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Art • '1945 – Cologne and Dresden' Photographs by Hermann Claasen and Richard Peter Sen. - LVR-Landes Museum Bonn reminds with this exhibition of the end of the World War II 70 years ago

15.03.2015 • The exhibition »1945 – Cologne and Dresden« showcases the work of two important photographers of the immediate post-war period: Hermann Claasen and Richard Peter. Their photo books influence our perception of the German cities destroyed in the Second World War. Hermann Claasens (1899 — 1987) »Gesang im Feuerofen« from 1947 shows Cologne in ruins, and the picture book published for the first time in 1950 »Dresden – eine Kamera klagt an« by Richard Peter Sr., who documents the devastation of Dresden.

'1945 – Köln und Dresden' Photographs from Hermann Claasen & Richard Peter Sr. 19 March - 7 June, 2015
LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn, Colmantstr. 14 - 16, 53115 Bonn. Tue - Fri, Sun 11 am - 6 pm, Sat 1 pm -16 pm.

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Art • Embracing a new generation of creative talents - Polish Fashion Now by Institut Polonais Paris, Artwork on GoSee as well as the Mini-Quest with up-and-coming, first class shoe designer Katarzyna "Kasia" Ostapowicz

12.03.2015 • Showcased by the Polish Institute in Paris and conceived as an innovative and multidisciplinary event, Polish Fashion Now is a unique opportunity to shed light on some of Poland’s most inspiring designers, illustrators and photographers, in the heart of Paris during the March edition of Fashion Week. Gathered under one single roof, these young creative minds have a few traits in common, such as boldness, enthusiasm, guts, and a love for color and print, as well as a desire to make a statement.

Relatively unknown within the global fashion sphere and waiting to be discovered, young Polish designers manage to infuse historicity and technique with a witty sense of humour, giving their designs a refreshing appeal. The event encapsulates the avant-garde spirit of Polish fashion, a subtle mix between playfulness and intellectualism. Whether it be womenswear, menswear or accessories, such as hats, scarves, bags and shoes, Polish fashion combines an architectural understanding of volumes and shapes with a spirited take on garments.

The 16 participants presented at this year’s...

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Art • Jérôme Zonder - Fatum. The first, fateful solo show of the young Paris art star with the knack for morbidity at Paris' La Maison Rouge

11.03.2015 • Paris' La Maison Rouge is looking forward to its first solo show by Jérôme Zonder in Paris. The 1974 graduate from Paris Beaux Arts, uses brush, pencil, or charcoal to create his very own, sometimes crassly morbid worlds and is considered a whiz kid in the young and contemporary Paris art scene. The title of his exhibition Fatum stands for an inevitable fate that it is impossible to escape, no matter how hard we try. It sets high expectations but also lives up to them as we see it. Here are a few impressions for you from Children's Party, among others, on GoSee. So be the hand of fate and decide for yourself.

The press release for the show explains: "For more than ten years, Jérôme Zonder has been developing a body of work of great virtuosity, centered on drawings. Primarily executed in lead pencil and charcoal, often in large formats, his works elicit admiration yet contain elements of fright. Today, his millennials are teens. After childhood, with its terrors and nightmares, comes adolescence, an age of internal upheaval, metamorphosis, realizations and uncertainties....

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Art • GoSee Tip: 'Fashion is NUTS' - Fashion Icons from Wintour to Lagerfeld, compiled in limited graphic art book by Estée Lauder Creative Director and 'illustration paparazzi' Donald Robertson

11.03.2015 • "Be a warrior not a worrier" is Donald Robertson's maxim, Creative Director at Estée Lauder, passionate illustrator and Instagram heavy-user. Armed with pen and gaffer tape, he transforms walnuts into fashion icons such as Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Kanye West, Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel or Pharrell Williams. His fashion nuts are spread around the world within seconds via Instagram . Together with photographer Henry Leutwyler and the design company Water NYC, he creates the perfect settings for his fashion nuts – the result of which is the 40 page graphic art book 'Fashion Is Nuts', which is available in a limited edition of 1000 copies via . Plus, there are also posters of the nut portraits, some of which are already sold out.

Here is beautiful statement from Donald Robertson, who refers to himself as 'illustration paparazzi', on creativity and thinking in stereotypes: “It drives me crazy when people say, ‘Think outside of the box.’ There is no box! What we all need to do is create a box. When brands, artists and designer are really, really good, they...

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Art • Andreana Scanderbeg & Alexander Sauer alias SCANDERBEG SAUER : ICONIC GEOGRAPHY - Works 2005-2015

10.03.2015 • Andreana SCANDERBER and Alexander SAUER work together as SANDERBERG SAUER since 2005. The exhibition, curated by Camilla Boemio, shows both contract works, in which SCANDERBER SAUER present industries and their products from their attractive side, and also personal projects highlighting the downside of global economy.

Camilla Boemio about the exhibition : "The exhibition aims to introduce the viewer in the various series made in the last ten years by photographers Andreana Scanderbeg Sauer & Alexander, skilled narrators of control technologies. In their achievements there is confidence in technological innovation, the beauty of contemporary architecture; showing a better expression of urban life changing. Each snapshot shows that immortalizing architecture isn’t less complex than capturing the right expression of a face in a portrait.

The exhibition narrates people and urban worlds through the built landscape, considering photography as an ambitious and perhaps more suited tool to document it, rather than the symbiosis between the two disciplines, 'Iconic Geography'...

