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Wolfgang Hahn award • GoSee QUEST : The artist and Wolfgang-Hahn award winner Michael Krebber as a guest at Cologne's hotel marsil and in a conversation on his prize, cherries made of meat sausage, and 'fatale' legends

21.04.2015 • In 2015, the Society for Contemporary Art at the Museum Ludwig e. V. gave the Wolfgang-Hahn prize to two artists: Michael Krebber and RH Quaytman. As a part of the award ceremony, there is a joint exhibition at the Museum Ludwig, which is open through 30 August, 2015, with a central focus on subject of the impossibility of painting. "For many years, both artists have been working on the premises, challenges and opportunities of contemporary painting and have made unique contributions on this issue," said Yilmaz Dziewior who was a member of the jury as designated Director of the Museum Ludwig.

Preparing for an interview with Michael Krebber as an artist, you find the strangest stories on the Net. He has allegedly burnt pictures, eaten glass, marketed his daily visits to a gallery in Cologne as performance art, and has generally put everything and the world in question. "A lot of it is true, some of it, I don't even remember myself," Michael tells us in the lobby of our hotel marsil in Cologne. He was born in Cologne and lived there until the mid-70s, then again from 1984. Since...

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Styling • Being Mary Jane' Star Gabrielle Union in YAHOO Style Check - styling by Beagy ZIELINSKI

21.04.2015 • Since 2013, actress Gabrielle Union has been the star of the BET-series 'Being Mary Jane'. For the Internet company YAHOO and their series 'Yahoo Style', Beagy ZIELINSKI dressed her in fresh outfits, which perfectly suited her personality. We present the behind the scenes video. The photographer on set was Maria ...

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GoSee Qvest • GoSee Quest Frances Uckermann, Art Director at STERN Mag, tells us about reports, her day at the editor's office and how photographers 'manage' to get printed by STERN, tips for photographer websites plus her personal Hamburg highlights

16.04.2015 • Week after week, Frances Uckermann, Art Director at STERN MAG, makes decisions together with her team of picture editors, graphic designers, and infographic designers on how to visually present political, cultural and business topics in STERN magazine – which report will be published, how many double pages are feasible, and who will make it onto the cover. Since April 2014, Art Director Frances Uckermann has shaped the face of STERN. Prior to that, she headed the graphic design department and worked with the former AD Johannes Erler on the relaunch of the magazine. Editorial design, art direction, lecturing, digital media design, and magazine development – these are the topics she deals with. Frances Uckermann studied visual communication in Kassel, and has already worked from 1993 to 1998 in all visual departments at STERN and, as Art Director, has played a leading role for the magazines Allegra, Stern Campus, Zeit Wissen, and the Zeit Studienführer (study guide).

GoSee met up with Frances Uckermann during the Fotofrühling (photo spring) event in Zingst on the Baltic Sea,...

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Celebrity • 'Lip Service'; Henrik BÜLOW's beauty special for INSTYLE UK (April 2015) with actress Millie Brady

15.04.2015 • For a beauty special in INSTYLE UK, the Danish fashion photographer lensed model and actress Millie Brady ('Pride and Prejudice'). Whether in modern pink, pinot noir or scarlet lips – the most beautiful mouth was exactly what  editor Cassie Steer (styling and text) realized with her. The British actress just signed a contract to play the leading role in the film adaptation of the world bestseller 'The Clan of the Cave Bear'. I wonder if cave woman Ayla needs lipstick… ...

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model • Top model Nadja AUERMANN plays the tribal beauty in EXHIBITION magazine, photos by Luigi & Iango

14.04.2015 • EXHIBITION magazine reunites once more the supermodels of the 1990s in the 'Powder Issue' editorial, including Nadja AUERMANN. She was photographed in avant-garde tribal looks by Luigi & lango, which were selected by Robbie Spencer. The elaborate make-up was done by Virginia Young, with hairstyling by Luigi Murenu. The executives at the shoot were AD Edwin Sberro and CD Gael Hugo.

