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Art • 'Morbo', the six-part work by the creatives from SIX & FIVE STUDIO c/o PHOTOBY. We present the hyperreal collection plus photos from the exhibition

26.08.2015 • Hyperreal proliferation on the inhospitable beaches of an invented truth: The exhibition titled 'Morbo' at the Design Suites Hotel in Buenos Aires by PHOTOBY artists SIX & FIVE STUDIO presents six different compositions of disturbing beauty in a blend of digital painting and 3D printer sculptures reminiscent of fantastic evolution experiments. We present you the results of the show, which was curated by Icon Design and Natasha Ygel, here on GoSee. And there may even be one or two pictures left!

About - SIX & FIVE STUDIO is a contemporary art studio exploring the frontier zone between art and design. The studio was founded by Andy Reisinger and Ezequiel Pini, both Art Directors and Graphic Designers based in Buenos Aires. Their refined imagination, poetic compositions, edgy minds and sleek skills makes Six & Five a hit in the uniqueness and purity of its results
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Art • GoSee loves...Wessel + O'Connor Fine Art presents David Graham and his picture of America: 'colorful, sometimes surreal and often bizarre'

20.08.2015 • Wessel + O'Connor Fine Art is pleased to present the first exhibition with the work of noted photographer David Graham. In the course of his 30 year career, David Graham's work has captured impressions from the very unique country America, where the 'Land of the Free' slogan is behind nearly every artistic expression. David has tirelessly traveled the US to capture the sometimes surreal, often bizarre but also quite colorful scenery. Elvis, Betty Davis, George Washington... He met them all along the way but also encountered the ordinary insanity of daily life – which is very photogenically depicted in his photos and , at the same time, suspiciously normal.

David Graham lives in Newtown, PA. He received a BA from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and his MFA in Photography from the Tyler School of Art. He studied under Ray Metzker and was mentored by neighbor, Emmet Gowin. He has taught at Moore College of Art and is currently on the faculty at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art; the San Francisco...

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Art • Hurry up! The graphical beauty of Los Angeles and New York from a bird's eye view still on through 22 August - Jeffrey Milsteins 'NY LA' in the Benrubi Gallery, NYC

19.08.2015 • Some say that the best perspective is from above because it is easier to oversee everything. The views of New York and Los Angeles, which Jeffrey Milstein photographed from an altitude of 1,000 - 2,000 feet, open completely new perspectives and photographic formations that go beyond a mere overview. The urban streetscape emerges from the bird's eye view into elegant graphical patterns and fine-lined grids due to its strictly plane structure. As if the artist was catapulted above his daily routine to stop and perceive the beauty of hgis surroundings in a totally new way. Benrubi Gallery is showing Jeffrey Milsteins 'NY LA' through 22 August, 2015, in New York.

About - Jeffrey Milstein's photographs have been exhibited and collected throughout the United States and Europe, including the Ulrich Museum of Art (2008), the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (2012). Noted British photographer and critic, Martin Parr included his photographs in his curated show New Typologies. He has been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals, including New York...

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Art • Jacob Aue Sobol - 'Arrivals and Departures'. An investigative journey on the Trans-Sibirian Railway. Exhibition at Yossi Milo Gallery, New York

18.08.2015 • Between 2012 and 2014, Jacob Aue Sobol took what is for many a dream trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Past Moscow, the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar, Beijing and the rural areas and barren countryside. He photographed the ever-changing landscape from his window seat and documented his encounters with the inhabitants of the places where he left the train. The consistently black & white photographs paint a richly contrasted, personal and very honest picture of a travel route which is far too often overly romanticized. The Danish artist describes his travels as "An Investigation of the emotional states did control us, inspire us, and keep us moving." Through 28 August, 2015, almost 60 prints follow the most impressive moments of the journey at New York's Yossi Milo Gallery. 'Arrivals and Departures'.

The Danish artist describes his travels on the Trans-Siberian Railway as "An Investigation of the emotional states did control us, inspire us, and keep us moving." And also far away from his home, Jacob Aue Sobol captures life's main ingredients: people, places and their...

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Art • 'Newton. Horvat. Brodziak.' on display until the beginning of November at the Helmut Newton foundation. A creative reason to visit Berlin in Fall 2015

13.08.2015 • Since the beginning of June, 2015, the Helmut Newton Foundation is presenting the three-part exhibition 'Newton. Horvat. Brodziak'. In previous years, 2006 and 2007, the display of Helmut Newton's work was augmented by that of famous colleagues, each time in a show featuring a combination of three photographers. The format for such displays derives from the German-Australian photographer himself when he established the foundation. And in selecting Frank Horvat and Szymon Brodziak, the curators have chosen two photographers whose work oscillates mostly between fashion and portrait photography.

Horvat (b. 1928) is eight years younger than Newton, and, like him, spent decades working for the most prestigious magazines. He has created an equally remarkable, autonomous body of work containing numerous iconic images. In this exhibition he is represented by nearly 200 small-format images from different genres spanning more than six decades, which all stem from his long-running project 'House with 15 Keys'.

The young Polish photographer Szymon Brodziak (b. 1979), recent winner of...

