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nak • BEYOND ARCHITECTURE - Neuer Aachener Kunstverein present the group exhibition BEYOND ARCHITECTURE

Exhibition project BEYOND ARCHITECTURE is centred on the diverse interconnections characterizing the relationship between architecture and history. The complex intertwining of historical constellations and architecture, as it was not least marked in the 1975 analysis of the panopticon by Michel Foucault, therefore serves as a primary example. Related to this way of reading architecture, especially modernist buildings are also repeatedly cited as a materialization of former utopian and social concepts.

But to what extent do such contexts experience a continued consolidation or displacement via the artistic staging of architecture? And to what degree does the artistic representation of architecture go beyond the historical roots of the architectural role model? BEYOND ARCHITECTURE examines this complex topic in depth by presenting artistic positions and works that negotiate the historical connotations of architecture — and especially those of modernist architecture — in different ways.


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Marcel CHRIST c/o VISUAL ARTISTS UK is the cover star of the 'Making Colour' exhibition at London’s National Gallery. Join GoSee on a journey through the history of colours

Powder explosions by still life virtuoso Marcel CHRIST are part of the 'Making Colour' exhibition at the National Gallery in England. The first exhibition of its kind in the UK takes you on a scientific and artistic journey. From dazzling minerals to squashed insects, ‘Making Colour’ traces the surprising materials artists have transformed into colour pigments.

GoSee presents a summary of essential press information for the show:
'Making Colour, the first exhibition of its kind in the UK, offers visitors an exceptional opportunity to discover the wideranging materials used to create colour in paintings and other works of art. Using the National Gallery’s own paintings and loans from major UK cultural institutions, the exhibition traces the history of making colour in Western paintings, from the Middle Ages to the end of the 19th century. The exhibition brings together the worlds of art and science to explain how artists overcame the technical challenges involved in creating colour. Work on this subject has long been a specialism of the Gallery’s internationally recognised Scientific Department. Making Colour shows the material problems faced by artists in ...

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Julia Bremermann, actor Sven Martinek, Friedrich Lichtenstein, .... new portraits by Tomaso BALDESSARINIon GoSee

Photographer Tomaso BALDESSARINI’s ‘antimonostereo’ portrait series is getting close to its 400th portrait. A lot of new portraits were created over the past weeks, including ones with actress Julia Bremermann, actor Sven Martinek, Edeka hero musician Friedrich Lichtenstein, .... and many more. GoSee presents an initial ...

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money • The Banknotes Project - Stefan Kuhn captures the state of flux of global money flow in pictures

Over the past years, artist STEFAN KUHN collected banknotes from around the world on numerous photographic journeys to distant lands. Only through close inspection of both sides of the paper money, and viewing them through backlighting, he discovered the diversity and uniqueness of each bill. They mostly depict typical features such as colors, writings, people, landscapes or historical events. Further features such as the security thread, the guilloche, or watermarks and holograms are usually sandwiched in between two sides of a bill.

Based on this constellation, he had the idea of bundling the visual perception of a bill by blending the fronts, cores and backs into a new perspective. The method of reproduction technology and the significant lighting of the photographer lit the printed objects in a way that the original colours remain and the result still represents a symbiosis of all specific quirks and characteristics of the bill.

A currency is in a constant state of flux. Because of its status as means of payment, a bill often passes through countless hands over the course of decades. It encounters different cultures, crosses continents and even gets to know various layers of our society. During this period, the cash changes not only its outer appearance, but also its value. This is depending on various factors, such as the economic situation, ...

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BLOOOM AWARD BY WARSTEINER is once again looking for young creatives, artists, designers, architects, filmmakers and urban artists. GoSee member OLAF HEINE and urban art expert Robert Kaltenhäuser support the jury

This year GoSee is once again cooperating with the BLOOOM Award, the stepping stone for emerging artists. As an international competition the BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER offers young creatives the chance to establish themselves in the art market. Fine artists, designers, architects, filmmakers, urban artists and other creatives can apply until 31 July 2014 via BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER.

Whoever makes it to the top ten, gets to present themselves as part of a large exhibition, BLOOOM – the converging art show, with 36,000 visitors in Cologne in autumn (GoSee News, November 2013). The third best will receive a whole day of mentoring by an established art expert. The runner-up will win his/ her own gallery exhibition as well as a trip to Art Paris. And the winner will be accepted into a one-year mentorship programme. Thus the winner will be able to plan the next steps in his or her career with the help of their mentor, profits from the mentor’s contacts and experience as well as flying to Art Basel Miami Beach. On top of this the winner will receive a creative fund of 1,500€. We will ...

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Rugged and majestically beautiful: ‘Im Eis’ (in ice) - Stefan Hunstein’s photographic series of arctic icescapes. Exhibition in Frankfurt plus publication by Hirmer Verlag

While we sit in the sun and watch football players sweat it out in Brazil, we are likely to forget that the other side of the world is in a constant state of freeze. Stefan Hunstein went to explore that part of the globe. The artist compiled a photo series of the pristine arctic icescapes – monumental, fragile and in a constant state of flux. ‘Im Eis’ (In Ice) is currently on show at Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt.

At times the fissured landscapes look rugged and stony, at other times they have a poetic quality with giant blocks of ice and painterly reflections. The enormous icy chunks overlook their home majestically – a home that is slowly melting away.

