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Art • 'New Ecstatic Island' Romain Berninis new works in the Suzanne Tarasieve Gallery in Marais, Paris – a painted homage to the parrot

21.09.2016 • Paris gallery Suzanne Tarasieve always has a surprise or two in store. With its often provocative topics and productions, it manages to lively up the art scene. On display there now is a rather classic but still exciting exhibition: Romain Bernini – New Ecstatic Island (10 Sept. – 08 Oct., 2016). The artist attempts with his large-format works to explore and demask human existence. His new series presents exotic birds in a psychedelic array of color, and he shifts the animal kingdom into the center of his paintings.

A catalog has been published to accompany the exhibition with a text by Alain Berland, which we would like to quote: “Primitive masks, lush exotic plants, mountainous crepuscular landscapes, intriguing postures, face with a missing eye, collapsed dolmen: Everything in Romain Berninis paintings seems to come from another place. Not from a distant one, but from one always slightly familiar and always foreign, that is at once already tangible like the masks worn by models in everyday clothes, the exotic plants which resemble those in your florist shop window or even...

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Art • 'Made of Pixels' - the art project by Jean-Yves LEMOIGNE c/o MAKING PICTURES

20.09.2016 • Here on GoSee, we bring you the photo project titled 'Made of Pixels' by Jean-Yves Lemoigne. His agency on the photos : “Jean-Yves Lemoigne creates surreal photographs that elevate the everyday into the extraordinary, the mundane into the magical. His colorful, dynamic and often humorous work catches the eye and captures the imagination, and he has a surefooted commercial sensibility thanks to his unusual background.

Before becoming a full-time photographer, Jean-Yves was an Art Director at ad agency DDB. Now splitting his time between London, Paris and New York, he believes this insight into the other side of the creative process shapes his approach. So on the one hand, he understands how big agencies operate and what clients expect, and he is very respectful of a campaign's core idea. But at the same time, he believes his job as a photographer is to push it as far as he can. This instinct has served him well with high-profile campaigns for the likes of Audi, Axe and Evian and recognition from leading industry bodies such as Cannes Lions and D&AD.”

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Art • 'Hyperrealistic Intimacy' - Manuel ARCHAIN c/o JSR AGENCY introduces his new project on GoSee, soon to appear at Saatchi Gallery London

14.09.2016 • Artist slash photographer Manuel ARCHAIN c/o JSR AGENCY realized his new personal series titled 'Hyperrealist Intimacy'. The works will be on display in London's Saatchi Gallery to kick off the art fair.

Manuel Archain on the works: “That absent look, present in the movement of a sculpture when it is isolated and exposed as what it really is: details assembled in which we look for identification. The uncomfortable lack of context and the body which reveals folds, stains, textures that we generally try to hide and erase; are they be what we really feel attracted to after all? Sculpture, as well as photography, invites us to pause. As if captured by an abyss, we are moved by the curiosity for someone else's body, but mainly, by someone else's intimacy.

A photography that pretends to be a sculpture invites us to pay attention to the detail, unable to spin around, we have to accept that the other sides are there as well. We are obliged to accept that the piece has been edited for us, making us focus on one part of it only. In each case, the study and the election of the instant...

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Art • GoSee Tip... Slava Mogutin on FACEBOOK censorship, participation in the New York Art Book Fair in MoMA PS1, his book 'Bros & Brosephines' at powerHouse books and his project 'Young Blood Open Heart'

01.09.2016 • Russian journalist, author and photographer Slava Mogutin expresses himself quite drastically and artistically free for the past two decades. Due to the threat of criminal prosecution because of his investigative and partially racist or sexist dubbed work, he was forced to leave Russia in 1995. A few days ago, we received an email in which he shares his thoughts, latest projects and his new Series 'Youngblood Open Heart', which we are also pleased to share with you uncensored on GoSee...

“Dear Bros & Brosephines, as most of you know, I don’t do these mass mailings too often. This means I've got something worthy to share.

I recently published an open letter to the social media mogul Mark Zuckerberg, The Censorship Monster: Who’s Afraid of a Queer Nipple In the Digital Age, addressing the rampant online censorship and bullying, which many of us in our queer community have experienced first hand. If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to join the debate about online censorship that undermines our fundamental freedoms and how WE CAN combat it together.

If you happen to...

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Art • Bildhalle opens its new Zurich location with Werner Bischof's exhibition 'Fotografiker'

23.08.2016 • “Hardly any other photographer has lived through the dilemma of modern photography with equal intensity and created a work of such exemplary importance due to its tension. He did not have more than twenty years to do so. An oeuvre of this quality and this magnitude was possible because Werner Bischof was obsessed with his work, a work about which he often enough had his doubts, but doubts which became fruitful.”
Hugo Lötscher (from the text: “Contemporary of the Camera")

Swiss Magnum photographer Werner Bischof (1916-1954) is considered one of the most important and outstanding photographers of the 20th century. He is a master of black & white photography, and he created his monumental oeuvre in a very short time. His work as a photojournalist and documentarian of contemporary events took him halfway around the world.

Bishop biography is that of a man from the modern age. In the 1940s, he worked in his photo studio "Foto-Grafik" and was strongly influenced by the movement of “Neues Sehen”, which translates to “new vision”. After the 2nd World War, he traveled across...