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Art • GoSee loves... Esther Teichmann – Mondschwimmen . A synthesis of the arts with 40 explicit photos, videos, collages, sculptures, and found objects at ZEPHYR in Mannheim and as an illustrated book including color copies

05.08.2015 • ZEPHYR gallery presents with 'Mondschwimmen' (Swimming in the Moonlight) the first museum exhibition of the London-based artist Esther Eichmann in Germany. On 420 sqm, the show provides an overview of her latest works, some of which were created especially for the Mannheim presentation. The up to three by four meter large frames and canvases were developed in the photo lab from large-format negatives and are mostly part of her series 'Mythologies' and 'Fractal Scars, Salt Water & Tears'. The works are not easily classified in traditional genres. Photographs, films, collages and sculptures are combined on 420 sqm into a multimedia installation experienced by the senses. Music was composed specially for the exhibition.

Among others, works show the artist's parents in an rubber boot or her pregnant sister with child on her belly. “I like to combine autobiographical and fictional material and often photograph my own family. I wish to transport visitors to a dream world,” the photographer explains, who studied and earned her doctorate at the Royal College of Art in London and is...

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Art • Bridgeman Images presents the highlights of the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, 'Museum of the Year 2015'

05.08.2015 • UK's 'Museum of the Year 2015' is the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester. In addition to the £100,000 fund prize, the museum also won the desired RIBA Stirling Prize for the country's best new building at the same time. Founded with the inheritance of Victorian entrepreneur Sir Joseph Whitworth, the Galerie holds one of the UK's largest collections of works on paper and textile.

Its British watercolors and European prints make it pre-eminent outside London and boast among others more than 50 works by Turner. The textile collection includes Britain's most comprehensive collection of Coptic pieces from the 4th century through to contemporary work. Worldwide exclusive rights for media access to the amazing and unique artwork of the Whitworth Collection are held by Bridgeman Images.

About - Whitworth Art Gallery. Founded in 1889 as the first English gallery in a park, the Whitworth has been transformed by a £15 million development. This is a gallery whose visitor numbers have climbed spectacularly in the past five years, whose contemporary exhibitions programs have ......

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Art • GoSee loves... 'Selections from a Survey' – Todd Hido presents his new series at Casemore Kirkeby in San Francisco

29.07.2015 • Todd Hido: 'Selections from a Survey' is Casemore Kirkeby's first exhibition and celebrated its premiere at Paris Photo L.A. in May, 2015. Casemore Kirkeby is a new galllery project in San Francisco in a joint venture between Julie Casemore and Stefan Kirkeby focused on contemporary photography.

The gallery tells us about the project: "This installation, drawn from Oakland-based Hido's ever-expanding archive, invites viewers to dwell on the images and ideas that have followed him throughout his career, continually finding new manifestations in his work. This selection focuses on Hido's primary model Khrystyna - a tacit partner in his cinematic narratives, and a shape shifter in the nightscapes, interiors, and psychological landscapes that she haunts. The result is a deeply personal collection of imagery, often drawn from Hido's own biography and his childhood home of Kent, Ohio – the place that has guided his sustained inquiry into the darker aspects of American suburban life, investigated through the lens of his own imperfect memory. The selection includes several new, never...

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Art • WHO CARES? – Social responsibility in contemporary art. Bernheimer Contemporary opens on 700 square meters, including a shop in Berlin. We wish we were artists too!

16.07.2015 • Who cares? Isabel Bernheimer encourages the art world, as well as the design world with her gallery concept to think, and perhaps even to rethink. After academic studies and working at international galleries, she decided to open an agency for artists – and succeeded in a very short time. Her newest idea was followed by prompt action: Just last winter, she told us about her vision of a new type of gallery in the Monbijou Palais opposite the Bode Museum on Berlin's Museum Island – and, a little over half a year later, she already invited us to the grand opening. She likes it big! And she cares! And Isabel takes care of her handful of selected artists from the area of art to design the same way she realizes her visions.

So – what is there to see? The artists represented by the agency Bernheimer Contemporary show their works in all eleven rooms of the Monbijou Residence in the heart of Berlin, and ask the question with the exhibition, what responsibility art may, can, has to or should take for our society. "Together with my artists, I invite visitors to come and look, to reflect...

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Art • Jung A Kim – Reminiscence (2012-2014) – the nature of life as an exhibition at pavlov’s dog, Berlin and an illustrated book published by Kehrer Publishing

15.07.2015 • The Korean artist Jung A Kim describes her relationship to photography as follows: " Through photography I have the feeling of being the world. I perceive things with my eyes and my heart and start to be a human being." Her pictures are diary-like records that reflect her innermost thoughts and poetically capture the essential relationship between man and nature. Reminiscence serves to bring the past to light. In today’s media-oriented times, this is an important aspect for the photographer. By means of photography the intangible world of thoughts and memories can manifest itself in reality. Her photographs can in some cases be understood as a metaphor for recollections that were initially overlooked but which find their way back to us in the form of images. The pictures tell the artist’s own story but also speak to the universal ties between humankind and all of Creation, ultimately presenting us with small fragments of life.

About - Jung A Kim (* 1978) lives and works in Berlin and Seoul. She graduated 2014 with a BA in Photography at CAU, Seoul. In 2013, she also studied at...

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