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Celebrity • DO NOT DISTURB – star portraits by Olaf Heine in nhow Hotel Berlin photos from the exhibition and vernissage on GoSee

27.04.2016 • One of the most successful portrait photographers, Olaf HEINE is known for his photos of icons. He has the protagonists at his shoots slip into impressive roles, while keeping the look of his photos classic, pared down, aesthetic and modern. With the title DO NOT DISTURB, music hotel nhow Berlin opened the retrospective of portrait photographer Olaf HEINE's works. The exhibition can be seen through September 2016 and encompasses about 70 photographs from his illustrated books, Leaving the Comfort Zone (2008), I Love You but I’ve Chosen Rock (2010), and Brazil (2014). Portraits of musicians, actors, authors and athlets – including Iggy Pop, Snoop Dogg, Max Herre, Sting, and Jana Pallaske are shown.

Visitors of the vernissage also included Jessica Schwarz, Arnim Teutoburg-Weiss from the Beatsteaks and Farin Urlaub, who are actually all part of the exhibition. At the DJ console were Uli & Michi Beck from the Fantastischen Vier, Torsten Scholz from the Beatsteaks and Ménage à Trois. We present you a few photos from the vernissage on GoSee (Olaf Heine. DO NOT DISTURB, 7 April –...

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Celebrity • Actor Fahri Yardim a fugitive? Featured in THE RED BULLETIN magazine - grooming by Ischrak NITSCHKE c/o BLOSSOM

27.04.2016 • Fahri Ogün Yardım is a German actor with Turkish heritage and only seems to be a fugitive. He grew up in Hamburg-Harburg and received his acting education at the Hamburg's Bühnenstudio after graduating from secondary school in Harburg. And as you can see, Fahri Ogün Yardım not not makes a great appearance in the role of Til Schweiger's Tatort sidekick. The spread was photographed by Christoph VOY c/o GoSee member COSMOPOLA for THE RED BULLETIN mag.

About - Fahri Ogün Yardım (born 1980) is a German actor of Turkish descent. He is best known for his portrayel of Hüseyin in Almanya – Welcome to Germany and as investigator Yalcin Gümer in the German crime television series Tatort alongside Til Schweiger. In 2013 he had a supporting role in the adventure film The Physician, which became an immediate box office hit in Germany.

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Celebrity • InStyle US featuring actress Matilda Lutz, soon to be seen in 'Rings' as the successor of Naomi Watts - the spread was produced on the beaches of Malibu by GlamPR

26.04.2016 • Young Italian model and actress Matilda Lutz is the daughter of famous fashion photographer Elliston Lutz. She is now (still) the new face of Miu Miu! But the Californian resident's acting career is also on the right track right now. Matilda took acting classes as advised by her mother in order to overcome her shyness. In 2016, she can be admired as the successor of the amazing Naomi Watts in the third part of the Ring series alongside Alex Roe and “The Big Bang Theory’s” Johnny Galecki. Director was F. Javier Gutiérrez (“Before the Fall”). Matilda Lutz was photographed for InStyle US by David Alfons Wilhelm Bornscheuer. Styling came from Ali Pew for InStyle US, and production coordination was in the hands of Jonathan BOSSLE c/o GoSee Member GlamPR.

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Celebrity • 'Breuninger meets Brenna Whitaker'. GlamPR produces for BREUNINGER customer magazine with jazz singer and photographer Kristian Schuller in Los Angeles, photos & three making-of films for you on GoSee

22.04.2016 • It was a production fit for the big screen for BREUNINGER and photographer Kristian Schuller, who had American jazz singer Brenna Whitaker and top girl Angela Lindvall in front of his camera. What is the story of Brenna uand Stevie Wonder? Watch the three films on GoSee and you will know.

