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Art • GoSee loves ... Sonia Sieff 'Les Françaises' - a sensitive portrait series of young French women. An exhibition in A Galerie in Paris and as an illustrated book at Rizzoli

30.03.2017 • Oh la la! Sonia Sieff presents with 'Les Françaises' an oeuvre of 150 portraits of naked women - dancers, actresses, models or just girlfriends. The daughter of famous photographer Jeanloup Sieff photographed her protagonists at Paris landmarks such as Opera Garnier, but also in the countryside and secluded in the salon. Without poses and the use of filters, Sonia set out to capture the pure beauty of the women. "French women by heart or by birth, they offer me their beauty, their animal strength, their sweet madness," The photographer revealed in an interview with France.Fr. "I wanted to make portraits undressed because the nude is what ages best, otherwise the photos become dated. I wanted them to pass the test of time, to do the opposite of what I do for my fashion photos. These are not women who are used to posing, I did not want them to have automatisms. This reflects a strong desire for reverie, poetry, something out of time," Sonia Sieff tells LePoint.

The portraits of the women are on display thru 1 May in the Paris photo gallery A Galerie, and an illustrated book was...

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Art • Reme'Crow’s Field' - fading childhood dreams by photographer Siri Kaur on display in Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles

28.03.2017 • The gallery explains: “Since it now exists only in memory, Crow’s Field is impossible to document, yet Kaur accesses it by subverting the traditional photographic genres of still life, landscape, and portraiture. Through the process Crow’s Field serves as a metaphor for creating a new type of photograph, one that partially embodies both the real and the surreal. As they subtly dislocate time and space, these ephemeral images de-center classical narrative structures. The results are a group of atmospheric pictures that invite the viewer to participate in finishing each story.

Permeated by everyday natural elements, almost too strange to believe, Kaur creates an otherworldly stream-of-consciousness meditation on memory through the uncanny nature of photographs. A freshly caught octopus on a fishing boat becomes a still life; a girl and her dog morph into a chimera at rest; a sunflower transforms into a baroque abstraction. Underneath these familiar and lush exteriors a sense of uneasiness gnaws away at Kaur’s most cherished attachments. It’s not that she can’t go home again; it’s...

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Art • GoSee Last Call : 'Ryan McGinley - Early' in New York Team Gallery thru 1 April

28.03.2017 • New York Team Gallery is pleased to present you early works by Ryan McGinley which are still on display thru 1 April. The photos were created in the years from 1999 to 2003 in New York, a period of hopelessness for many Americans – synonomous with the beginning of the Bush era, 9/11 and its aftermath.

The press release from the gallery on the exhibition: "These vérité images, which pre-date his famed “road trip” series, capture the exploits of the artist’s social circle, members of an outlaw creative community based in New York’s Lower East Side. This body of work – a significant addition to the legacy of American subculture photography forged by the likes of Peter Hujar, David Wojnarwicz, Philip-Lorca diCorcia and Nan Goldin – is characterized by McGinley’s idiosyncratic admixture of hopefulness and self-awareness, as well as his unembarrassed disclosure of the melodrama of youth, its inextricably intertwined joy and heartbreak: the artist shows us his debauched, frequently naked friends, laughing and weeping, taking drugs and having sex, tagging walls and pissing off...

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Art • GoSee loves... ANJA NIEMI 'THE WOMAN WHO NEVER EXISTED' – a photographic homage to Italian actress Eleonora Duse as an exhibition in Paris, Oslo and London

23.03.2017 • Anja Niemi works in her new series again with self-portaits and self-identity. After 'The Woman Who Never Existed' already appeared this January at Photo San Francisco, gallery exhibitions in Paris, Oslo and London are soon to follow (shoot at Gallery Oslo, 9 March – 30 April, Galerie Photo 12 Paris, 16 March – 22 April, The Little Black Gallery London, 4 – 27 May).

The photographer was inspired from Italian theater actress Eleonora Duse, who is often seen as a pioneer of method acting. Several American acting schools refer to The Duse as the protagonist of the purist stylist device of expressing herself using only her body and without unnecessary props. The actress was very reserved and hardly gave any interviews. She once told a New York journalist, ‘away from the stage I do not exist.’

'The Woman Who Never Existed' tells the storyof an actress who lives only for her audience and vanishes when no one is looking.

Norwegian photographer Anja Niemi is considered ‘one of the most compelling modern artists working today’. (British Journal of Photography). Niemi always works...

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Art • STRIKE A POSE! Icons of photography from Elisabeth Toll and Sandra Freij to even Peter Lindbergh, Newton, and Christer Strömholm, curated by the Grundemark Nilsson Gallery, Stockholm

22.03.2017 • “The power of the photographer behind the camera and the choice of models, direct our time and the image of our history,” says the Grundemark Nilsson Gallery about their new group exhibition STRIKE A POSE,” where the focus is on the act of posing as well as on the power of the photographer.” Hip Swedish fashion photographers who produce all over the world such as Sandra Freij, Carl Bengtsson, Julia Hetta and Elisabeth Toll are on display, plus classics including Peter Lindbergh, Helmut Newton, Ellen von Unwerth, Albert Watson, and Christer Strömholm, who photographed transvestites in Paris in the 1960s.

“All of these photographers have a dignity and an expression that shines through in the images – in how they direct, how they use the light and who they choose to work with. They show their own expressions in a world of excessive competition, and they see a person in the model and a model in the person.” The opening was on 17 March, and the photos are on display through the end of April (Grundemark Nilsson Gallery, Sibyllegatan 26, Stockholm). Details on the individual...

