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Celebrity • Binnenkijken for VOGUE Netherlands - the homestory with Uber-supermodel Helena Christensen, photos by Anne MENKE

23.06.2016 • Binnenkijken, which translates to 'a look behind the scenes', is what VOGUE Netherlands got with supermodel and photographer Helena Christensen. To do so, fashion photographer Anne MENKE c/o KRISTINA KORB visited the Danish multi-cultural bright light and GoSee friend Helena Christensen. Styling: Linda Gerritsen, hair: Harry Josh, make-up: Cedric, assistant: Adrina Doza.

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Celebrity • 'On love, sex and staying hungry...' The ELLE India cover spread featuring Padma Lakshmi - hair & make-up by Rosario BELMONTE c/o ANIMA CREATIVE

23.06.2016 • Cover & fashion editorial in ELLE India's May 2016 issue with model & actress Padma LAKSHMI. The model and ex-wife of Salman Rushdie is one of the few models with a so-called flaw. Her physical defect, a scar on her arm, has meanwhile become a confident trademark – and the American model born in Chennai (Madras) puts the heat on big time with tropical hues, summery prints and sexy swimwear. Rosario BELMONTE c/o ANIMA CREATIVE was on the beach set for hair & make-up of the extensive ELLE BODY cover spread shoot. Photos: R. Burman, styling: Malini Banerji.

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Celebrity • Soul singer and songwriter Lionel Richie in a portrait by HUNTER & GATTI and on European Tour this summer

23.06.2016 • The Successful Spanish photographer team based in Barcelona and New York regularly has top models and celebrities in front of the camera. Whether Jennifer Lopez, Anja Rubik, Antonio Banderas, Pharrell Williams or Bruno Mars – they all love to pose for the camera of the friendly duo HUNTER & GATTI. They just had the honor of portraying Lionel Richie. The soul singer, songwriter and music producer won four Grammys in the 80s and one Oscar. He sold 100 million albums and had 22 hits in the US top ten. This summer, Lionel is on a big European Tour. We have the portraits by HUNTER&GATTI here on GoSee, and more celebrity portraits can be seen on their website.

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Celebrity • Model Lakshmi Menon is 'Draped to Dare' in the cover editorial of VERVE magazine - hair & make-up by George P Kritikos c/o ANIMA CREATIVE

22.06.2016 • This summer, clear and pure transparency underscores the beauty of minimalism. Responsible for hair & make-up of enchanting Lakshmi Menon for the cover and editorial in VERVE was George P KRITIKOS c/o ANIMA CREATIVE.

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Celebrity • Cussing in Turkish with presenter Nazan Eckes - KRISTINA KORB photographer and Landsmann Ali KEPENEK photographs for MYSELF

20.06.2016 • A hairy situation... Presenter Nazan Eckes, born Üngör and daughter of Turkish immigrants from Eskişehir, was photographed by Ali KEPENEK c/o KRISTINA KORB with her sister Belgin Üngor for an editorial spread in MYSELF mag. Hair & make-up were styled by Anja Schweihoff. Petra Renner of MYSELF handled booking, and author Constanze Kleis was also part of the team. For more details, please contact Kristina.

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Celebrity • Tom Tykwer films with actors Tom Hanks & Sarita Choudhury for AUDI A8L - Making-of motifs photographed at the shoot by Jochen MANZ c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS

12.06.2016 • Jochen MANZ c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS is pleased to delight you with a GoSee Transportation Special: behind-the-scenes motifs photographed at the film shoot of the spot for the AUDI A8L with with famous Director Tom Twyker, actor Tom Hanks and actress Sarita Choudhury. The three stars are also featured in a new Tom Tykwer film “A Hologram for the King”, which celebrated its premiere this April in Berlin and was filmed in Adlershof.

About – A Hologram for the King is a 2016 American comedy-drama film directed and written by Tom Tykwer, based on the 2012 novel of the same name written by Dave Eggers, and produced by Stefan Arndt, Gary Goetzman, Arcadiy Golubovich, Tom Hanks, Uwe Schott and Tim O'Hair. Hanks stars as Alan Clay, a washed-up corporate businessman, who goes to Saudi Arabia to propose a business deal. Sidse Babett Knudsen, Tom Skerritt and Sarita Choudhury also star. The film was released on April 22, 2016, by Lionsgate, Roadside Attractions and Saban Films.

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Celebrity • GQ GERMANY cover spread in June with Ewan McGregor - photographed by HUNTER & GATTI

07.06.2016 • And Ewan McGregor shares the first details in GQ GERMANY about 'Trainspotting 2', the sequel of the iconic film which made him famous 20 years ago. Filming will start this summer for the second part which is also set 20 years later. Danny Boyle directed the new film. GoSee member HUNTER & GATTI photographed the cover spread with the Scottish actor. Styling was done by Sascha Lilic.

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Celebrity • Colin Farrell in the cover spread in GQ MEXICO, staged by power duo HUNTER & GATTI

07.06.2016 • Colin Farrell, a strong character with a masculine look, powerfully radiant gestures and an alert presence, stood for GQ MEXICO in front of the camera of HUNTER & GATTI. The Spanish fashion and celebrity photographers staged the Irish actor in casual and formal looks. The 40-year-old star shares in an interview with GQ MEXICO how he stays fit: “I’m motivated because I like practicing yoga and it’s fun. I also enjoy hiking in the hills of Los Angeles because it’s amazing to leave the city. You travel only twenty minutes and you are in nature, surrounded by coyotes, raccoons and all kinds of birds of prey.” Further portraits and men's fashion series are available from HUNTER & GATTI.

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Celebrity • Boris Becker for ZEIT GOLFEN, portrayed by OLIVER MARK c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT

06.06.2016 • For the new magazine ZEIT GOLFEN, portrait photographer OLIVER MARK traveled to Wimbledon in order to meet Boris Becker. Of course Becker, who discovered a passion for golfing after his active tennis career, is a highly coveted motif since he is a man of the public and a real society guy.

The resulting photos are not surprising but all the more amusing. Each one shows an obviously relaxed and cheerful Becker, either while teeing off or while striking his winning pose. In every photo, you can see his slightly roguish, boyish charm.

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