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Art • GoSee loves ... 'I see sexuality as the most natural thing in the world.' The Chinese Photographer Ren Hang in the Stieglitz19 Gallery in Antwerp

15.04.2015 •  With an intense clarity of color and uncompromising curiosity for both men's and women's physical realm, Ren Hang's comprehensive and bold works capture body performability and the Chinese youth´s impatience and tradition-breaking ratings.

Ren Hang was born in 1987 in Northeastern China and studied advertising at a University in Beijing. He belongs to the so-called ´80s generation, a generation of Chinese born after Mao´s time, which was shaped by China´s one-child policy and grew up without siblings, but with the Internet and computer games, as well as all the information from the West, in an economically expanding China.

"What others see as tradition, I don't see as my tradition," Ren Hang says. He likes to write poems, his own bizarre poems, which he publishes on his blog which has many followers. But he doesn't like talking about his work. "When the photo is done, it's done; what others think about it is their business."

It is through the Internet that Ren Hang's photos and poetry reached its audience. But several of his websites have been short-lived. As soon he...

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Art • Blooom Award 2015 : call for applications from the areas art, design, urban art and film for the 6th round of the international creative competition has begun. Prizes include a gallery exhibition and mentoring by art experts.

14.04.2015 • From April 1 to July 31, creatives from all around the world can rise to the occasion and apply for the sixth annual Blooom Award by Warsteiner. Applicants can work in the fields of art, design, urban art or film – there are no limits in this international competition. Participants can apply online at

Created by Privatbrauerei Warsteiner, the award has now established itself as a long-term supporter of young artists. Brought into being in 2010, the Blooom Award by Warsteiner was initially only open to creatives in Germany. Since 2012, artists and creatives from all over the world have been welcome to apply. More than 1,200 applicants from 65 countries set a new participant record last year. In addition to a trip to Art Basel Miami Beach, the winner will have the opportunity to advance his or her career with one of the jury members as a mentor. The mentor will work with the winner for a year, sharing in-depth knowledge about the art market.

"The organizers of the Blooom Award by Warsteiner have really thought hard about how they can support the...

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retrospective • Go & See : Gymnasium, Exercise at Home, Sunday Drive. The first Luke Smalley Retrospective exhibited at CLAMPART in New York

08.04.2015 • ClampArt is proud to present a retrospective exhibition of photographs by Luke Smalley (1955-2009). At the age of 53, Smalley passed away far too young, but he left behind three major bodies of work, in addition to four impressive monographs. The show at ClampArt will include examples from Smalley’s first black-and-white series, “Gymnasium,” in addition to his two color collections—“Exercise at Home” and “Sunday Drive.”

All of Luke Smalley’s work pairs what has been called “a coolly minimalist aesthetic with a retro nostalgia.” Many early images were inspired by yearbooks and fitness manuals from the beginning of the 20th century.

After completing a degree at Pepperdine University—tellingly, in sports medicine—Smalley became increasingly interested in fine art (while earning money from modeling and working as a personal trainer). Ian Hannett writes: “He soon created a short film based on male swimmers, which he took unannounced to [the book publisher] Jack Woody sometime in the early 1980s. Woody’s company, Twin Palms Publishers/Twelvetrees Press, then located in Pasadena,...

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Art • The MB&F M.A.D.Gallery presents its one-of-kind collection 'Mechanical Entomology' with unique pieces inspired by by the four talented artists: Gaby Wormann, Christopher Conte, Paul Swan Topen and Christopher Locke

08.04.2015 • Spectacularly fusing the world of natural history with metal and mechanisms, this collection – the first themed M.A.D.Gallery exhibition – includes the mechanical creatures a.k.a. “MeCre” of Gaby Wormann, a series of bionic insects that appear eerily real; the “Duellona” cast bronze insect sculptures of Christopher Conte hiding a watch movement; the “Clockwork butterflies” of Paul Swan Topen incorporating watch components; and the “Scissor Spiders” of Christopher Locke, sculptures created with scissors confiscated at US airports by the Transportation Security Administration.

Each creation is the fruit of these artists’ fertile imaginations and their supreme artistic craftsmanship. But, being a M.A.D.Gallery presentation, this is no ordinary collection of critters and its “mechanical” qualification provides that quintessential MB&F twist.

Entomology is the scientific study of insects, and we have all probably witnessed a few entomological collections, starting with school trips to musty museums lined with glass-topped wooden drawers and curvaceous bell jars containing...

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Art • GoSee loves ... 'all roses are red, all birds are blue', the poetic-surreal world of the Korean photographer INA JANG at the FOLEY GALLERY, New York

08.04.2015 • The poetic and at the same time surreal stills by photographer INA JANG – whom we’ve already seen amongst the finalists at our GOSEEAWARDS – were just displayed in her first New York solo exhibition, 'all roses are red, all birds are blue', at the Foley Gallery. Her use of muted colors and clear surfaces creates hyper-stimulated environments, which are free to interpretation or to dream about. Reality and fiction become intertwined. The exhibition had to be closed prematurely due to a fire in a neighboring building – but her works were rescued, and the gallery will also reopen soon.

