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GoSee Tip : The Monstropolous Beast - Will Steacy's moving social surveys in his first monograph

Critical views of contemporary society that clearly present the carefully expressed dark reality before our eyes: welcome to Steacey’s visual world.

What may upon first glance appear to be a simple snapshot of an unspectacular situation, is later revealed as a portrait of people, views, race and the boundaries of today’s ‘social’ existence – one which is hardly questioned and accepted by almost everyone as an unavoidable reality.

After a life-changing experience, Steacy devoted himself to art: ‘Everything revolved around my art, the gift, the reason why I am still alive… being that close to death changes everybody. Ever since then, life has a new meaning and every morning I wake up and am grateful to still be alive; every day I gratefully chase the dream that is life.’

Open and yet deep, sleek yet haunting: Will’s photographs illustrate life; desperate 21st century living in and around capital cities in one of the world’s super powers.

Will Steacy (born1980, in New Haven, USA) is an up and coming talent on the international photography scene, author and winner of prestigious awards such as The Tierney Fellowship and The Aperture Foundation-Illumination Fund Green Cart Photography Commission.

His work has been displayed in countless group exhibitions and published in various publications such as The New Yorker, Harper’s Magazine, Newsweek and New York Magazine. His photographs are also held in renowned collections such as that of the International Centre of Photography Library.

His first monograph accompanies his recently ended exhibition: The Monstropolous Beast, a limited edition.

It features the complete exhibition catalogue, as well as 20 additional photographs and an essay by Stacey D. Clarkson, Art Director of Harper’s Magazine.

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