Stefan Hunstein is the winner of the Deutscher Photopreis (1991) and his exhibition portfolio includes: Kunsthistorische Institut Bonn, Palace of Culture and Science Warsaw as well as Haus der Kunst, Munich.

Currently Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt shows a selection of work by Stefan Hunsteins. The book is out in autumn, published by Hirmer Verlag Munich and presents large-scale landscape studies with around 80 images as well as texts by Dr. Ulrich Pohlmann, Dr. Petra Giloy Hirz and Dr. Michael Krüger among others.,

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volta • 'Outland' by Jacqui Stackdale and Marian Drew. The beautiful legacies of Australia’s colonisation at the VOLTA10 at Art Basel 2014

THIS IS NO FANTASY is excited to announce their next international project appearing at VOLTA10 BASEL from 16-22 June, 2014. Two highly regarded Australian artists, Marian Drew and Jacqui Stockdale will be featured in a curated exhibition titled 'Outland'. Wallpaper by photomedia artist Valerie Sparks will be created as the backdrop to this exhibition. Outland features key photographic works by Drew and Stockdale which delve into Australia’s young history and narratives of colonisation. In very different and personal ways these artists reflect on notions of identity and place considering how art and objects shape history and cultural memory.

European still life painting, with its connotations of wealth and privilege, is referenced in Drew’s compelling photographs. Transferred to Australia with its odd assortment of animals and parched landscape, the European fabrics and tableware are loaded with melancholy and nostalgia, a sad reminder of a colonial attempt to imbue the new country with reminders of what was left behind. In examining the clash between nature and culture, Drew alludes to momento mori and vanitas narratives. Since European colonization and settlement, Australia has had one of the highest rates of species extinction in the world. Its unique and fragile ecosystems eroded by the inevitable march of progress.

Jacqui ...

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GoSee loves .... Emerson Cooper’s fantastic work ‘Mending the Labyrinth’ exhibited at Muriel Guepin Gallery, New York

With ‘Mending the Labyrinth’ the New York gallery presents this extensive body of work by Emerson Cooper in a gallery context for the first time and for the first time as a solo show in the USA. The gallery on the exhibition: ‘Emerson Cooper relentlessly collects vintage photographs and Victorian cabinet cards. He transforms them into meticulously constructed, psychologically charged artworks by using a mix of thread, paint, collage or digital manipulation. Used widely from the mid-19th century after the invention of albumen prints by Louis Désiré Blanquart-Evrard, the cabinet card remains a familiar visual object. Contemporaneous to the use of cabinet cards were the psychoanalytical theories of Freud and the high point of public interest in freak shows, and Cooper recalls these areas of interest simultaneously....

Cooper's images often allude to the sinister and plunge us headlong into the depths of identity and psyche, the real and the unreal, and the anguish of memory. Forever present in his somber yet intriguing images are Cooper's favorite themes of looming disaster, unspoken injury, survival and transcendence. But more importantly, Cooper's newly reconstructed worlds transpire his own attempts to "repair the universe" and convey his beliefs in everyday heroes, guardian spirits and the enduring after life. His ...

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NEW YORK • A fantastic encounter with nature - Barry Underwood’s ‘Scenes’ in Sous les Etoiles Gallery, New York

Barry Underwood almost seems inspired by the recent fantasy trend… But of course the artist has been fascinated with his environment and nature, its simplicity and the potential it has, for much longer than that. His works are a mix of photography and installation – and atmosphere to envelop yourself in. Until 12 July New York Sous Les Etoiles Gallery presents ‘Scenes’, a selection of his outdoor work that depicts a fantastic encounter with nature.

Barry Underwood's signature style is influenced by the early methods of staged photography. The combination of ordinary landscapes and his light essences makes surreal experiences out of conventional views, through the use of films and long exposure times between 15 minutes and four hours. The artist says: ‘each photographic image is a dialogue—the result of my direct encounter with nature and history’.

He created his pictures in various places in North America and received many awards for his work, including the Cleveland Arts Prize and the Individual Excellence Award.

Barry Underwood ‘Scenes’ until 12 July 2014. Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, 560 Broadway #603, New York, NY 10012, USA,

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GoSee loves .... Asylum of the Birds - new project by South African Roger Ballen film on GoSee and book by Thames&Hudson

Roger Ballen’s new project, which he realised in collaboration with director Ben Crossman once again manages to leave us with mixed feelings of great fascination and a little repulsion. Roger Ballen appears to want to break down all barriers yet again, this time with a series of photographs created in a house in the suburbs of Johannesburg. His theatrical morbid dramatisation depicts the inhabitants of the house, humans and animals, as well as leitmotif of birds. GoSee presents the film as a teaser. Thames & Hudson published his book Asylum of the Birds this spring.

Roger Ballen comments on his work: "I have been shooting black and white film for nearly fifty years now. I believe I am part of the last generation that will grow up with this media. Black and White is a very minimalist art form and unlike color photographs does not pretend to mimic the world in a manner similar to the way the human eye might perceive. Black and White is essentially an abstract way to interpret and transform what one might refer to as reality. My purpose in taking photographs over the past forty years has ultimately been about defining myself. It has been fundamentally a psychological and existential journey. If an artist is one who spends his life trying to define his being, I guess I would have to call myself an ...

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