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Art • Photography as a balance between knowledge and poetry – the world of Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri with a guest appearance at MAI36 Gallery in Zurich

17.08.2016 • Zurich's MAI36 Gallery presents in its new exhibition summery light works by Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri, curated by Urs Stahel. The vernissage is on 25 August, 2016, and the works can be seen thru 8 October, 2016.

The gallery tells us: “For a long time, Luigi Ghirri (1943 - 1992) was enigmatically low profile. This was partly because his work was initially shown mainly in Italy. It was also because his sudden and premature death at the age of just 49 meant that he was no longer around to see the boom of photography in art. Over the past ten years, however, Luigi Ghirri has at last been discovered and is now talked about and celebrated as one of the most important and influential photographic artists in Italy and indeed the world.

During the 1960s and 1970s, photography itself underwent a fundamental change and came to be regarded in a different light. For many artists, this was a period of rejecting the former tenets of a purely abstract, objective style underpinned by theory, moving away from the notion of the photographic work as an absolute and hermetic entity in...

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Art • There's music in the air... the Anton Corbijn – #5 exhibition at Gallery Anita Beckers thru 3 September, 2016, presents musician portraits never before shown in Europe

02.08.2016 • In the past twenty-five years, Anton Corbijn has, in addition to his music photography, photographed every artist he was interested in from the worlds of film, painting, literature, and fashion. Besides photography, he has meanwhile taken up film directing. Over the past ten years, he has made four feature films (“Control”, “The American”, “A Most Wanted Man”, and “Life”). Throughout his 40+ years career, Corbijn has helped to define the image of world famous bands and musicians such as U2, Depeche Mode, Metallica, Herbert Grönemeyer, or, quite obviously, Nick Cave.

Starting July 27, 2016, for the first time in Europe never before shown photo-prints from the series ‚1-2-3-4’ from Anton Corbijn will be exhibited under the title ‚#5’ at Gallery Anita Beckers in Frankfurt am Main. The images, produced between 1972 – 2014 – exclusively of musicians, including David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Kurt Cobain, Nick Cave and Patti Smith. In order to show the complete comprehensive group of works, the gallery has been able to procure a second location at the studio and exhibition house...

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Art • GoSee Tip : Common Affairs – Young Polish Art – exhibition by nominees and winners of the view art prize in Berlin and a publication by Hatje Cantz

01.08.2016 • Together, the Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw, the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, and the Polish Institute in Berlin are presenting young Polish art in the exhibition Common Affairs.

Since 2003, the prestigious Views prize for young Polish art has been awarded in the Zacheta Gallery every other year. The award is accompanied by an exhibition in the Polish National Gallery, which helps to garner more international attention for the contemporary Polish art scene.

Common Affairs presents a selection of current positions by artists who have won or were nominated for the Views Award in the past 15 years. The retrospective, which takes place in Berlin, intends to update the artistic practices of recent history. While this updating process accentuates the interesting phenomena and urgent problems that the artists have engaged with, it simultaneously examines the shifts and changes in the cultural landscape of Poland and abroad. Particular focus is placed on positions that address the history and politics of memory and representation, transformation and imminent transition.


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Art • 100 times William Eggleston. The 'Portraits' are now on display at the National Portrait Gallery, London. We have a sneak preview for you on GoSee plus our London Eggleston event tip for the 4th of August

28.07.2016 • World-famous American photographer William Eggleston is famous for his lively, poetic and sometimes mysterious images. The exhibition of his 100 works allows visitors of London's National Portrait Gallery a retrospective view over his entire, visually powerful career from the 60s to the selfie era of today.

Eggleston is celebrated for his experimental use of colour, and his solo show at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1976 is considered a pivotal moment in the recognition of color photography as a contemporary art form. Highlights of the exhibition will include monumental prints of two legendary photographs first seen forty years ago: the artist’s uncle Adyn Schuyler Senior with his assistant Jasper Staples in Cassidy Bayou, Mississippi, and Devoe Money in Jackson, Mississippi. Also on display will be a selection of never-before seen vintage black and white prints from the 1960s. Featuring people in diners, petrol stations and markets in and around the artist’s home in Memphis, Tennessee, they help illustrate Eggleston’s unique view of the world. The exhibition was...

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Art • LOUIS STETTNER – HERE THERE. The retrospective of the summer at Centre Georges-Pompidou, Paris, on display thru 12 September; we have a first insight for you on GoSee

27.07.2016 • Paris' Centre Georges-Pompidou dedicates a large retrospective to contemporary witness Louis Stettner in summer 2016. On display are hundreds of his works from no less than eight decades of the photographer's life, which the photographer gave the museum as part of a donation. Also part of the exhibition are vintage prints and a test print of his unpublished illustrated book on which Louis Stettner worked in the 1950s. A comprehensive catalog, co-published by the Centre Pompidou/Éditions Xavier Barral will accompany the exhibition. We have the interview from it with Louis Stettner, Clément Chéroux and Julie Jones for you on GoSee:

You have said that when you were young, you used to go to the Metropolitan Museum reading room to look at photographs. When was that, exactly, and which photographers were you interested in? People like Alfred Stieglitz, Paul Strand, Ansel Adams, and Clarence H. White. The entire history of American photography. Europeans as well, like Puyo and Demachy. At the time, you could ring up and make an appointment to look at prints. I was very young – I must...

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