14.07.2010  •  Art NEWS


J'ADORE DIOR IN CHINESE •  Christian Dior - Shanghai Dreamers : Quentin Shih's new collaboration with the Parisian fashion house

Standing out from the crowd isn’t a look that is usually associated with China, which is why photographer Quentin Shih has chosen to stoically focus on the Mademoiselles in French dress, surrounded by orderly clone-like rows. ‘Shanghai Dreamers’ is his latest artistic collaboration with Dior.

Quentin Shih aka Shi Xiaofan is a sought after Chinese photographer. His images are usually infused with traditional and historical elements; he plays with surreal beauty and creates oil painting-style compositions.

GoSee reported on his previous collaboration with the Dior house of fashion in 2008, titled ‘The Stranger in the Glass Box’. The series was displayed in the 2009 ‘Dior with Chinese Contemporary Artists’ exhibition in Beijing, was published in BOOKLET magazine and even won the Hasselblad Masters Award in the Fine Arts category.

He was also included in the ‘Christian Dior: 60 years in Photography’ show at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, as well as in the Singapore and California dates of the tour.

Quentin’s latest work was produced between Paris, Beijing and Shanghai and displayed at the World Expo in May, Shanghai.

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