We asked the South Korean photographer living in New York for an exclusive statement for all of our GoSee readers. "I make images that are minimal and two-dimensional by layering people, places and things to precisely execute ideas, but with the intention of discarding information. As I want the ideas to be tangible, the process becomes rigorously physical and related to my personal experience in terms of making photographs; it often involves cutting, gluing, and pasting mundane objects from real...

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Art • Joachim BALDAUF presented 17 large format portraits in his exhibition 'The NX Scene Munich. Joachim Baldauf, Real Time'

07.04.2015 • Munich’s character is as multilayered and multifaceted as the people living in the city on the Isar as well as its architecture: Fashion photographer Joachim BALDAUF reflects this in 17 oversized portraits, which were shown from March 21st through April 4th, 2015 at Hegemann Gallery. 
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Art • '1945 – Cologne and Dresden' Photographs by Hermann Claasen and Richard Peter Sen. - LVR-Landes Museum Bonn reminds with this exhibition of the end of the World War II 70 years ago

15.03.2015 • The exhibition »1945 – Cologne and Dresden« showcases the work of two important photographers of the immediate post-war period: Hermann Claasen and Richard Peter. Their photo books influence our perception of the German cities destroyed in the Second World War. Hermann Claasens (1899 — 1987) »Gesang im Feuerofen« from 1947 shows Cologne in ruins, and the picture book published for the first time in 1950 »Dresden – eine Kamera klagt an« by Richard Peter Sr., who documents the devastation of Dresden.

'1945 – Köln und Dresden' Photographs from Hermann Claasen & Richard Peter Sr. 19 March - 7 June, 2015
LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn, Colmantstr. 14 - 16, 53115 Bonn. Tue - Fri, Sun 11 am - 6 pm, Sat 1 pm -16 pm.

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Art • Embracing a new generation of creative talents - Polish Fashion Now by Institut Polonais Paris, Artwork on GoSee as well as the Mini-Quest with up-and-coming, first class shoe designer Katarzyna "Kasia" Ostapowicz

12.03.2015 • Showcased by the Polish Institute in Paris and conceived as an innovative and multidisciplinary event, Polish Fashion Now is a unique opportunity to shed light on some of Poland’s most inspiring designers, illustrators and photographers, in the heart of Paris during the March edition of Fashion Week. Gathered under one single roof, these young creative minds have a few traits in common, such as boldness, enthusiasm, guts, and a love for color and print, as well as a desire to make a statement.

Relatively unknown within the global fashion sphere and waiting to be discovered, young Polish designers manage to infuse historicity and technique with a witty sense of humour, giving their designs a refreshing appeal. The event encapsulates the avant-garde spirit of Polish fashion, a subtle mix between playfulness and intellectualism. Whether it be womenswear, menswear or accessories, such as hats, scarves, bags and shoes, Polish fashion combines an architectural understanding of volumes and shapes with a spirited take on garments.

The 16 participants presented at this year’s...

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Art • Jérôme Zonder - Fatum. The first, fateful solo show of the young Paris art star with the knack for morbidity at Paris' La Maison Rouge

11.03.2015 • Paris' La Maison Rouge is looking forward to its first solo show by Jérôme Zonder in Paris. The 1974 graduate from Paris Beaux Arts, uses brush, pencil, or charcoal to create his very own, sometimes crassly morbid worlds and is considered a whiz kid in the young and contemporary Paris art scene. The title of his exhibition Fatum stands for an inevitable fate that it is impossible to escape, no matter how hard we try. It sets high expectations but also lives up to them as we see it. Here are a few impressions for you from Children's Party, among others, on GoSee. So be the hand of fate and decide for yourself.

The press release for the show explains: "For more than ten years, Jérôme Zonder has been developing a body of work of great virtuosity, centered on drawings. Primarily executed in lead pencil and charcoal, often in large formats, his works elicit admiration yet contain elements of fright. Today, his millennials are teens. After childhood, with its terrors and nightmares, comes adolescence, an age of internal upheaval, metamorphosis, realizations and uncertainties....

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Art • GoSee Tip: 'Fashion is NUTS' - Fashion Icons from Wintour to Lagerfeld, compiled in limited graphic art book by Estée Lauder Creative Director and 'illustration paparazzi' Donald Robertson

11.03.2015 • "Be a warrior not a worrier" is Donald Robertson's maxim, Creative Director at Estée Lauder, passionate illustrator and Instagram heavy-user. Armed with pen and gaffer tape, he transforms walnuts into fashion icons such as Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Kanye West, Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel or Pharrell Williams. His fashion nuts are spread around the world within seconds via Instagram . Together with photographer Henry Leutwyler and the design company Water NYC, he creates the perfect settings for his fashion nuts – the result of which is the 40 page graphic art book 'Fashion Is Nuts', which is available in a limited edition of 1000 copies via . Plus, there are also posters of the nut portraits, some of which are already sold out.

Here is beautiful statement from Donald Robertson, who refers to himself as 'illustration paparazzi', on creativity and thinking in stereotypes: “It drives me crazy when people say, ‘Think outside of the box.’ There is no box! What we all need to do is create a box. When brands, artists and designer are really, really good, they...

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