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Art • GoSee loves... 'Machinized' – the colorfully diverse world of Thai artist Kawita Vatanajyankur with her latest performance artwork at Stills Gallery, Australia

13.07.2016 • Australia Stills Gallery stands for an extraordinary program when it comes to new photographic positions and emerging art talent. The gallery is now presenting work groups by Thai performance artist and photographer Kawita Vatanajyankur. She was also among 23 Thai artists whose work appeared at London's Saatchi Gallery as part of the extensive 'Thailand Eye' exhibition at the beginning of the year.

In her new photo series 'Machinized', Kawita Vatanajyankur becomes the tool herself as a moving part of a machine: “She transforms herself into food production equipment in performance videos that re-stage processes such as boxing eggs and weighing leafy greens. Like her previously celebrated works, this new series is graphic and glorious, sharing the same eye-catching allure that enamors us to ads. The confronting nature of her endurance performances, however, interrupts this seductive surface.

The repetitive and arduous tasks that Vatanajyankur performs parody a pervasive slippage between human and machine, and foreground the forgotten body within a technologically accelerating...

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Art • Gallery Esther Woerdehoff presents the poetic self-portraits of HSBC Prix winner Maia Flore in an exhibition at Hôtel & Spa La Belle Juliette, Paris

13.07.2016 • While Paris prepares for the holiday month of August, Gallery Esther Woerdehoff presents outside of her gallery space an exhibition at 4-star Hotel & Spa La Belle Juliette with carefully curated works by Maia Flore. Last year, the French photographer was awarded the Prix HSBC. We present a selection of her poetic self-portraits with a touch of surrealism here on GoSee.

French photographer born in 1988, Maia Flore lives and works in Paris. She studied at the Gobelins School, became a member of Agence Vu and began exhibiting her works in 2011 at the Circulations Festival and at the Rencontres d’Arles. In summer 2012, she went for a residency in Finland and started working on installations. In the following years, she pursued research at Kala Art Institute of California in Berkeley. Taking her own person as a model, Maia Flore invents situations where her hair and her body interact with the landscape or the scenery and transfigure reality. Luminous poems, that begin with sketches from memories and impressions, her photographs are filled with travel, dream and imagination. In...

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Art • Benno Führmann portrait in the exhibition 'Heimat. Deutschland - Deine Gesichter' in Bonn, hair & make-up by Julia KROHSE c/o CLOSE UP

10.07.2016 • For the exhibition ‘HEIMAT. Deutschland – Deine Gesichter‘, which was already shown in 2015 in the foyer of the Wissenschaftszentrum Bonn, photographer Carsten Sander presented actor Benno Führmann. Hair & make-up of the famous German performer were done by Julia KROHSE c/o CLOSE UP.

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Art • GoSee Travel Tip : 'Young Greek Photographers 2016' thru 31 July at Benaki Museum, Athens

06.07.2016 • The 'Young Greek Photographers Award' is an annual exhibition, initiated in 1987, focused on discovering and promoting Greek emerging artists to present their work to a wide audience and network of photography professionals. There is however one rule: the participating talents must be under the age of 35. In 2015, more than 800 works were submitted from young artists from Greece and abroad. 13 of which were selected as 2015 Young Greek Photographers and were awarded the chance to participate in the exhibition, which was curated by Manolis Moresopoulos. We have a first impression for you on GoSee.

Artists: Maria Antoniadou, Thalia Galanopoulou, Yannis Karpouzis, Elena Kollatou and Leonidas Toumpanos, Chloe Kritharas-Devienne, Mari Masouridou, Maria Mavropoulou, Thodoris Papadakis, Yannis Papanikos, Dimitris Sakalakis, Orestis Seferoglou, Alexei Siozov, Artemis Skeva, Pavlos Stamatiadis, Katerina Tsakiris, and Yannis Zindrilis

Athens Photo Festival 2016: Young Greek Photographers . Benaki Museum Pireos Annexe . Pireos 138 & Andronikou, 118 54 Athens . Thru 31 July, 2016 .

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Art • Summer in Paris! TOILETPAPER Magazine is on display with lots of humor thru 10 September, 2016 at Galeries Lafayette, Boulevard Haussmann

30.06.2016 • The world renowned Parisian Galeries Lafayette has invited magazine TOILETPAPER to celebrate the summer together. On display from 6 July thru 10 September are works from Italian creative duo Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari both in shop windows as well as in the department store. Not enough? Even the dome of the shopping temple is honored with an installation.

Over 10 years ago, Pierpaolo Ferrari photographed artist Maurizio Cattelan. The encounter of the two in 2010 led to the creation of Toiletpaper magazine consisting solely of photographs, each of which is minutely, or better precisely, constructed and exactly placed. Keyword placement. Their photos could be placed in no better windows and halls than those of Galeries Lafayette: around 100,000 visitors stroll through the corridors of shopping paradise every day in July.

