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Art • GoSee tip: 'Since I was a child, my father took me to the waters... ' Sense of Water, the first book by Susanna Majuri is planned to be published by KEHRER, a call for crowdsourcing on GoSee

13.05.2016 • Photographer Susanna Majuri has been working with water for the past 14 years. She uses water as if it were paint. It merges people and landscapes together, blurs the dimensions and adds a metaphorical depth to her photography. “In her images, Majuri composes multiple psychological and symbolically charged scenarios to mirror her innermost feelings,” KEHRER Publishing tells us about the photographer.

Sense of Water is Susanna Majuri’s first book. The book takes the spectator on a visual and emotional journey. KEHRER continues: “The untold stories, the fear of losing someone you love, profound loneliness. The images will be paired with writings from four Nordic writers Vigdís Grímsdóttir, Monica Fagerholm, Tua Forsström, and for the first time, Susanna Majuri herself. She hands the reader a map into this other, secret world and unveils the enormous narrative potential that hides outside of the frames.”

To finance the project, the Finnish photographer is calling upon you to support her in realizing the book : “In October 2015 the book dummy was presented in the Aarhus...

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Art • GoSee Tip : Erwin Olaf 'Skin Deep' - Gallery Wagner + Partner presents the third solo exhibition of Erwin Olaf as part of Berlin's Gallery Weekend

29.04.2016 • What is so bad about nude bodies...? Erwin Olaf asked himself this question and placed human skin, nude or covered, at the heart of his new exhibition at the Berlin gallery Wagner + Partner. Because under the influence of global political and cultural quarrels, it is of high importance for Erwin Olaf to show the naked body as a sign of freedom and liberalism. In doing so, he draws from his political way of thinking which formed while he working as a journalist and has already incorporated into his series Chessmen and Bodyparts, but also in his support for the gay movement.

“In this new series, Skin Deep, Olaf addresses the human body in striking ways. These sensitive and insightful nudes show people of differing ages and genders. Despite Olaf’s signature aesthetic, there is an unadulterated and pared back quality that this new body of work demonstrates. The rooms are now free of objects and its subjects have also done away with their clothing. In this way, their skin and resulting forms come to the fore. Through the dramatic lighting and the painterly backgrounds, they indeed...

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Art • GoSee loves ... 'Ikoner – an exhibition about the right to exist' at FOTOGRAFISKA Stockholm. Photographer Emma Svensson stages the ensemble of Glada Hudik Theater as icons

27.04.2016 • The FOTOGRAFISKA, now taking place in the Swedish capital, is presenting a beautiful exhibition project, for which the actors of the Glada Hudik Theater were staged as icons of history and movie heroes. The elaborate costumes were the work of Linda Sandberg & Helena Andersson.

The story of Glada Hudik Theater started in 1996 when Pär Johansson, who worked as a supervisor in a day care center for mentally handicapped people in Hudiksvall, Sweden, called a theater project into being. Until the first premiere, he had to deal with strong resistance and protest, not lastly from the families of the involved actors. Luckily for him, the play was a huge success, and he has continued his work to this day with colleague Olle Hillström. Their biggest success up until now was the play titled ELVIS, which debuted in 2005 and broke all audience records in Hudiksvall. In the following years, Glada Hudik Theater was on tour with ELVIS - in June, 2010, it was even performed on Broadway in New York.

We present the motifs of the exhibition here on GoSee, plus the making-of film made during...

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Art • Blooom Award by Warsteiner 2016 - submit your artwork and travel to Art Basel Miami Beach, to Art Paris or win a mentor program including your own exhibition

27.04.2016 • For the seventh time, artists from the whole world can apply for the Blooom Award by Warsteiner. Since April 1, the motto has once again become “Art wanted!” The jury is anxiously awaiting all forms of artistic expression, whether fine art, urban art, photography or film.

The competition was called to life in 2010 by Catharina Cramer, patron and managing partner of the Warsteiner Group. Last year, with over 1,500 applicants from 75 countries, it broke all previous records for the number of participants. “The Blooom Award is an important springboard for the participating artists; that has repeatedly been confirmed. Thus, many of its winners can now be seen at major international fairs and biennials,” stated Cramer with regard to the lasting support provided to young artists.

A five-member jury will evaluate the submitted works. Each year, its permanent core consisting of Catharina Cramer, Yasha Young (Director and Curator of Urban Nation) and Walter Gehlen (Co-director of the Art.Fair and Blooom) is complemented by two well-known figures from the art and creative scene. The...

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Art • GoSee Tip: 'Doubt' by Carsten Höller, the beautiful exhibition presents several older and new works by the artist – all of which can be seen in the exhibition at Pirelli HangarBicocca

21.04.2016 • Carsten Höller is a recognized force to reckon with in the cultural scene. The German artist – who was born in 1961 in Brussels and lives in Stockholm, Sweden, or Biriwa, Ghana – has risen to the fore of international artists for his penetrating inquiry into the nature of human experience. His work revolves around the search for new ways of inhabiting our world. He directly integrates beholders of his works into his art.

His installations open the doors to various emotional levels and states of consciousness: joy, illusion, and naturally – doubt, which in turn change the viewer's perception of reality. On 7 April, 2016, the solo exhibition at Pirelli HangarBicocca titled 'Doubt' began, which showcases artwork of Carsten Höller. The show curated by Vicente Todolí presents older and new works by the artist including volumetric installations, videos and photographs.

Carsten started studying agricultural science in the winter semester of 1979/80 at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel and received his doctorate in 1993 with his thesis in the area of phytopathology about...

