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PEPPERMINT CANDY •  Peppermint Pirate meets Candy Cane. Housprojects Gallery, New York, presents Marla Rutherford's plastic fantastic world

When she transforms the real world into colourful and fantastic balls of chewing gum with her camera, she couldn’t care less who or what is in front of her camera. American celebrities, babies, families, fetish girls. Not a good look?

Oh yes it is. Marla Rutherford creates a visual aesthetic that goes with everything. Her ‘Cake Knife’ series is on show now at the New York Housprojects Gallery and is an example of her brutal mixture. Exquisitely mad. The exhibition is not to be missed.

Marla's pictures have names such as ‘Candy Cane’, ‘Bubblegum’ and ‘Peppermint Pirate’, emitting an air of an enchanted rendering of a world explored by a fetish Alice in Wonderland, warranting a comparison of its visual aspects with the works of Matthew Barney.

That said, it proves more challenging to put your finger on her even more extreme pictures like ‘Santa?’, which shows three children with big eyes and broad grins, braving the snow, hand in hand. Maybe we are not supposed to understand every single peculiar incident. The combination alone draws its very own story in our thoughts and illustrates the artist's diverse thinking patterns.

Marla Rutherford studied Psychology in Boston and took to design at the Art Center College of Design afterwards. The 30-year-old American artist has already exhibited in a plethora of places, reaching out beyond the borders of the US: Arles, Lausanne, Milan, Bejing, Paris, New York, Washington D.C. And LA.

Marla Rutherford – Cake Knife

Housprojects Gallery
31 Howard Street, 2nd Floor, New York

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