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Celebrity • 'The Mechanics of Power' with industrial manager Hartmut Mehdorn in HANDELSBLATT magazine - grooming by Melanie HUNGER

18.05.2016 • Former Deutsche Bahn CEO Hartmut Mehdorn played the leading role in the title story 'The Mechanics of Power' in HANDELSBLATT magazine. Grooming was done by Melanie HUNGER c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY. The German industrial manager and mechanical engineer was photographed by Andreas Chudowski in the Malzfabrik Berlin. Photo assistant was Tom Bal, and photo editing & production were in the hands of Nicola Düpow.

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Celebrity • 'Duel of Brothers, the Story of Adidas and Puma' - Julia KROHSE groomed the protagonists of the film for the shoot by FRANK P. WARTENBERG

18.05.2016 • Torben Liebrecht and Ken Duken played the leading roles in Oliver Dommengets film 'Duel of Brothers, the story of Adidas and Puma' (GoSee reported). Hair & make-up were done by artist Julia KROHSE c/o CLOSE UP, with photographs shot by GoSee member FRANK P. WARTENBERG.

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Hair & Make-up • Très elegante - actress Marie Bäumer in Arles for ICON magazine - hair & make-up by Manuela DEGELMANN c/o Nordish Republic

14.05.2016 • Actress Marie Bäumer is the timeless beauty in ICON magazine. H&M artist Manuela DEGELMANN c/o NORDISH REPUBLIC created the summery elegant beauty look of actress Marie Bäumer with products from Laura Mercier Cosmetics. The team of wonderwomen led by photographer Vanessa Maas photographed the fashion spread for ICON magazine at Hotel du Cloitre in Arles, which is located in southern France and was designed by India Mahdani – credit where credit is due.

About - Hôtel du Cloître. Located on a quiet street in the historical center of Arles, Hôtel du Cloître is just steps away from the Roman theater, amphitheater and the main square, “Place de la République”. With its 19 rooms, the hotel has an intimate feel with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. hotelducloitre.com

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Celebrity • JAMIE LEE releases her first album 'Berlin' including the ESC single 'Ghost' with Manga-style cover and hair & make-up by SASKIA KRAUSE c/o BASICS

13.05.2016 • Jamie-Lee captivated an audience of millions when she won the finals in THE VOICE OF GERMANY last December. Now she has released her first album of her own titled 'Berlin' at Universal. On it, her ten songs just how multifacetted her voice and sound are. One title on the album is 'Ghost', the song that the 18-year-old presented for Germany at the ESC. For the cover, hair & make-up artist Saskia KRAUSE c/o BASICS was booked and the Manga fan was photographed by Michael Zargarinejad.

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Celebrity • Performance artist Marina Abramovic in SZ magazine, portrayed by Peter Rigaud c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN

10.05.2016 • Performance artist Marina Abramovic was portrayed in her New York studio by Peter RIGAUD for SZ MAGAZINE. Styling was handled by Ann-Kathrin Obermeyer c/o SHOTVIEW BERLIN. This year, the native of Serbia celebrates her 70th Birthday, and her autobiography is due to be released this fall. For next year, large projects in Scandinavia and Asia are in the making. Her focus, however, is on the 'Marina Abramovic Institute' which helps performance artists from over the world reach an audience.

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Celebrity • The Legacy - for DIE ZEIT, Benno KRAEHAHN portrays Frau Prof. Dr. Jutta Allmendinger, President of WZB Berlin; we have the motif for you on GoSee

08.05.2016 • For 'Die ZEIT', Benno KRAEHAHN c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN portrayed Prof. Dr. Jutta Allmendinger, the president of the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB), which supports young scientists, turns time-honored institutes inside out and ights against educational disadvantage. The portrait was created for an interview and the publication of the sociology study 'The Legacy', a generation-spanning, comprehensive and analyzing look at us Germans from all perspectives. Zeit.de///jutta-allmendinger-vermaechtnis-studie-einkommen-sozialstaat

About - The WZB Berlin Social Science Center conducts basic research with a focus on problems of modern societies in a globalized world. The research is theory-based, problem-oriented, often long-term and mostly based on international comparisons. wzb.eu

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Celebrity • DO NOT DISTURB – star portraits by Olaf Heine in nhow Hotel Berlin photos from the exhibition and vernissage on GoSee

27.04.2016 • One of the most successful portrait photographers, Olaf HEINE is known for his photos of icons. He has the protagonists at his shoots slip into impressive roles, while keeping the look of his photos classic, pared down, aesthetic and modern. With the title DO NOT DISTURB, music hotel nhow Berlin opened the retrospective of portrait photographer Olaf HEINE's works. The exhibition can be seen through September 2016 and encompasses about 70 photographs from his illustrated books, Leaving the Comfort Zone (2008), I Love You but I’ve Chosen Rock (2010), and Brazil (2014). Portraits of musicians, actors, authors and athlets – including Iggy Pop, Snoop Dogg, Max Herre, Sting, and Jana Pallaske are shown.

Visitors of the vernissage also included Jessica Schwarz, Arnim Teutoburg-Weiss from the Beatsteaks and Farin Urlaub, who are actually all part of the exhibition. At the DJ console were Uli & Michi Beck from the Fantastischen Vier, Torsten Scholz from the Beatsteaks and Ménage à Trois. We present you a few photos from the vernissage on GoSee (Olaf Heine. DO NOT DISTURB, 7 April –...

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Celebrity • Actor Fahri Yardim a fugitive? Featured in THE RED BULLETIN magazine - grooming by Ischrak NITSCHKE c/o BLOSSOM

27.04.2016 • Fahri Ogün Yardım is a German actor with Turkish heritage and only seems to be a fugitive. He grew up in Hamburg-Harburg and received his acting education at the Hamburg's Bühnenstudio after graduating from secondary school in Harburg. And as you can see, Fahri Ogün Yardım not not makes a great appearance in the role of Til Schweiger's Tatort sidekick. The spread was photographed by Christoph VOY c/o GoSee member COSMOPOLA for THE RED BULLETIN mag.

About - Fahri Ogün Yardım (born 1980) is a German actor of Turkish descent. He is best known for his portrayel of Hüseyin in Almanya – Welcome to Germany and as investigator Yalcin Gümer in the German crime television series Tatort alongside Til Schweiger. In 2013 he had a supporting role in the adventure film The Physician, which became an immediate box office hit in Germany.

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Celebrity • InStyle US featuring actress Matilda Lutz, soon to be seen in 'Rings' as the successor of Naomi Watts - the spread was produced on the beaches of Malibu by GlamPR

26.04.2016 • Young Italian model and actress Matilda Lutz is the daughter of famous fashion photographer Elliston Lutz. She is now (still) the new face of Miu Miu! But the Californian resident's acting career is also on the right track right now. Matilda took acting classes as advised by her mother in order to overcome her shyness. In 2016, she can be admired as the successor of the amazing Naomi Watts in the third part of the Ring series alongside Alex Roe and “The Big Bang Theory’s” Johnny Galecki. Director was F. Javier Gutiérrez (“Before the Fall”). Matilda Lutz was photographed for InStyle US by David Alfons Wilhelm Bornscheuer. Styling came from Ali Pew for InStyle US, and production coordination was in the hands of Jonathan BOSSLE c/o GoSee Member GlamPR.

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