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film • Roger Ballen presents his gloomy and sinister project ‘Asylum of the Birds’ at Christophe Guye in Zurich. GoSee attended the book signing and the photographer says hello to all GoSee readers and presents a selection of his work

We already reported on Roger Ballen’s current project 'Asylum of the Birds' here on GoSee. But we couldn’t pass up the chance to finally meet the master of the absurd in person. After arriving from an exhibition marathon from South America, the Johannesburg based artist took a pit stop at Christophe Guye in Zurich. Besides large-scale photographs, Roger also presents his first sculpture in an exhibition setting. He tells us that this doesn’t make transport logistics any easier, but we can still look forward to more sculptural work by the artist, alongside his black and white photographs of course.

He also brought the eponymous book, published by Thames & Hudson. We treated ourselves to a signed copy, as the bound and award-winning predecessors are almost sold out already. The gallery also shows the film project by Roger Ballen, which he produced in collaboration with director Ben Crossman. The gloomy pictures between still life and portrait are laced with graffiti, drawings, animals and all kinds of found objects.

The pictures and backstage video were taken in a temporary house on the outskirts of Johannesburg. This house is inhabited by various people who live on the margins of society. In this anarchic place the human and animal inhabitants work together as ...

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GoSee Tip : a pioneer of fashion photography - Horst: Photographer of Style. Victoria & Albert Museum, London presents his most impressive images from 6 September 2014

Fashion photography today simply wouldn’t be the same without him. Horst P. Horst truly knew how to stage photographs – his work depicted individual scenes and captured a moment worth remembering. His irresistible photographs transcend fashion and time and will be on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London from 6 September. ‘Horst: Photographer of Style’ - modest tile for one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century.

Horst P. Horst was a master of light and composition. The exhibition explores his unique collaborations and friendships with Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli, Marlene Dietrich and Salvador Dalí, presents his most iconic work for Vogue (he shot more than 90 covers) and House and Garden, his portraits of Hollywood beauties like Rita Hayworth, Bette Davis and Ginger Rogers, as well as less well known photos from his travels and nature studies.

The display encompasses 250 photographs, most are of course in black and white. A three-sided projection and interactive screens will present these later colourful studies. These include the Art Deco apartment of Karl Lagerfeld and the three extravagant residences of Yves Saint Laurent.

Horst P. Horst was born 1906 as Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann in Germany, he studied subjects including Architecture in Hamburg and in ...

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Afghanistan publication. Jens UMBACH’s Kickstarter campaign supporter portraits on GoSee

GoSee presents a selection of portraits, created as part of Jens UMBACH’s Afghanistan book project Kickstarter campaign. The portraits feature supporters of the fundraiser. For more details contact his agent Marion ...

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GoSee book recommendation: family photo album by successful Danish/Norwegian duo Elmgreen & Dragset, self-depreciating and rebellious. Exhibitions in Oslo, Copenhagen and Tel Aviv as well as 'Biography' published by Hatje

Artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset has been collecting photographs for their picture archive called 'The Incidental Self', since they started working together 20 years ago. The intimate snapshots already travelled across galleries and museums as well as Biennales in Europe and Asia and have now been published for the first time as a picture book called 'Biography'. The book encompasses hundreds of photographs of many places and events and gives an insight into the artists’ studio, working process, exhibitions, relationships, friendships, parties, travels and other sources of inspiration. The spectrum ranges from private snapshots to pictures taken by family members, friends, assistants, artists and professional photographers. Thus the picture book truly looks like a giant, slightly absurd family photo album, with a firm focus on a masculine perspective and reality. Overall the selection of images transports an impression of what could be called »identity« today.

Exhibitions: Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo until 24.8.2014 | Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen / National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen 19.9.2014–4.1.2015 and Tel Aviv Museum of Art, from Spring ...

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GoSee Tip : Now, now Snow White! José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros brings Disney fairy tales back to reality. ’Profanity Pop’ provokes at La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles

José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros is back. Who? Many know the Mexican artist as ‘the one who messes with Disney characters’. Pretty drastic, clever, dirty and provocative satire…. and he call it art. As do we. And the owners of La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles seem to think so too, as they currently exhibit his work and will continue to do so until 31 August 2014. ’Profanity Pop’: a happening with a happy ending.

The Disney characters from the countless fairy tale adaptations float across the screen in all their candy-coloured innocence. Beautifully idyllic and far removed from reality. José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros takes the rose-tined glasses off our faces and put his manipulated lens in front of us instead. There is Snow White, who is chubby and half naked, taking a selfie. Two princes making out or Jessica, the sexy wife of Roger Rabbit, who collects her altar bread from the bishop with the slogan ‘I’m not a Sinner I’m Just Drawn That Way’. Greetings from Lady Gaga… Is this what cartoon reality looks like? You can see a glimpse of this with Baby Herman, the cartoon baby who smokes a cigar. But José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros loves to consciously take it that one step further.

He re-interprets the faux pas of today’s paparazzi times with the colourful ...

