27.04.2011  •  Art NEWS


ICONS FUCK OFF •  GoSee Tip Eckart Hahn: MYTHOS incorporated - the experimental use of almost cumbersome visual icons of the past

The Wagner + Partner gallery is showing the second solo exhibition by Eckart Hahn (*1971 in Freiburg) in Berlin. The ‘MYTHOS Incorporated’ exhibition addresses the state of the contemporary collective visual memory and searches for the icons of tomorrow.

“Against the backdrop of the ever-increasing flood of pictures, many of the formerly important pictures have lost the iconographic function. The pictures also had their values formulated, through their traditional way of distribution. Concomitant with the diffusion of those values, significant pictures, myths and symbols have been assimilated by commercial interests.” says the gallery about Eckart’s work.

Eckart adapts visual icons; he manipulates them with outspoken intent. Not only does he distort them – he does not stop short of destruction either. Pools of colour, plastic bags – he knows no boundaries.

He already impressed the public with his elaborate solo exhibition ‘Grat’ at the art institute Reutlingen in 2010. Now, in 2011, he shows his ‘The Black Scent of Beauty’ at the Kunstpalais in Erlangen (15th of September to 13th of November 2011).

Eckart Hahn - MYTHOS incorporated
Galerie Wagner & Partner
Karl-Marx-Allee 87
10243 Berlin
Opening Times: Tue - Sat 12:00 – 18:00
U5 - Strausberger Platz