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Art • GoSee Final Call : Carlo Mollino - Polaroids. Show now extended until 17 January at Gagosian New York. Not to be missed.

This is the GoSee Final Call for 'Polaroids by Carlo Mollino' on show until 20 December (now extended until January 17) at Gagosian New York, in collaboration with Turin’s Museo Casa Mollino. For over four decades architect Carlo Mollino (1905–1973) combined aspects of Surrealism, Art Noveau, Futurism, Mythology with his love of the female form to make what designer George Nelson named ‘Turinese baroque’. His work covered architecture, furniture, cars, aircraft and writing, as well as Polaroids, which remained a secret until his death. His museum is here: Casa Mollino, Via Napione, 2, 10124 Torino, phone: +39 0118129868.

Carlo Mollino - Polaroids . Gagosian New York - 976 Madison Avenue . 10075 New York .

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Art • Chen Man East - West. The Chinese star photographer guest stars at Rogue Wave Projects L.A.Louver Gallery in Los Angeles

Chinese star photographer Chen Man, born 1980 in Beijing, is renowned worldwide for her countless high gloss magazines. She is currently on show until end of January with her exhibition 'Chen Man East - West' at L.A. Louver Gallery and their ROGUE WAVE PROJECTS. The exhibition presents photographs and paintings by multi-talented Chen.

Her bio reveals : "Chen Man demonstrated her artistic talent, drawing a mouse when she was only two. Her mother ensured her development, sending her to a drawing class and to a high school specialising in art. She then attended the Central Academy of Fine Arts, where she studied graphic design. When only 23 and still a student, her self-styled photographs were published on the covers of China's Vision Magazine, bringing her immediate prominence. Handling all her post-production work herself, she makes extensive use of digital tools including Photoshop and 3D Max. In addition to cover photographs for Vision Magazine over a number of years, she has also contributed to Chinese features in Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire."

Chen MAN is married to US American Raphael Ming Cooper, co-founder of Society Skateboards, has two kids and is represented by GoSee Member

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Art • Sneak Preview: photo15 & photoFORUM 2015 - the 10th annual show of Swiss photography presents exhibitions and speakers such as James Nachtwey, Dietmar Henneka and Thomas Höpker

Photo is Switzerland’s largest annual show of Swiss photography. Photo15 takes place from 9 - 13 January 2015. 150 photographers will show their favourite photographs from last year from 9 - 13 January on around 4000 m2 at Zurich Maag Hallen. American war photographer James Nachtwey, one of the world’s most important documentary photographers is a photoFORUM keynote speaker.

For more information and to see the full programme visit the photo15 ...

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film & photo • Dirk Rees presents 'The Samburu Tribe' in Film and Photography on GoSee

Samburu are predominantly pastoralists, specialised in cattle herds and are based in North Kenya. Just like the local Massai, their language is Maa. The name of their tribe is derived from "o-sampurumpuri", the Maa word for butterfly. It has also been claimed that it stems from the word Samburr, the traditional leather pouch Samburu wear on their backs for carrying meat and honey. London based Dirk Rees, born in South Africa and raised in Germany, visited the tribe before they disappear forever. Dirk Rees, whose project received a Merit at our GoSee Awards, explains on GoSee:

"My aim was to spend time with the tribe and capture the essence of the Samburu spirit and soul. The gentle harshness and it’s unique flair. Photographing iconic African tribes and the way they express themselves through movement and dance is an ongoing personal project which I have started venturing into 2 years ago. My love for Africa is unconditional and having lived all over southern Africa and travelled extensively throughout. I find myself in an incredibly fortunate situation being allowed to combine my skills & passion and to experience and capture some of the few of the many hundreds of tribes before they are forgotten or have moved on from there ancient traditions. Don’t get me wrong there will always be there in some form or another but to what ...

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film • 8-minute documentary about theatre and opera star Robert Wilson and his unique video portraits on GoSee – directed by Jakub JAHN

The documentary on the exceptional artist and his 'Video Portraits' arose from many long conversations with avant-garde director, designer, visual artist and founder of The Watermill Centers, Robert Wilson. The director was Jakub JAHN c/o GoSee member PAVLEYE. Welcome to Jakub Jahn's video portrait of Robert Wilson.

About - Robert Wilson. The New York Times described Robert Wilson as “a towering figure in the world of experimental theater.” Wilson, born in 1941 in Waco Texas, is among the world's foremost theater and visual artists. His works for the stage unconventionally integrate a wide variety of artistic media, including dance, movement, lighting, sculpture, music, and text. His images are aesthetically striking and emotionally charged, and his productions have earned the acclaim of audiences and critics worldwide. A native of Waco, Texas, Wilson was educated at the University of Texas and arrived in New York in 1963 to attend Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute. Soon thereafter Wilson set to work with his Byrd Hoffman School of Byrds and together with this school developed his first signature works including King of Spain (’69), Deafman Glance (‘70), The Life and Times of Joseph Stalin (‘73), and A Letter for Queen Victoria (’74). Regarded as a leader in Manhattan’s burgeoning avantgarde, Wilson ...

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film • Robert Wilson trailer for his exhibition 'Robert Wilson - Videoportréty' in Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava – director: Jakub JAHN

Since the late ‘60s, Robert Wilson’s productions have influenced our perceptions of theatre and opera. His use of light, space, movement and his deep understanding of the different scenes, is appreciated by artists, authors and musicians all over the world and celebrated by the audience. PAVLEYE presents two projects by director Jakub JAHN here on GoSee, starring Robert Wilson.