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Pavlov's Dog Berlin presents exhibition ‘Slit Backdrop’ by Philipp Dorl and gallerist Michael Biedowicz as Head of Jury of GoSee Awards’ ART PROJECTS category

“I am interested in the processes of transformation within photography: The moment when reality becomes a reflection and when this reflection materialises itself as an image”, comments Philipp Dorl, whose show ‘Slit Backdrop’ is currently on show at Berlin’s pavlov’s dog art space. Photographic appliances, tentative hands, a swan and a glove naturally appear next to each other in these seemingly surreal photographs.

“Philipp Dorl does not work in cohesive groups of works, but rather develops loosely connected series of images. In the very sense of Boehm, his photographs and installations go beyond the subject matter and rather present themselves as subjects where material and content are equivalents. Dorl is not set on a specific form of presentation. Sometimes he prints his work on high-quality paper sometimes he uses a laser printer to print them on standard copy paper. He shifts between the use of classical photographic processes, he projects his work on three dimensional objects or as video projections” says Jane Duda, Guest Curator of the works that fit in perfectly with pavlov’s dog’s programme.

Michael Biedowicz, who has worked for DIE ZEIT weekly newspaper since 1997, is one of the founders of the gallery, established in 2011. Unlike a classic gallery, pavlov’s dog provides ...

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GoSee Exhibition and Book Tip: Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album exhibition at Royal Academy, London and accompanying book published by Prestel

In 1970 Dennis Hopper, the American actor, film director and artist, presented his first major exhibition at the Fort worth Art Center in Texas. The display encompassed over 400 photographs taken from 1961 to 1967 photographed and personally selected and edited by Hopper himself. It was only after his death in 2010 that these original vintage prints were rediscovered.

With Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album, the Royal Academy lets us step back in time and experience the display of Hopper’s photographic observations of life in the Sixties mainly from his experiences in Los Angeles and New York, as well as Mexico, London and Peru.

We are presented with a black and white body of work depicting moments Hopper chose to capture on his Nikon F Camera with a 28mm lens gifted to him by future wife Brooke Hayward and chose to later share in his first large scale exhibition.

Hopper documented both the playful intimate moments of his life and Hollywood at the time, but also scratched America’s shiny surface to reveal the tense political conflicts of the era. Images range from fun encounters with friends and countercultural contemporaries such as David Hockney, Paul Newman and Robert Rauschenberg, to images of historic events surrounding the Civil Rights Movement, where he and Marlon Brando accompanied Martin Luther King on the march ...

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Valerie PHILLIPS publishes her 7th book ‘hi you are beautiful how are you?’ once again in collaboration with artist Arvida Byström

This September photographer Valerie PHILLIPS published her seventh book, ‘hi you are beautiful how are you?’. It is her fourth collaboration with Swedish artist and part-time model Arvida Byström and the height of their countless, sometimes bizarre meetings.

"The fantastical elements within the book are simply how Byström lives. She changes her hair colour monthly but rarely washes it, dresses in cartoon 90s clothing, glittered shorts and candy necklaces and she wears her body hair naturally and openly – daring you to question its existence."

Valerie PHILLIPS grew up in New York City, where she lives today, with a second home in London. Her photography is raw and graphic and is exhibited worldwide – her portrait of actress Sienna Miller is in the National Portrait Gallery’s permanent collection. For more information visit her website

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nak • BEYOND ARCHITECTURE - Neuer Aachener Kunstverein present the group exhibition BEYOND ARCHITECTURE

Exhibition project BEYOND ARCHITECTURE is centred on the diverse interconnections characterizing the relationship between architecture and history. The complex intertwining of historical constellations and architecture, as it was not least marked in the 1975 analysis of the panopticon by Michel Foucault, therefore serves as a primary example. Related to this way of reading architecture, especially modernist buildings are also repeatedly cited as a materialization of former utopian and social concepts.

But to what extent do such contexts experience a continued consolidation or displacement via the artistic staging of architecture? And to what degree does the artistic representation of architecture go beyond the historical roots of the architectural role model? BEYOND ARCHITECTURE examines this complex topic in depth by presenting artistic positions and works that negotiate the historical connotations of architecture — and especially those of modernist architecture — in different ways.


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Marcel CHRIST c/o VISUAL ARTISTS UK is the cover star of the 'Making Colour' exhibition at London’s National Gallery. Join GoSee on a journey through the history of colours

Powder explosions by still life virtuoso Marcel CHRIST are part of the 'Making Colour' exhibition at the National Gallery in England. The first exhibition of its kind in the UK takes you on a scientific and artistic journey. From dazzling minerals to squashed insects, ‘Making Colour’ traces the surprising materials artists have transformed into colour pigments.

GoSee presents a summary of essential press information for the show:
'Making Colour, the first exhibition of its kind in the UK, offers visitors an exceptional opportunity to discover the wideranging materials used to create colour in paintings and other works of art. Using the National Gallery’s own paintings and loans from major UK cultural institutions, the exhibition traces the history of making colour in Western paintings, from the Middle Ages to the end of the 19th century. The exhibition brings together the worlds of art and science to explain how artists overcame the technical challenges involved in creating colour. Work on this subject has long been a specialism of the Gallery’s internationally recognised Scientific Department. Making Colour shows the material problems faced by artists in ...

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