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Art • Inge Morath – Masquerades and Enoc Perez – Cut Shapes at Danziger Gallery, New York

27.05.2015 • Danziger Gallery is pleased to present a two-person show of photographs by Inge Morath and photo collages by Enoc Perez. Created half a century apart, both works share a sense of humor, an interest in concealment, and a delight in cutting and making shapes out of paper.

Inge Morath (1923 – 2002) and artist Saul Steinberg (1914 – 1999) engaged in a unique collaboration by having friends and acquaintances don his paper bags drawn with fantastic faces and then posing them for her photographs. In a delightful series of individual and group portraits taken from 1959 to 1963 the images convey both humor and an unnerving psychological depth. We may not know who is beneath each bag, but we seem to know the type they are playing. Between Morath's deadpan style and Steinberg's flights of fantasy they created a veritable encyclopedia of attitudes, postures, and mannerisms.

Inge Morath joined the photographic cooperative Magnum in Paris by invitation of Robert Capa in 1953 and was assistant to Henri Cartier-Bresson before becoming a full member. Her work was widely published in...

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Art • 'Jerome Liebling: Brooklyn and Other Boroughs, 1946 - 1996' - New York everyday heroes shown in the Steven Kasher Gallery New York

20.05.2015 • The photographer was born in Harlem in 1924 and grew up in Brooklyn in very humble surroundings. After interruptions due to the war – which he admits gave him a creative impulse – Jerome took Bauhaus-influenced courses at Brooklyn College, where he was particularly inspired by the work of the documentary photographer Walter Rosenblum. In his time around 1947 while working in the Photo League Collective, Jerome documented the deplorable situation in the remote areas of the city and took some of his most famous pictures, like that of the small boy in Harlem in his plain Sunday clothes.

The next twenty years, Jerome Liebling taught photography and film at the University of Minnesota. After his return in the 1970s, he was horrified at the continuing social injustice of his city – and once again the camera became his constant companion. The South Bronx, 'Little Odessa' in Brighton Beach, old residents, new immigrants, new motifs and new stories, which needed to be told.

The very special thing about these pictures is that you can discover things that are there but not everyone...

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Art • GoSee loves... Marilyn Minter: Pretty/Dirty. Book Signing with the exceptional artist at Bookmarc NY and a preview of an extensive exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston

16.05.2015 • A gem of West Village and a hotspot for all fashion and photo freaks is Marc Jacob's bookstore, BOOKMARC, with which he expanded his empire on Bleecker Street when he opened it in September, 2010. On May 14th, Marilyn Minter presented her new book 'Pretty/Dirty', a compilation of her glossy works from over the past forty years. GoSee was there and met the charismatic American artist. Plus the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston is showing the same-titled exhibition until the 2nd of August, 2015. After further stations in the USA, it will finally be shown in Brooklyn Museum from September 2016 through January 2017.

Marilyn Minter is famed for her glossy, hyper-realistic paintings, photographs and video works-seductive images that borrow the language of fashion and advertising photography, exploring the boundaries of desire, sensuality and body anxiety in the age of consumption. Close-up imagery of mouths, feet, splashes and puddles, rendered in high-gloss enamel on sheets of metal, subversively questions the pathology of glamour. Produced in conjunction with the first major...

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Art • On friendship and the style of the 'Boston School' - 'Boston to New York: David Armstrong (1954-2014), Nan Goldin (b. 1953) Mark Morrisroe (1959-1989)' and 'Salem Suite' by Will McBride – two exhibitions at ClampArt NYC

13.05.2015 • An exhibition which, in the broadest sense, is about friendship could hardly have been any more unsentimental than 'Boston to New York: David Armstrong (1954-2014), Nan Goldin (b. 1953), and Mark Morrisroe (1959-1989)'. From May 14th through 20th, New York's ClampArt Gallery brings these three great artists and friends back together again photographically – in a way it would no longer be possible in real life. A special encounter of the stylistic 'Boston School'.

Nan Goldin, David Armstrong and Mark Morrisroe all represent the heart of the 'Boston School', a group of artists, which visited the School of the Museum of Fine Arts or the Massachusetts College of Art between 1971 and 1984. At the early age of 14, Goldin and Armstrong met at an alternative high school; Morrisroe met the two later on at a museum school. In the late 1970, they moved to New York one after the other. Mark Morrisroe was the last to do so in 1986, only a few years before his tragic death because of AIDS.

Elisabeth Sussman, Sondra Gilman, Curator of Photography at Whitney Museum of American Art, on the...

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Art • 'Dea Mare (the godess of the sea)' - an experimental film clip by MINK photographer Mathias STERNER

13.05.2015 • The experimental film clip 'Dea Mare (the goddess of the sea)' by photographer and director Mathias STERNER was created in cooperation with the hairstylist & make-up artist Annie Jonsson and the music producer Vermilion. It reveals a higher power, a spirit that transforms and controls her environment – in this case water.

