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Art • Taschen Gallery Los Angeles presents: 'Mick Rock - Shooting for Stardust. The Rise of David Bowie & Co.' We have photos from the vernissage on GoSee

21.09.2015 • In 1972, David Bowie released his groundbreaking album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. With it, Bowie’s Stardust alter-ego landed : A glitter-clad, mascara-eyed, sexually-ambiguous persona who kicked down the boundaries between male and female, straight and gay, fact and fiction to form one shifting and sparkling phenomenon of ’70s self-expression.

A key passenger on this glam trip into the stratosphere was fellow Londoner and photographer Mick Rock. Rock bonded with Bowie artistically and personally, immersed himself in the singer’s inner circle, and between 1972–1973, he worked as Bowie’s official photographer.

The opening reception drew the biggest crowd in the gallery's history, with over 1500 people in attendance and lines around the block. Surrounded by his iconic photographs of David Bowie and other superstars of the glam rock era, Mick Rock welcomed longtime friends and collaborators including Linda Ramone, Shepard Fairey, Mena Suvari, Zak Starkey, Patti Boyd, Ariel Pink, Father John Misty, and Cody Simpson.

Frank Roller/GlamPR for

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Art • Cologne’s ART.FAIR will already begin presenting established and young positions on September 24

17.09.2015 • When 104 galleries from 15 countries with works by 650 artists transform Halls 1 & 2 of the koelnmesse convention center into a gathering place for the art world, the time has come again: The ART.FAIR | Fair for Modern and Contemporary Art has begun. The fair will be celebrating its 13th edition from September 24–27 (vernissage on September 23), that is, one month earlier than previously.

From top positions like Sigmar Polke (presented by Galerie Rainer Klimczak and Kunsthandlung Osper, among others), Otto Piene (KUNSTHALLESchlossSeefeld, among others), John Chamberlain (GALERIE TERMINUS, Munich), Imi Knoebel (Galerie Casteel), Emil Schumacher (Galerie Wilmsen GmbH), Norbert Kricke (Galerie & Kunsthandel DRAHEIM) and Andy Warhol (Galerie 2CforArt, among others) all the way to emerging artists like Louise Gibson (Die Kunstagentin) or Robert Matthes (Galerie Cyprian Brenner) — visitors can look forward to an overview of what makes the contemporary art scene and the ART.FAIR everything they are. “It is important to us that we present visitors with the entire spectrum of different...

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Art • 'Glamour & Innocence' - Monika Mohr Gallery Hamburg presents Liesje Reyskens's dangerously colorful world of photography

02.09.2015 • Reality? Phantasy? Where do we draw the line? According to Belgian photographer Liesje Reyskens – we may never know. The Genk Design Academy graduate presents her multicolored works through the end of September at Hamburg's Monika Mohr gallery – seductive yet full of humor, but also mysterious and deeply abysmal. Sometimes a single blink of the eye and brief focus on the motif is enough, ... and suddenly, behind the suger-coated wall, a much bitter reality appears than was anticipated at first, trustful sight; we have the photos for you on GoSee.

'Glamour & Innocence' - Liesje Reyskens . Monika Mohr Gallery, Hamburg . Through 29 September . Open Tuesday through Friday from 12am to 18pm .

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Art • Philip KARLBERG presents his personal photo project 'Debris' on GoSee - prints are on sale for a good cause in the MINK MGMT. Art Shop

02.09.2015 • “I love being out in the nature. It makes me feel good. Unfortunately, even at the most remote places, I often find a lot of litter and waste. One day, I came up with the idea to not only collect the litter I find, but to also make it into an art project. After months of collecting, I finally completed the project and shot these three still lifes in my studio. I decided to call it 'Debris'. If you would like to buy prints of any of these images, all profit will be donated to The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation," photographer Philip KARLBERG tells GoSee. Where can you buy them? Just drop by the MINK MGMT. Art Shop; all prints are available for purchase there.

About - The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation is a charitable environmental organization with the power to bring about change. We spread knowledge, chart environmental threats, propose solutions and influence politicians and authorities, both nationally and internationally. Under democratic forms, we work regionally in 24 county branches and locally in 270 community branches.

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Art • 'Morbo', the six-part work by the creatives from SIX & FIVE STUDIO c/o PHOTOBY. We present the hyperreal collection plus photos from the exhibition

26.08.2015 • Hyperreal proliferation on the inhospitable beaches of an invented truth: The exhibition titled 'Morbo' at the Design Suites Hotel in Buenos Aires by PHOTOBY artists SIX & FIVE STUDIO presents six different compositions of disturbing beauty in a blend of digital painting and 3D printer sculptures reminiscent of fantastic evolution experiments. We present you the results of the show, which was curated by Icon Design and Natasha Ygel, here on GoSee. And there may even be one or two pictures left!