Styling was done by Lynn Schmidt, with make-up by Georgios TSIOKGAS c/o BALLSAAL. Art Direction was in the hands of C3 Burda in the production coordinated by Jonathan Bossle c/o GlamPR. Responsible for digital operating as well as retouching was BLINK IMAGING with Markus Dettweiler. Videos: Kraftstoff Media. Find out more about Brenna, her album and tour dates here: brennawhitaker.com

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Celebrity • It Girl Poppy Delevingne for OAKRIDGE by MRP - 10-4 AFRICA produced the OAKRIDGE S/S 16 campaign

17.04.2016 • After the great success of their cooperation with British designer Henry Holland (GoSee reported), MRP teamed up at the end of 2015 with style icon Poppy Delevingne for the 2016 SS 16 looks. That means: Poppy is the face of the OAKRIDGE campaign, which was produced by 10-4 AFRICA. And the best part is: All profits go to the MRP Foundation. The collection is made up of sexy sets and maxi dresses, all inspired by Poppy's own, Bohemian looks. It Girl Poppy Delevingne was photographed by Kevin Mackintosh in London. Set design was in the hands of Daryl McGregor. mrp.com//jump/lookbooks/Poppy-Delevingne & mrpfoundation.org

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Celebrity • Chanel Iman vs. Chrissy Teigen vs. Sofia Resing vs. Erin Heatherton vs. Nina Agdal. The sexy bikini shoot on the beach of Zanzibar for US SPORTS ILLUSTRATED – 10-4 AFRICA produce the must-see bikini editorial

16.04.2016 • It was off to Zanzibar for US model Chanel Iman, Erin Heatherton and Chrissy Teigen, the wife of musician John Legend, Danish Nina Agdal and up-and-coming Brazilian star Sofia Resing. In the luggage of 10-4: selected bikinis for US SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. The three beauties were shot by photographer Ruven Afanador. Smooth production of the sexy shoot was guaranteed by the professionals from the production company 10-4 AFRICA. Hair was done by Peter Butler with make-up by Joanne Gair. The making-of film for the shoot with the very musical Sofia on the one-of-a-kind beach in Zanzibar can be seen here: youtube.com/watchSofiaResing

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Celebrity • Florence Welch and Gucci CD Allesandro Michele in PORTER mag fashion editorial 'The Alchemist'- with art direction by Phil Buckingham c/o Patricia McMahon

13.04.2016 • The fashion editorial 'The Alchemist' in PORTER Mag was under the executive of Art Director Phil BUCKINGHAM c/o PATRICIA MCMAHON, who had both Gucci CD Allesandro MICHELE and singer Florence WELCH (Florence + the Machine) pose together in front of his camera.

They both just love romantic, excentric fashion with vintage flair, which makes the "Florence + the Machine" singer the perfect brand amabassador for the watch and jewelry label.

For a look into the extensive portfolio of the British Art and Creative Director, who is specialized in editorial design and who works for clients including Arena Homme+, Elle, Fashion East, GQ, Haute Muse Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, High Life, Killik, Liberty, Love Studio, Mandi Lennard, Red Bull, Topman, Tag Heuer, Vogue UK, and Wallpaper, stop by PATRICIA MCMAHON.

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Celebrity • 'Fill her up, please' - stars at the GALA party. The photos by Christian BORTH c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL

08.04.2016 • "During the biennial at the legendary gala party, Christian Borth invited the stars to the 'filling station' – naturally only to refill their energy," agent SONJA HEINTSCHEL tells us. Presented in the spread are, among others, actress Ursula Karven, actor Uwe Ochsenknecht and TV celeb Verena Pooth. We have the result for you on GoSee.

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Celebrity • AB FAB movie stars for Twentieth Century Fox - the first portrait of Jane 'Bubbles' Horrocks by JSR photographer PEROU for you on GoSee !

06.04.2016 • GoSee is going crazy! Celebrity portrait photographer PEROU was had the honor of photographing the stars of the eagerly awaited film 'AB FAB' for Twentieth Century Fox. Bubbles aka Jane Horrocks started off as a persiflage of the Kim Kardashian cover, which is not only making the rounds from behind.

To refresh you memory: Bubbles was the moron assistant in the British sitcom 'Absolutely Fabulous' alongside Jennifer Saunders (Edina) and Joanna Lumley (Patsy). While working together with her, scriptwriter Jim Cartwright became aware of Jane’s special talents to change her voice and imitate people, or to interpret old songs in a new way. He was so excited about it, that he wrote the script for the film 'Little Voice' to perfectly fit her petite body and casted her for the lead role.

Additional motifs will follow as the date comes closer – so stay tuned, and GoSee the good NEWS!

About AbFab 2016
. Edina and Patsy are still oozing glitz and glamour, living the high life they are accustomed to; shopping, drinking and clubbing their way around London's trendiest hot-spots....

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