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Dress to please - Brigitte Niedermair on the heels of Madame Hirsch; the understatement-spurner

A year in the life of Renate Hirsch Giacomuzzi: until 17 January, Brigitte Niedermair will present her photo documentary “Madame Hirsch” at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Bozen.

The Meran artist accompanied and portrayed Bozen-based Renate Hirsch Giacomuzzi, who was born in Bavaria, for a whole year. The photo documentation emerged not only from society hotspots such as the winter sport Mecca St. Moritz in Switzerland, the luxurious Sardinian resort Cala di Volpe or the gleaming floor of the Viennese opera ball.

Brigitte shows “Madame Hirsch” in her own salon, at private Christmas and Easter celebrations as well. As “Little Red Riding Hood” in front of a forest pond, in costume at the Munich Oktoberfest, wearing an evening dress in a Venetian gondola or whilst jogging.

The exhibition encompasses 26 large format photographs, which relate to the great tradition of the portrait and for which the artist – as with many earlier works – left nothing to chance. The locales resemble settings, which create images, worthy of the definition “painted theatre”. Hence, “Madame Hirsch” can be understood as a series of Tableaux vivants.

Brigitte's photographs are not limited to the documentation of “Life Style Poses” and swanky scenes, but dip into the field of hyperrealism as well, which establishes the surroundings, where the fascinating woman can be herself at ease and with poised nonchalance.

With an attentive eye, she accentuates the twofold dance between fiction and reality. The reality, as portrayed in the photographs might as well be fiction, on par with an existential potential, which is experienced as authentic through its specific aesthetic.

Brigitte is not interested in sociological field studies, but strives – in the tradition of the painted portrait – to conjure the personalities of the pictured people through the virtuous application of compositional tools.

On the occasion of the exhibition, the Kehrer Publishing House (Heidelberg) will release an artist book in German, English and Italian language with texts by Cesare Maria Cunaccia and Letizia Ragaglia.

Brigitte Niedermair was born in 1971, Meran, her initial successes were bound to the field of fashion photography. On an international scale, she gained attention with her photo campaign for French fashion designer Marithé + François Girbaud 2004/05.

Brigitte Niedermair: Madame Hirsch

Curated by Letizia Ragaglia
until 17 January 2010

Opening Times: Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 6pm
Thursday: 10am - 10pm. Entry free of charge: Thursday 5pm - 10pm

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