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Art • IMMAGIS Fine Art Photography presents the MARC HOM 'Profiles' exhibition in Munich with celebrities such as Christopher Walken, Kate Winslet, Julian Schnabel, Michelle Obama, Quentin Tarantino, or David Beckham

20.03.2017 • For the first time, Kathrin Köhler presents celebrity portraits by MARC HOM in her gallery in Munich and invites to a vernissage on 6 April, 2017. IMMAGIS shows a selection of his works with 30 partly large-format photos. All works on display as well as those shown in the book come in two formats as silver gelatin prints/C-prints and in limited edition of only 8 or 14 copies respectively.

“Within just a few years, Marc Hom has advanced to become one of the leading fashion and portrait photographers and has achieved immortal with his works as a top star of the scene. Prerequisite for hsi photos are deep trust and honesty between the photographer and the person portrayed. He succeeds like no one else in building up this trust sop that the person allows intimacy and vulnerability,” the gallerist said about the fashion and portrait photographer.

Granting him these intimate insights alongside personalities such as Amy Winehouse, Robert Redford, Johnny Depp, or Angelina Jolie, were also royal families, politicians, actors and artists including Christopher Walken, Kate Winslet,...

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Art • Polka Gallery Paris presents 'Reverb' by photographer and musician Nicolas Comment and 'Horizons' by landscape photographer Sze Tsung Nicolás Leong

16.03.2017 • To kick off the spring season, POLKA GALLERY on Rue Saint Gilles in Paris presents two exciting exhibitions which invite to dream and linger. 'Reverb' shows works by photographer and songwriter Nicolas Comment, which conduct a dialogue between literature, poetry and an illustrated book as an art project. “I was filming a lot back then. My montage practice also inspired the layout of these books. Sometimes I feel like they are the still images of a movie I never shot... I reread and intertwined images, like one would do with words and rhymes in order for them to dialogue in a new way, like in a poem.”

Accompanying the exhibition, Polka Gallery together with Filigranes and Chic Medias published a catalogue (limited edition, 400 copies only). Nicolas Comment can by the way be seen performing live in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France on 20. Mai 2017.

In parallel, Polka Gallery presents the first monothematic exhibition of Anglo-American Sze Tsung Nicolas Leong in France titled 'Horizons'. Polka on the exhibition : “Shot with view camera, these landscapes follow the same...

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Art • GoSee Tip : LGBTQ - TATE BRITAIN celebrates 50 years of decriminalization and presents the first exhibition on 'QUEER BRITISH ART 1861-1967', which is on display from 5 April in TATE BRITAIN, London

08.03.2017 • Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Queer, Transgender... what beautiful words of freedom. In April 2017, GoSee celebrates 50 years of decriminalization of male homosexuality in cosmopolitan England and in Wales with TATE BRITAIN. Presented in the exhibition 'QUEER BRITISH ART 1861–1967' are works from the period between the abolition of the death penalty in 1861 and when the Sexual Offences Act was repealed in 1967. This is the first show dealing with this important topic in British art.

TATE tells us: “Queer British Art explores how artists expressed themselves in a time when established assumptions about gender and sexuality were being questioned and transformed. Deeply personal and intimate works are presented alongside pieces aimed at a wider public, which helped to forge a sense of community when modern terminology of ‘lesbian’, ‘gay’, ‘bisexual’ and ‘trans’ were unrecognized. Together, they reveal a remarkable range of identities and stories, from the playful to the political and from the erotic to the domestic.”

Center stage in the celebration are paintings, drawings, personal...

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Art • GoSee loves ... Laurent Millet 'Somnium' exhibition in the Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago

02.03.2017 • Catherine Edelman presents the wonderfully inspiring works of French photographer Laurent Millet (born in 1968) from 3 March thru 29 April in Chicago... For his book "Les Enfantillages Pittoresques" (Filigranes Editions & Musée des beaux arts d'Angers), he received the Prix Nadar in 2014. We have several works and information about the exhibition for you on GoSee – and more is available directly from the gallery.

"We are delighted to present the first Chicago exhibition for French photographer Laurent Millet, whose photography combines the inquisitiveness of a scientist with the wonder of a child. We will present four different bodies of work which examine his ongoing fascination between the real and the imagined, and our relationship with objects.

There is a rich history of artists constructing environments simply to be photographed and then disassembled. These created realities were prevalent in the 1980s, as works by Sandy Skoglund, Bernard Faucon, Bruce Charlesworth, James Welling and other artists burst onto the scene. All of these artists worked with objects to...

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Art • NEW : IMMAGIS FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY, gallery with modern fine art photography, Munich, presents an exclusive weekend seminar with star photographer Vincent Peters from 01 – 02 April, 2017, in the Sax Studios, Munich

01.03.2017 • We are delighted to welcome IMMAGIS FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY as a new GoSee member. CEO Kathrin Köhler and her gallery, which was founded in 2010, stands for an excellent selection of modern fine art photography – from leading international photographers such as Marc Hom or Guido Argentini or even promising young newcomers – as limited editions of uncompromising high quality. For several months, IMMAGIS has been in its new gallery spaces in Munich – Bluetenstrasse 1 – in the heart of the art district in Maxvorstadt between the Pinakotheken and Art Academy. “We have a clear philosophy: The images that you surround yourself with should first and foremost inspire and enrich your life. Fine art photography that touches us every day anew, brings us joy and offers a lasting, highly emotional experience,” says the gallerist.

IMMAGIS represents the celebrity photographer Vincent Peters and now offers the unique opportunity to meet the photographer in person. In a small and intimate event, Vincent tells his inside story and lets you join him on a shoot in the former legendary Gunther Sachs...

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