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Art • Gallery Vassie is proud to present Perihelion, a solo exhibition by British artist Jason Oddy

04.03.2015 • Gallery Vassie is proud to present Perihelion, a solo exhibition by British artist Jason Oddy. Bringing together works from some of the monumental series Oddy has produced over the last fifteen years, the show will take place at Gallery Vassie’s second exhibition space in the beautiful FOTOfactory site on the Keizersgracht. Jason Oddy is fascinated by the politics of place. Using a slow-moving 5×4 film camera, he immerses himself in a given space for days and sometimes weeks. The photographs he creates examine the manmade world we normally take for granted.

With their stripped down aesthetic and emphasis on geometric rhythms, his photographs of places such as Soviet sanatoria, the United Nations headquarters and the Pentagon, aim to take us beyond these specific locations to the ideas that created them. Equally the pictures ask us to consider how the manmade space we habitually inhabit might, at a primordial level, also inhabit us.

Perihelion - Jason Oddy . FOTOfactory . Keizergracht 82-B, Amsterdam, Nederland . ...

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Art • PULSE Contemporary Art Fair celebrates 10 year anniversary and hosts Young Collector's Cocktail, Curators Roundtable, PULSE PRIZE etc. in New York. Read our interview with founder Helen Toomer on GoSee

04.03.2015 • From 05 – 08 March 2015 PULSE New York celebrate their tenth anniversary at The Metropolitan Pavilion (125 West 18th Street, New York City). Exciting galleries from all over the world present their contemporary programme, the PULSE Prize awards an artist and the accompanying programme is peppered with cocktails, roundtables and happenings. GoSee presents its very own subjective preview, including "Assembly" Osamu Yokonami / De Soto Gallery and bumped into an old friend of GoSee - Peter Dreher and WAGNER + PARTNER Gallery, Berlin.

We caught up with founder and creative mastermind Helen Toomer. She actually started out wanting to be an artist, but ended up on the organisational side from an early stage. Before working for PULSE, Helen was the Director of Collective Design Fair, headed Toomer Labzda Gallery in Manhattan and has years of experience in event management and marketing in Europe and the USA. She studied Arts at Institute of Bournemouth, England and teaches at Fashion Institute of Technology.

Congratulations on 10 years of PULSE. You must be very proud of the...

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Art • GoSee Recommends : Richard Lindner – Big City Circus between Pop Art and New Objectivity - an exhibition at Stiftung-Ahlers Pro Arte and picture book, published by Kerber Verlag

24.02.2015 • Stiftung Ahlers Pro Arte / Kestner Pro Arte presents an exhibition of works by Richard Lindner (Hamburg 1901 – 1978 Paris), titled ‘Großstadtzirkus’ (Big City Circus). Painter Richard Lindner presents his characters of city life in a ‘circus tent’ style: thieves, prostitutes and gamblers are the protagonists of marginalized areas in society. Most of the inspiration for his pictures comes from everyday life in New York City. Fascinated by life on the streets of Manhattan, he transforms the spectacle of the modern city in pictures of existential alienation that show societal indifference and moral bankruptcy.

The son of Jewish salesman Jüdell Lindner and his wife Mina, Richard Lindner was born on November 11, 1901 in Hamburg. 1905 the family lived in Nuremberg, where his father was employed as a sales representative and his mother ran a business for tailor-made corsets. The impressions he gained as a teenager in his mother's shop appear again later on in the form of corsets in his paintings. An iconographic product of his character representations are toys of all kinds, cards,...

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Art • Dustin Yellin’s impressive glass installation for New York City Ballet’s Art Series at David H. Koch Theater, an explanation video by the artist and installation views, here on GoSee

18.02.2015 • After FAILE and JR, it’s the turn of Brooklyn-based artist Dustin Yellin to participate in the third installation of New York City Ballet’s Art Series initiative that invites every year contemporary visual artists to create original works inspired by ballet.

Dustin Yellin, who is also the founder of the Pioneer Works Center for Arts and Innovation, created for the occasion 15 large-scale glass and mixed-media sculptures, each weighing more than 3,000 pounds. The sculptures form part of “Pyschogeographies”, Yellin’s ongoing project that is meant to depict the maps of the psyche.

The multilayered pieces are made of cutouts from books, newspapers and magazines, forming intricate, collage-like compositions that seem to be floating in space. Installed at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center, the impressive sculptures pay homage to NYBC’s long tradition of artistic collaborations with icons like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring or Julian Schnabel, as well as to the contagious energy of its talented dancers.

As NYCB informs, Dustin Yellin’s installations will remain on view...

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Art • FOAM presents Under Construction – New Positions in American Photography at Pioneer Works. A group exhibition with work by Joshua Citarella, Sara Cwynar, Jessica Eaton, Daniel Gordon, Matthew Leifheit & Cynthia Talmadge, Matt Lipps, Matthew Porter, Kate Steciw & Sara VanDerBeek

18.02.2015 • Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam and Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation proudly present Under Construction – New Positions in American Photography, a group exhibition featuring ten young American and Canadian photographers. Even though the results of the artists' individual practices are very diverse, the mentality, methodology and presentation of their work show a number of remarkable similarities. A key characteristic is the investigative attitude they adopt in looking at the photographic image and its representation. All the featured artists are explicitly engaged in a fundamental reassessment of the value and significance of photography in the early 21st century.

This exhibition was first shown at Foam in Amsterdam from September to December 2014. The far-reaching digitisation of society exerts an unparalleled influence on almost every aspect of the medium. This ranges from entirely new photographic techniques (digitisation of the equipment) and the use of the photographic image (distribution via digital networks) to the value and significance of photography...

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