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Celebrity • Borussia Dortmund football star NURI SAHIN launches his homepage with an opener portrait photo by BITO

14.04.2015 • BITO portrayed the German-Turkish footballer NURI SAHIN in a cool pose for his new homepage commissioned by the agency German Appeal. Nuri Sahin has been playing for the legendary club Borussia Dortmund since 2001 with interruptions. At his Bundesliga debut on 6 August, 2005 for the club, he was the youngest Bundesliga player of all time, only 16 years and 335 days old. In 2005, he celebrated winning the title of the U-17 European Cup with Turkey. Coming soon: nuri-sahin.de

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Celebrity • Von glücklichen Schafen – the arthouse film is now showing in German movie theaters, a 'Hello GoSee!' from our GoSee friend and leading actress Narges Rashidi in our GoSee Quest, also the trailer, the interview and photos from the premiere on GoSee

01.04.2015 • The actress Narges Rashidi lives in Los Angeles. In the near future, she will star in a film shot in Jordania by a British production company for an international film in Farsi language. She is currently starring in the arthouse film "Von glücklichen Schafen" now in German movie theaters. Her Persian name comes from her Iranian ancestry – however, her family, who escaped from Iran via Turkey, has long since found a home in the quiet town of Bad Hersfeld in Germany.

After falling in love, she now lives in Los Angeles, where the new green card owner is also represented by an agency. Her husband Christian Straka is a successful tennis coach there and coaches stars like producer David Lancaster or guitarist James Valentine of Maroon 5. "Competition is much worse here, for one casting there are hundreds if not thousands at the auditions", Narges told GoSee. In Germany she is known from TV movies like "Schimanski – Schicht im Schacht" featuring Götz George (2008) or "Nachtschicht – Geld regiert die Welt" (2012) with Ben Becker. Her beautiful face gained more fame thanks to the...

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director • On visual magic, a fascination with intros, and leaving behind finger prints... more in an interview with director Tina Maria Werner, plus the SECRET.DE spot and the BMW installation at the Geneva Automobile Salon

31.03.2015 • Touch the audience and open up new worlds – this is the maxim of filmmaker Tina Maria Werner. Launching TMW, the successful commercial producer is fulfilling a lifelong dream by dedicating herself to directing, which she admits is her true passion. “The projects I direct captivate me and won´t let me go,” she says. “This fascination stays with me until the film is completed.”

The analytical viewpoint on the essence of her clients´ wishes, her sensitivity for people and emotions and the focus on detail and its impact on the whole – these are the factors that influence Tina Maria Werner’s style as a director: “Each one of my films is personal to me, it’s got my signature all over it”, she explains.

Werner started her career with her studies at the renowned Munich University of Television and Film (HFF) and a diploma in Production and Media Business.

In the following years, she gained extensive radio and television experience, among others places, at prominent German TV stations such as SAT 1 and ZDF. This facilitated her founding the Music Division of Picture Planet GmbH...

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Celebrity • 'Against all Odds' - Harris HODOVIC films the true story of NYC boxing champion Frank Galarza

30.03.2015 • 'Something that a teacher can’t teach'. Harris HODOVIC directed the shoot of the report about the life of the New York City State boxing champion Frank Galarza. 'Against all Odds' is the story of a man who never gave up. The motivating story is based on the real life of the 29-year-old professional athlete – his father, a former professional boxer died when he was only 7 after having been shot. His mother passed away two years later because of an overdose. He grew up at his aunt and uncle’s – his older cousin also died on the street after having been shot. It was high time for Frank Galarza to make the right decisions about his future life. He succeeded: In 2010, he won the Golden Gloves in New York and later that year, at the age of 25, he became a professional boxer. The film was produced by Beenieboyz NYC, Pia Valeska NIEDERMEIER, plus GoSee member Fröhlich did the grooming. frankgalarza.com

In memory of Zilla Cabrera (Mother) Frank Galarza Senior (Father) and Benjamin Collazo Jr (Cousin & Brother).

Directed by Harris Hodovic @Fröhlich Management
1st AD & Artistic...

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film • Do you have style? GoSee FILM presents the one-of-a-kind Iris Apfel - The film by Albert Maysles about the life of the 93-year old style icon appears in spring, a must see.

30.03.2015 • Following Grey Gardens (about the relatives of Jackie Kennedy and raccoons in the run down house) and Gimme Shelter (about the Rolling Stones tour), the new film by Albert Maysles – who sadly passed away recently at the age of 88 – is coming out now. This time he focussed on Iris Apfel, one of New York's most extravagant style icons. But IRIS is not only about Apfel’s style, but also, and most of all about her witty way with words, her marriage and her childhood in Queens during the great depression. Photographer Bruce Weber, teeny media queen Tavi, and Harold Koda from the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art are also in the film – but Iris and her witty remarks are by far the irrefutable stars of the documentary.

Albert Maysles daughter Rebekah, producer of the film, describes the production as a magical experience. "My father was always interested in making portraits of people and simply showing them the way they are. He loved working with Iris. I watched them on several occasions when he nudged her and said something sweet to her. We were a close team and enjoyed each...

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