About - SIX & FIVE STUDIO is a contemporary art studio exploring the frontier zone between art and design. The studio was founded by Andy Reisinger and Ezequiel Pini, both Art Directors and Graphic Designers based in Buenos Aires. Their refined imagination, poetic compositions, edgy minds and sleek skills makes Six & Five a hit in the uniqueness and purity of its

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Art • GoSee loves...Wessel + O'Connor Fine Art presents David Graham and his picture of America: 'colorful, sometimes surreal and often bizarre'

20.08.2015 • Wessel + O'Connor Fine Art is pleased to present the first exhibition with the work of noted photographer David Graham. In the course of his 30 year career, David Graham's work has captured impressions from the very unique country America, where the 'Land of the Free' slogan is behind nearly every artistic expression. David has tirelessly traveled the US to capture the sometimes surreal, often bizarre but also quite colorful scenery. Elvis, Betty Davis, George Washington... He met them all along the way but also encountered the ordinary insanity of daily life – which is very photogenically depicted in his photos and , at the same time, suspiciously normal.

David Graham lives in Newtown, PA. He received a BA from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and his MFA in Photography from the Tyler School of Art. He studied under Ray Metzker and was mentored by neighbor, Emmet Gowin. He has taught at Moore College of Art and is currently on the faculty at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art; the San Francisco...

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Art • Hurry up! The graphical beauty of Los Angeles and New York from a bird's eye view still on through 22 August - Jeffrey Milsteins 'NY LA' in the Benrubi Gallery, NYC

19.08.2015 • Some say that the best perspective is from above because it is easier to oversee everything. The views of New York and Los Angeles, which Jeffrey Milstein photographed from an altitude of 1,000 - 2,000 feet, open completely new perspectives and photographic formations that go beyond a mere overview. The urban streetscape emerges from the bird's eye view into elegant graphical patterns and fine-lined grids due to its strictly plane structure. As if the artist was catapulted above his daily routine to stop and perceive the beauty of hgis surroundings in a totally new way. Benrubi Gallery is showing Jeffrey Milsteins 'NY LA' through 22 August, 2015, in New York.

About - Jeffrey Milstein's photographs have been exhibited and collected throughout the United States and Europe, including the Ulrich Museum of Art (2008), the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (2012). Noted British photographer and critic, Martin Parr included his photographs in his curated show New Typologies. He has been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals, including New York...

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Art • Jacob Aue Sobol - 'Arrivals and Departures'. An investigative journey on the Trans-Sibirian Railway. Exhibition at Yossi Milo Gallery, New York

18.08.2015 • Between 2012 and 2014, Jacob Aue Sobol took what is for many a dream trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Past Moscow, the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar, Beijing and the rural areas and barren countryside. He photographed the ever-changing landscape from his window seat and documented his encounters with the inhabitants of the places where he left the train. The consistently black & white photographs paint a richly contrasted, personal and very honest picture of a travel route which is far too often overly romanticized. The Danish artist describes his travels as "An Investigation of the emotional states did control us, inspire us, and keep us moving." Through 28 August, 2015, almost 60 prints follow the most impressive moments of the journey at New York's Yossi Milo Gallery. 'Arrivals and Departures'.

The Danish artist describes his travels on the Trans-Siberian Railway as "An Investigation of the emotional states did control us, inspire us, and keep us moving." And also far away from his home, Jacob Aue Sobol captures life's main ingredients: people, places and their...

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Art • 'Newton. Horvat. Brodziak.' on display until the beginning of November at the Helmut Newton foundation. A creative reason to visit Berlin in Fall 2015

13.08.2015 • Since the beginning of June, 2015, the Helmut Newton Foundation is presenting the three-part exhibition 'Newton. Horvat. Brodziak'. In previous years, 2006 and 2007, the display of Helmut Newton's work was augmented by that of famous colleagues, each time in a show featuring a combination of three photographers. The format for such displays derives from the German-Australian photographer himself when he established the foundation. And in selecting Frank Horvat and Szymon Brodziak, the curators have chosen two photographers whose work oscillates mostly between fashion and portrait photography.

Horvat (b. 1928) is eight years younger than Newton, and, like him, spent decades working for the most prestigious magazines. He has created an equally remarkable, autonomous body of work containing numerous iconic images. In this exhibition he is represented by nearly 200 small-format images from different genres spanning more than six decades, which all stem from his long-running project 'House with 15 Keys'.

The young Polish photographer Szymon Brodziak (b. 1979), recent winner of...

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Art • GoSee loves... Esther Teichmann – Mondschwimmen . A synthesis of the arts with 40 explicit photos, videos, collages, sculptures, and found objects at ZEPHYR in Mannheim and as an illustrated book including color copies

05.08.2015 • ZEPHYR gallery presents with 'Mondschwimmen' (Swimming in the Moonlight) the first museum exhibition of the London-based artist Esther Eichmann in Germany. On 420 sqm, the show provides an overview of her latest works, some of which were created especially for the Mannheim presentation. The up to three by four meter large frames and canvases were developed in the photo lab from large-format negatives and are mostly part of her series 'Mythologies' and 'Fractal Scars, Salt Water & Tears'. The works are not easily classified in traditional genres. Photographs, films, collages and sculptures are combined on 420 sqm into a multimedia installation experienced by the senses. Music was composed specially for the exhibition.

Among others, works show the artist's parents in an rubber boot or her pregnant sister with child on her belly. “I like to combine autobiographical and fictional material and often photograph my own family. I wish to transport visitors to a dream world,” the photographer explains, who studied and earned her doctorate at the Royal College of Art in London and is...

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