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Art • Iconography of Wrestling - on staging the body and identity. Pola Sieverding transforms the NAK into a dark match with the 'The Epic'. Welcome to the Arena!

20.04.2016 • The NAK (Neuer Aachener Kunstverein) presents with 'The Epic' the first institutional solo exhibition of the Berlin resident photo and video artist, Pola Sieverding. Topic of the exhibition is the correlation between documentation and staging. In pose, costume and choreography the artist emphasizes the iconography of wrestling, at the same time scrutinizing the validity of narration as well as of pictures in general and photography in particular.

Pola Sieverding arranges her photographic works into spatial casts equal to the nature of an artist’s workshop. In the architectural design of the tribune, which is placed in the upper levels of the exposition, a concrete reference to the setting of athletic competitions and their historical connotation is given. For the exposition at the NAK, the film ‘The Epic’ came into being. It pays special attention to the cinematographic vocabulary of precise camera work to high-contrast montage. In doing so, the formalistic aesthetics of the naked upper part of the boxers’ bodies are accentuated in front of a dark background, and the use of...

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Art • GoSee mini quest: 'One Year of Solitude' – KUDLEK Gallery presents works by up-and-coming star painter Szabolcs Veres for ART COLOGNE, Martin Kudlek has the answers

19.04.2016 • In parallel to ART COLOGNE, Martin Kudlek presents in his Cologne gallery impressive works by Romanian artist Szabolcs Veres. Dark and full of content like old masters and lots of yellow were were literally drawn into the gallery in Cologne's Hahnenviertel district by the representational motifs and scenarios. And we are delighted to present you a selection from the oeuvre of the painter here on GoSee.

“Only a few weeks ago Christie´s published an article on the extraordinary concentration of highly talented painters in Cluj-Napoca: 'The abandoned paintbrush factory producing art´s new superstars.' Martin tells us and continues: “We are very happy to see that of the featured artists three were already part of our Cluj painting exhibition: Ioana Iacob, Dan Maciuca and Szabolcs Veres. Veres´s exhibition "One Year of Solitude" now marks the first solo presentation in Cologne.

We asked him whether he had already been to the city. “Visiting Cluj and the famous paintbrush factory with collectors and friends has become an exciting new tradition. I was especially looking forward to...

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Art • 'Luigi Ghirri - The Impossible Landscape' in the Matthew Marks Gallery New York still on through 30 April, 2016 and for you on GoSee

17.04.2016 • The exhibition 'Luigi Ghirri: The Impossible Landscape' in the Matthew Marks Gallery presents you 34 vintage color photographs, which were created between 1970 and 1989, with landscapes Rome Italy where the artist was born and spent the majority of his life, plus landscapes from Austria and France.

The title of the exhibition refers to the artist's statement from 1989 on the way photos “become our impossible landscape “become our impossible landscape, without scale, without a geographic order to orient us; a tangle of monuments, lights, thoughts, objects, moments, analogies from our landscape of the mind, which we seek out, even unconsciously, every time we look out a window, into the openness of the outside world, as if they were the points of an imaginary compass that indicates a possible direction.” From the very beginning of his career, Ghirri used his camera turn the seemingly familiar into something else, something strange.

“A 1973–75 photograph from Modena, for example, shows a building facade illuminated by warm sunshine. Only on close inspection does it reveal...

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Art • From curry wurst to Bieräugel and donuts – OLLANSKI c/o COSMOPOLA presents his new personal works on GoSee

14.04.2016 • In between several and long contract works, and despite tight deadlines, COSMOPOLA paper artist OLLANSKI found time to "play around" a little. Within the last few weeks he worked on personal works in his time off. With ease, love for experiments and lots of fun, he created realized five paper craft illustrations, which we are happy to show you on GoSee.

The personal work 'AIWIE – all I want is everything#' combines many colorful stickers on a laptop, all of which are in some way connected to OLLANSKI, his name "Bieräugel" or his personality. For his project 'Shit Is Fucked/Donut', OLLANSKI experimented with shapes and surfaces.

In 'FIGHT', it's all about OLLANSKI’S love for comics – and shows a typical comic book fight scene, where you don’t see the actual fight, but only clouds and small stars.

PP shows you five different popper bottles with fake labels, designed by OLLANSKI. And 'sausages with potato salad' shows the German equivalent to the American currywurst, which OLLANSKI already vizualized several years ago in a paper craft. Enjoy your...

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Art • 'Joakim Eskildsen – American Realities' in an exhibition at POLKA Paris and soon as a book at Steidl

12.04.2016 • 'American Realities' is a project of young Danish photographer Joakim Eskildsen, born 1971 in Copenhagen. Starting 20 April, you can see the exhibition in Paris at the gallery Polka – or you can wait for the book publication, which is soon to appear at Steidl.

“American Realities – one in every six Americans lived below the official U.S. poverty line when Kira Pollack, Director of Photography at TIME Magazine, commissioned me to capture the growing crisis. During thirty-six days spread over seven months in 2011, and mostly accompanied by reporter Natasha del Toro, I traveled through New York, California, Louisiana, South Dakota, and Georgia, visiting places that according to census data have the highest poverty rate.

The approximately 50 million poor Americans are a heterogeneous population from very varying backgrounds. Some are newly poor, some are immigrants who have come from humble conditions, dreaming of the American possibilities. Of course, U.S. poverty differs from poverty in developing countries. People living below the poverty line can have physical goods, even...

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