule', which is on display thru 22 January, 2017 at the Amberg Air Museum. In their first exhibition in Germany, The Japanese artist couple presents new artwork, planned and created site specific for the historical rooms of the Air Museum.

About - DAISY BALLOON is a balloon unit of worldwide balloon artist Rie Hosokai (born 1976) & art director/graphic designer Takashi Kawada (born 1976).Since forming in 2008, they have produced many balloon art works based on the themes of “sense & quality.” Above all, the balloon dresses have fascinated many people through the intricacy of detail that suggests architectural qualities. Their daily fieldwork consists of searching...

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Art • TATE MODERN presents 'The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography from The Sir Elton John Collection', 200 extremely rare vintage prints, collected over the past 25 years and now on public display for the first time

01.12.2016 • This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see one of the world’s most spectacular private collections of photography from the classic modernist period of the 1920s – 50s. More than 70 artists are exhibited together in 'The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography From The Sir Elton John Collection' in London's TATE MODERN gallery. Allegedly, he traded his alcohol addiction for an addiction to unique photography, as the the world-famous musician once stated. The success is remarkable: 200 from the total 8000 are now on display at Tate Modern in London, all of which in their original frames straight off the wall from Elton's house to the museum wall.

The TATE MODERN raves about its popular coup and quite justifiably : “With over 70 artists and nearly 150 rare vintage prints on show from seminal figures including Brassai, Imogen Cunningham, André Kertész, Dorothea Lange, Tina Modotti, and Aleksandr Rodchenko, this is a chance to take a peek inside Elton John’s home and delight in seeing such masterpieces of photography.” The Guardian, Times, Telegraph, … the British press are doing...

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Art • 'Smell the Roses' by Genevieve Gaignard merges black and white identity and is on display at CAAM, Los Angeles

01.12.2016 • Smell the Roses... CAAM presents the first museum exhibition of the work of Los Angeles artist Genevieve Gaignard, who deftly uses installation, photographic self-portraiture, and sculpture to explore race, femininity, and class – and their various intersections. The daughter of a black father and white mother in a Massachusetts mill town, Gaignard’s youth was marked by a strong sense of invisibility. Was her family white enough to be white? Black enough to be black?

“In this new, immersive installation she invokes post-Katrina New Orleans shotgun houses and white picket fences to address questions of “passing,” positioning her own female body as the chief site of exploration and challenging viewers to navigate the powers and anxieties of intersectional identity.” we learn from the presse release.

And further: “Influenced by the soulful sounds of Billy Stewart, the kitschy aesthetic of John Waters, and the provocative artifice of drag culture, Gaignard employs lowbrow pop sensibilities to create dynamic visual narratives. From the identity performance ritualized in...

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Art • 'DAYSINVICHY by Anton Renborg' (Editions Filigranes) - a GoSee photo book recommendation from Marie Bottin, Head of Art Buying Dpt, CLM BBDO, Paris

29.11.2016 • Our friend Marie Bottin, Head of Art Buying Dpt, CLM BBDO, Paris, presents on GoSee her new photo book highlight: “Anton Renborg, a Swedish photographer, who is familiar with Vichy only by its name, takes part in the discovery of this city and its inhabitants in order to fulfill the request made to him by the eponymous Festival of Photography, in the context of their 2016 edition dedicated to the 'Portrait(s)'. Always faithful to his working habits, Anton avoids any upstream preparation.

No preconceived idea or plan needed: he works with feeling, by listening to his intuitions and by focusing on the moment. This method, unique to this artist, allows him to avoid the distortion of the encounter as it arrives, both with a person and with a place. He wants it as true as possible, without any filter, whether in speech or in pose. No production required even when the image seems staged. His relationship to photography is characterized as wild, pure, humanist and even candid. Anton always leaves room for the person he captures and therefore simply steps back.

Authenticity and...

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Art • The music is always playing somewhere. Richard Renaldi presents his 'Manhattan Sunday' in the BENRUBI GALLERY – still on thru the end of December

23.11.2016 • Benrubi Gallery is pleased to present Manhattan Sunday, the gallery’s second solo exhibition by Richard Renaldi. Manhattan Sunday is a photographic diary from 2010 to the present. As the name suggests, the pictures were all taken in Manhattan, in the wee hours of Sunday morning, usually after a night out on the town. If hedonism informs these images, from the bare skin and muscled bodies in many of its portraits, to the disco balls and bottles of poppers in its still lifes, it’s a sensuality tempered by reflection. The faces are blissed out, maybe even a bit wan after eight or ten hours of clubbing. Black and white lends a coolness to the scenes, merging day with night, while several long exposures capture the euphoria of the club experience, but also its transience.

“It was in these serene moments,” Renaldi writes, “leaving the clubs, totally spent, that a new city revealed itself to me.” Renaldi is renowned for his portraits, most prominently in the acclaimed series Touching Strangers, which communicates a rich sense of its subjects’ inner lives in just a few almost...

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Art • 'Transmissions' - or the deceleration of time. An elaborate documentary about dying craftsmanship from all over the world. GoSee met up with photographer couple Tiziana & Gianni Baldizzone in Paris

23.11.2016 • “All of our photos and reports are in fact only about people,” is how the well-traveled and extremely charming photographer couple welcomed us at their elaborate exhibition in Galerie Jospeh in the Parisian Marais district. The two have been working together for almost forty years, after they met at the end of the seventies in Madagascar. And in the beginning, they did not even harmonize that much. “On our journeys, we met so many people. It's so much fun for us to go deeper and learn more. According to the principle of sharing and understanding,” the couple tells us.

The two photographers Gianni and Tiziana Baldizzone dealt with with the topic of traditions and almost forgotten craftsmanship over the past few months, for which they have made many journeys around the world – from Japan to Mongolia, to South America, to Switzerland and Italy. They visited traditional factories and workshops, whose existence is hanging by a thin thread. And everyone opened them doors which are otherwise closed.

In spite of industrialization and globalization, they still exist, these...

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