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Host Gallery, London : Once upon a Time in the West - photographs by Aaron Schuman

The Host Gallery is looking forward to showing the up-and-coming exhibition of photographs by Aaron Schuman: Once Upon a Time in the West.

The exhibited motifs emerged within the fading sets of Sergio Leone's infamous so-called Spaghetti Western in the depths of Southern Spain. For the time being, Aaron has concerned himself with American archetypes, such as the “Wild West”, and their perceptions abroad.

So it's no wonder that an Italian single-handedly achieved the miracle of founding a new genre, shooting his flicks in Franco-Spain. Freedom, independence, courage, brutality, honour – is this all just a re-import?

American photographer and author Aaron Schuman lives in the United Kingdom. His works have been internationally exhibited and his motifs have been shown in publications including Aperture, Creative Review, The Guardian, Hotshoe International and The Sunday Times.

Once Upon a Time in the West
Host Gallery
Aaron Schuman
14 April – 9 May 2009

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