The duo has prepared 11 motifs for Boulevard Haussmann – from the Eiffel Tower to vacations on a desert island even to sales women surrounded by dream objects à la Toiletpaper. The exhibition at the Galeries Lafayettes is, at the same time, an...

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Art • Jürgen Teller – Enjoy Your Life! The enfant terrible is a guest at Bundeskunsthalle Bonn

29.06.2016 • Juergen Teller is one of the world’s most sought-after contemporary photographers for some time now. His pictures have straddled the interface of art and commercial photography. His stylistic device of choice is the portrait, his weapon is his individual taste – and his unrelenting in-your-face approach. Even toward himself: Working in the areas of music, fashion and celebrities as well as everyday scenes and landscapes, he draws on his intuitive feel for people, situations, milieus and clichés to create images of great immediacy and deceptive simplicity, which are not always fit for the tender hearted. And we love it – we would like to remind you of our selfies with the photo of a massive Kardashian butt.

In the exhibition, works like 'Siegerflieger' (Winning Plane), 'My Man Crush', and 'Pep Guardiola' transform the Foyer into a public viewing area where images of victories and defeats bear witness to Teller’s feel for capturing decisive moments. Other groups of works are more autobiographical and occasionally anecdotal: quiet landscapes from Nuremberg, carefully staged yet...

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Art • GoSee Tip : Gold Ver Sacrum – Sophie Maree Gallery supports the Life Ball and presents Inge Prader's magnificent homage to Gustav Klimt

29.06.2016 • Sophie Maree Gallery supports the charity event Life Ball and presents the exhibition 'Gold Ver Sacrum' with opulent motifs by Inge Prader. In the photos by the Vienna-based photographer, Gustav Klimt's paintings come back to life. For the Life Ball style bible, she reenacted the artist's golden masterpieces. 'Gold – Ver Sacrum' is the theme of Life Ball 2015, which was inspired by the antique spring festival of the same name. “As a metaphor for the Life Ball and its commitment to a progressive, tolerant and diverse society, 'Gold – Ver Sacrum' is still as valid today,” Life Ball organizer Gery Keszler tells GoSee.

The exhibition can be seen thru the end of August at Sophie Maree Gallery in Den Haag/The Netherlands: “Inspired by the accomplished and iconic works of Gustav Klimt, Gery Keszler, CEO Life Ball and Chairman of AIDS LIFE, brought the paintings to life using models, sets and costumes. The imagery was then photographed by Inge Prader. The whole artwork was composed for 2015’s Life Ball, Europe’s biggest annual public manifestation against HIV/AIDS that activates...

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Art • GoSee Tip : 'The concrete series' – concrete cast classics with picturesque lighting. Exhibition by SCHALL & SCHNABEL in Berlin

23.06.2016 • “'The concrete series' is a nude series, that explores the contrast between the human body and the dehumanized material concrete ...” Photographer duo Pierre Horn & Eileen Huhn aka SCHALL & SCHNABEL present their exiting mix of photography, collage and nude in an exhibition in Berlin.

“For more than a year, we photographed various nude men and women in front of a cement wall and then edited the prints again with cement,” SCHALL & SCHNABEL tells GoSee. “After a longer series of experiments, concrete proved to be a material which took the fundamental theme of our works - of how much an image can be distorted or destroyed and still maintain its idiosyncratic beauty or the mood that it transports – to the absolute limit. Sometimes we even joke around about how the photos look like concrete cast classics because the lighting is so picturesque.”

The vernissage takes place at Irrgang Berlin, Friedrichstraße 232 at 7pm on 24 June. SOUND & SCHNABEL have most likely been registered by the interested GoSee reader for their their artificial projects. At last year's GoSeeAWARDS,...

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Art • SWEDISH ART NOW at Sven Harry's Art Museum, Vasparken - announcement photographed by Daniel GRIFFEL c/o ADAMSKY

22.06.2016 • SWEDISH ART NOW was an art exhibition showcasing 40 Swedish artists on display from 20 April thru 6 June at Sven Harry's Art Museum, Vasparken. The announcement was photographed by Daniel GRIFFEL.

The exhibition, which opens Stockholm Art Week 2016, aims to showcase the most relevant artists who have established themselves in the past five years. The event was initiated by Michael Elmenbeck (co-curator of “Svenskt Mode: 2000-2015”, founder of the arts magazine BON and head of exhibitions at the gallery/art space CF HILL in Stockholm). The exhibition is curated by Oscar Carlson (Artistic Director of the Issues gallery, writer and artist, and one half of the art podcast Danielsson & Carlson).

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