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Grooming • Orlando Bloom in Süddeutsche Zeitung interview, grooming without words by Maike ALBECK

Liganord artist Maike ALBECK got to work her wonders on the star of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ trilogies. GoSee presents the entertaining editorial for Süddeutschen Zeitung’s magazine. The solutions to the Bloom edition of the famous wordless interview series, which asks a celebrity to pull facial expressions to certain questions or keywords, are available online. Subjects included hair, alcohol, humour. Photography by Axel Martens.

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Nacho ALEGRE shoots Elijah Wood for ICON

Nacho ALEGRE teamed up with stylist Silvia Mendez on a shoot with Hollywood star Elijah Wood on Spain’s golden coast. Watch his 2-minute ‘American Psycho’ exclusive performance for ICON magazine online here: icon//on-stage-elijah-wood

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Dylan DON shoots Poppy Delevingne in the wild

Fashion photographer Dylan DON shot Poppy Delevingne, British it girl and socialite, in Palm Springs. Three images on ...

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editorial • Actor Wotan Wilke Möhring rebels for ME.STYLE Magazine – photography by Steffen JÄNICKE

‘Rebels’ and ‘punk will never die’ was the name of the game for photographer Steffen JÄNICKE’s shoot for ME.STYLE magazine featuring actor Wotan Wilke Möhring. The star of German TV show Tatort Kommissar and films Antikörper, Das Adlon, Soul Kitchen, etc. channelled the 1980s at Berlin’s infamous Rosi’s club. Steffen's enthusiastic agent Kelly Kellerhoff told GoSee, “And suddenly everything was as it used to be, as if we never stopped listening to records by moody boys at full ...

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soccer • Germany’s 2006 World Cup hero Arne Friedrich for "elderly care" in football fever – photo by Sebastian BURGOLD

Sebastian BURGOLD photographed a new image for ‘Altenpflege’ (old age care) with Germay’s 2006 World Cup hero sexy Arne Friedrich, currently on TV as a guest World Cup commentator on German TV. There isn’t an age limit for ...

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editorial • Out and about with actress Alexandra Maria Lara for LUFTHANSA Magazine – photography by Steffen JÄNICKE

Steffen JÄNICKE was out and about with actress Alexandra Maria Lara in her hometown, Berlin, for LUFTHANSA magazine. The result is a series of Alexandra’s personal selection of her favourite places. Wiebke OLSCHEWSKI c/o GoSee Member BASICS perfected the make-up on the fun city ...

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Frank BEER shoots portrait of German artist Günther Uecker for HANDELSBLATT

Frank BEER photographed Günther Uecker for HANDELSBLATT. Günther Uecker, born 1930 in Pommern, Germany is a painter and object artist, particularly famed for his nail pictures. HANDELSBLATT, 4 July 2014 features an interview with the artist, that claims ‘Günther Uecker is one of the most important cotemporary German artists. Why type has an important meaning for him, where he gets his impulses from – and his explanation of the high price art market.’ For the online interview click

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In memoriam King of Pop - stills Tom SCHIERLITZ

To mark the fifth anniversary of his death on 25 June 2009, photographer Tom SCHIERLITZ – like so many of us – remembered Michael Jackson, the uncrowned King of Pop. His agent Anette Blasé tells GoSee “we would like to commemorate this by showing Tom’s photos of Michael Jackson’s props from the Thriller video”.

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Palina Rojinski in INTERVIEW MAG (July/August 2014). Photography by Horst DIEKGERDES and styling by Klaus STOCKHAUSEN

Fashion photographer Horst DIEKGERDES and fashion editor Klaus STOCKHAUSEN – two of the industry’s heroes combined their skills for the cover story of the latest issue of INTERVIEW MAGAZINE. Diekgerde’s pictures show Palina Rojinski aglow in all her true beauty. The German actress and former MTV presenter is launching her new ‘Offline’ TV show in Germany. She is also famed as a djane with the superhero sounding name of Palina Power. A superhero story one might say. Stockhausen dressed her in timeless elegant, romantic and glamorous ...

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The bitch qualities of mass heartthrob Jared Leto versus Courtney Love all cute and new and the Pro-Bono fever in general. GoSee notes from the Cannes Lions VIP Room in 2014

Jared Leto is a good example of a ‘manipulator of the masses’. And the best part is that he lets the audience take part and clearly enjoys his power in public. You’re the best audience ever! South Africa is the most beautiful country! Oh it’s so nice in Cannes! No matter whom he is talking to and what he is talking about, he has tested, studied and perfected it in thousands of seminars and meetings, on stages and backyard concerts. This also includes the selfie for the lady with the super high pitched voice with the Academy Award Winner. And of course her best friend can also get in for the picture.

We see him as a mixture of Big Bang including the theory – because he certainly isn’t stupid – and a genuinely cool free spirit. The man is bubbling over with self-confidence. He immediately retitles his talk ‘Naked Talk with Jared Leto’ and the audience love it. Talk with the presenter? Rubbish, Q&A is so much better. Microphone not working? He can sort that with a voice that can fill the entire auditorium. What was he thinking when he won the Oscar? The thing that no one else tells you before: that everyone wins it. Your hairdresser (who???), your neighbours, everyone you have ever met… crazy.

Raised by a single mother Jared definitely knows what he is talking about. He has been in ...

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