The first film was made in line with a 'Lecture on video portrays', held by Robert Wilson and filmed at the Louvre in Paris. The film is a teaser for the current exhibition 'Robert Wilson - Videoportréty' in Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava. In Robert Wilson’s video portraits, high and pop culture meet classic and new media. Think Dita van Teese on a swing and Brad Pitt in boxer shorts with a gun.

Robert Wilson – Videoportrays. Hardcover: 224 pages. Publisher: Walther König. Language: English, German. ISBN-10: 3865608507. ISBN-13: 978-3865608505. Size: 23 x 2,7 x 25 cm

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Art • Magda Danysz Gallery presents work by HUANG XIAOLIANG, MA KANG, QIU MINYE and ZHANG BOJUN: four perspectives in contemporary art photography from China

Journalist Sabine Köhncke wrote the following in 2006 for ARTE magazine: « photography is the art that most faithfully illustrates modern China and its explosive dynamism». An entire generation of young Chinese photographers came onto the scene and created a new perspective on the World leading country with their images.

From Maleonn to Zhou Hongbin we note in this exhibition the vivacity of propositions, we discover the shared stakes, their will to put a look on the contemporary society as much as on the history of China and its traditions while at the same time being guided by various points of view.

To present the contemporary Chinese photography by the way of a collective exhibition makes it possible to show the wealth of the glances of these artists. When Peikwen Cheng trains his camera at the Burning Man to captures the dreamlike installations imagined by the festival-goers, Maleonn goes across China to the most out-of-the-way villages in order to draw up their portraits, and Feng Fangyu chooses as subject the former Summer Palace Yuan Mingyuan going back over on the traces of one of the most important places of the Chinese tradition. Within so much variety of subjects, we find the balance looked for by all the artists between the marvellous and the reality, a certain poetry in the staging of their subjects, a work based on ...

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Art • Portrait of a lady in 2014. The James Franco exhibition 'New Film Stills' at Cinema Gallery, Paris

After New York, Galerie Cinéma and manager Anne-Dominique Toussaint are delighted to present ‘New Film Stills’ exhibition, which shows sexy Hollywood star and trash-lover James Franco in unfamiliar and yet convincing feminine poses. You can see the show, starring his alter ego, a somewhat sloppy middle-aged woman, until 3 January 2015 in Marais, Paris.

For his pictures the versatile and exhibitionistic actor re-enacted a series by artist Cindy Sherman, which she produced around 30 years ago. You may think these images criticises how women are portrayed in films today. Or you may think it’s a hot, albeit somewhat rough and loopy guy in crazy and really ill fitting women’s clothing.

We have a quote by James Franco for you, unfortunately only in French, but hey: we told you he has many talents! ‘Cindy est une artiste qui a utilisé le cinéma comme source de travail ; elle a joué à être une actrice. Je suis un acteur qui s’insère dans son travail. Où Cindy a utilisé le cinéma comme point de départ, j’utilise l’art comme point de départ. Elle, comme tant de mes artistes préférés (Douglas Gordon, Richard Prince, Dan Colen, Nate Lowman, Paul McCarthy), utilise le cinéma dans son travail, mais son ...

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award • GoSeeAWARDS presents Best Of exhibition at PHOTO OFF in Paris – and our GoSeeAwards website now open to public

This year in late October the first ever GoSee Awards were presented in an XL mood board exhibition as part of the UPDATE Salon in Berlin. Photographers, illustrators, stylists and other artists entered their work free of charge into 12 competition categories. Around 200 photographers were in the finale, their work scrutinised by around 100 judges in advertising, art, publishing and established direct clients.

GoSee created an exhibition of 20 finalists from each category with one series each. Around 1,000 images were hung up for the jury in all 12 categories. No mean feat, considering the many formats, range of prints, last-minute entries… The jury selection at the event was, however, carried out with far more ease, works were awarded with Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merits. In addition we also had the GoSee Public Vote for each category.

A small selection of GoSeeAWARDS winners was presented as part of PHOTO OFF in Paris – promoting the recently launched site with all 12 x 20 winners. We will present all finalists on the site for one year. We hope this will provide inspiration for people looking for artists to work with in editorial, transportation, stills, illustration or one of many other categories.

It was a true pleasure to have very many wonderful ...

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Art • GoSee Tip : Only the medium knows the message. Joan Fontcuberta - Stranger Than Fiction at National Media Museum

Joan Fontcuberta’s unbelievable life’s work is currently on show at National Media Museum. The free exhibition presents six impressive bodies of work by the photographer, researcher, sceptic and supposed agnostic. He blends art and science, borrows stylistically from journalism, advertising, didactics, …. Uses statistics, scales and anything he can get his hands on to get his world into our heads. Think you know what you see? Then take a close look at the work of Joan Fontcuberta. We present a trailer of the show as well as a selection of works, this includes mermaid fossils, petrified water monkeys, ..... raise the curtains!

Here is a piece on the exhibition by Simon Bainbridge, published in British Journal of Photography, including many great statements by the artist  : "In November 2001, the US-led military action against the Taliban in Afghanistan appeared to be a success. The Coalition Forces were closing in on insurgents, Kabul had fallen, Kandahar was next, and the hunt was on for Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. At the end of November the international press, including The Independent, The Sunday Times and The New York Times, ran a series ...

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