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Art • 'Original by The Originals' - screen print exhibition by illustrator Suthipa KAMYAM at the Jam Factory Gallery, Bangkok - plus personal drawings

28.04.2015 • For her upcoming exhibition in Bangkok, WILDFOXRUNNING illustrator Suthipa KAMYAM created screen prints with motifs from the animal kingdom. To the group event titled 'Original by The Originals' organized by the printing studio The Archivist, twelve artists, graphic designer and illustrators were invited to experimentally express demonstrate the value of the screen printing art form with individual works.

'Original by The Originals'
. A Contemporary Graphic Art Exhibition & Workshops . Hand-picked and hand-printed by The Archivist . 7 May - 6 June 2015 at The Jam Factory Gallery, ...

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Art • The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam, presents Ernst Coppejans' Madarbunia - Bangladesh, a portrait on the beauty of a village. Supported by the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation for clean potable water.

22.04.2015 • Joyful children, palm trees, sand warmed by the sun – that is also Bangladesh. Dutch photographer Ernst Coppejans presents the beautiful parts of a place, which is usually only known for its extreme poverty. In Madarbunia he visited a project supported by the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation for clean potable water and dedicated his work to an individual series. "The series has become a portrait of the village in which the beauty of the inhabitants and their surroundings play a leading role," the photographer tells us. The impressive photos can be seen through 23 May, 2015 in the Ravestijn Gallery in Amsterdam.

Award-winning photographer Ernst Coppejans is famous for his people and portrait motifs – each of his photos reveals a piece of unique beauty in places it is not always expected. Through the collaboration with GUP Magazine Ernst Coppejans was invited to shoot autonomous work, whilst visiting one of the clean potable water projects supported by the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation. "Despite the extreme poverty this village is quite amazing. Everything revolves around a dike...

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Art • Goodbye Hayv Kahraman - 'How Iraqi Are You?' and hello 'Hank Willis Thomas, Unbranded: A Century of White Women, 1915-2015' showing at Jack Shainman Gallery, New York

20.04.2015 • Jack Shainman Gallery just showed Hayv Kahraman’s second solo exhibition at their 20th Street space called 'How Iraqi Are You?' The exhibition included large-scale paintings on linen based aesthetically on 12th century Iraqi manuscripts illustrating personal memories from Kahraman’s childhood in Baghdad and as a refugee in Sweden. A little late - but not too late on GoSee as true beauty knows no age.

Currently on show at the gallery is 'Hank Willis Thomas, Unbranded: A Century of White Women, 1915-2015' on view through May 16th at 513 West 20th Street and 524 West 24th Street.

Hayv Kahraman
, born in Baghdad, Iraq, currently lives and works in San Francisco. She has participated in worldwide exhibitions including Piece by Piece: Building a Collection, Selections from the Christy & Bill Gautreaux Collection, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City; Echoes: Islamic Art and Contemporary Artists, Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City; The Jameel Prize 2011 – Shortlist Exhibition, Victoria and Albert Museum, London which traveled to venues including the Museum of Fine Arts,...

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Art • GoSee loves ... 'I see sexuality as the most natural thing in the world.' The Chinese Photographer Ren Hang in the Stieglitz19 Gallery in Antwerp

15.04.2015 •  With an intense clarity of color and uncompromising curiosity for both men's and women's physical realm, Ren Hang's comprehensive and bold works capture body performability and the Chinese youth´s impatience and tradition-breaking ratings.

Ren Hang was born in 1987 in Northeastern China and studied advertising at a University in Beijing. He belongs to the so-called ´80s generation, a generation of Chinese born after Mao´s time, which was shaped by China´s one-child policy and grew up without siblings, but with the Internet and computer games, as well as all the information from the West, in an economically expanding China.

"What others see as tradition, I don't see as my tradition," Ren Hang says. He likes to write poems, his own bizarre poems, which he publishes on his blog which has many followers. But he doesn't like talking about his work. "When the photo is done, it's done; what others think about it is their business."

It is through the Internet that Ren Hang's photos and poetry reached its audience. But several of his websites have been short-lived. As soon he...

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Art • Blooom Award 2015 : call for applications from the areas art, design, urban art and film for the 6th round of the international creative competition has begun. Prizes include a gallery exhibition and mentoring by art experts.

14.04.2015 • From April 1 to July 31, creatives from all around the world can rise to the occasion and apply for the sixth annual Blooom Award by Warsteiner. Applicants can work in the fields of art, design, urban art or film – there are no limits in this international competition. Participants can apply online at

Created by Privatbrauerei Warsteiner, the award has now established itself as a long-term supporter of young artists. Brought into being in 2010, the Blooom Award by Warsteiner was initially only open to creatives in Germany. Since 2012, artists and creatives from all over the world have been welcome to apply. More than 1,200 applicants from 65 countries set a new participant record last year. In addition to a trip to Art Basel Miami Beach, the winner will have the opportunity to advance his or her career with one of the jury members as a mentor. The mentor will work with the winner for a year, sharing in-depth knowledge about the art market.

"The organizers of the Blooom Award by Warsteiner have really thought hard about how they can support the...

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