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GoSee QUEST : Roya Norouzi, Photography Director GQ and GQ STYLE as a judge at the GoSeeAwards at UPDATE 14 and talking about celebrities, national players’ broken dreams and the selection of photographers in our interview

GQ and GQ STYLE constantly work with celebrities and this has therefore become part of everyday life for Roya Norouzi, the magazines’ Director of Photography. The expert’s trained eye will come in very handy at UPDATE14 in Berlin, where she will also be part of the judging panel for the GoSeeAwards and decide who’s hot and who’s not. We are pleased to have her on board of the Editorial category panel – and maybe there will even be a celebrity shoot or two among the submissions?

Previously Roya has worked as an image editor for Amica magazine and as a freelance photo editor and art buyer for big publishers such as Gruner & Jahr, MVG and Axel Springer. Her current job doesn’t have much to do with her studies in Egyptology – which is definitely a good thing in regards to the countless beautiful images she has produced over the years. Here we present a selection, featuring Kylie Minogue, Bar Refaeli, Matthias Schweighöfer as well as the German national football team with coach Joachim Löw, Thomas Müller, Manuel Neuer and co.

From Egyptology student to photography director for GQ – what was your original dream job and how did you end up in photography?
I knew from the start that I wouldn’t ...

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Top model Mini Anden graces the cover of EUROWOMAN – cover story shot by Henrik BÜLOW

Swedish top model and actress Mini Anden (Mini Rosa-Lee Anden), who is actually called Susanna Clara Elisabeth Andén, born on 7 June 1978 in Stockholm, graces the August cover of EUROWOMAN. Henrik BÜLOW took the LA  based model’s ...

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director • 10-year Directors Lounge by BBDO anniversary. Mastermind Steffen Gentis is pleased to introduce star director Johnny Hardstaff in line with the anniversary

The Directors Lounge is looking forward to welcoming Johnny Hardstaff, one of England’s best directors, who will fly to Düsseldorf on 18th September especially for XYRL - 10 Years Directors Lounge! M.C. Steffen Gentis told GoSee about exceptional directing talent Johnny Hardstaff: ‘he is a fantastic storyteller, visionary designer and a very likeable and approachable person, despite his massive global success. We will show four films at the Lounge – but I won’t reveal which ones just yet. All I can tell you is that the film ‘DAVID’ with Michael Fassbender, the viral for Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’, will be one of them. Of course we have the film for you here on GoSee. In the UK Johnny Hardstaff is represented by UK RSA Films, in the USA by Reset Content and in Germany CZAR have the honour of representing him.

About - Johnny Hardstaff is a modern storyteller. A hybrid of Director and Designer (Johnny designs the worlds he directs), he is represented in the UK by RSA Films, the US by Reset Content and is newly represented by CZAR in Germany for the first time. Johnny has directed moving image work for a broad spectrum of mass-media clients including Twentieth Century Fox, XBOX, Sony, Radiohead and the BBC.

Born 1970 in the UK's Midlands, Johnny Hardstaff initially ...

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film • Cosmopola Diaries, the second instalment: an interview with people and lifestyle photographer Björn EWERS, shot by Martin GREGA

Visiting Björn EWERS: the COSMOPOLA Diaries 02 series present the Berlin based people and lifestyle photographer. Filmed, edited and with an intro that’s filled with impressive helicopter shots by Martin GREGA (Masafly), who is one half of car specialist duo BREUN & GREGA. PAGE magazine also shows the video on their website – and we present an except from the interview here on GoSee.

Björn Ewers’ agent is Barbi Mlczoch from Cosmopola. She just started a beautiful series of video portraits of the artists she represents. Every film starts with Barbi cycling through Berlin to meet them. The first film featured
Alexandra KINGA FEKETE, the second film portraits Björn EWERS. Is she going to cycle to UPDATE14 as well? We won’t tell… yet. We are very pleased to announce that she will be an exhibitor ...

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Palina Rojinski between flashes and colours in the current issue of STERN magazine – pictures by Norman KONRAD

TV Presenter Palina Rojinski posed for Norman KONRAD’s camera for the new issue of STERN magazine. An intense visual experience thanks to flashes and colours, because ’too much is never ...

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Georg ROSKE accompanies VOLKSWAGEN pilot Andreas Mikkelsen to Monaco - a story for VW magazine, which you can see here on GoSee

Georg ROSKE portrayed celebrated Norwegian rally driver Andreas Mikkelsen in Monte Carlo. The VOLKSWAGEN pilot for the World Rally Championship spent and entire day cruising with the Golf GTE through his city of choice, Monaco. VW magazine published the photographs. Medienagentur Kircher Burkhardt agency carried out the production with AD Simone ...

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EXHIBITION • ‘Still poor but not as sexy.’ We present the exhibition 'City of strangers' by Jim Avignon on GoSee and are delighted to welcome him to the GoSeeAwards Jury

Haus Schwarzenberg Berlin has changed a lot over the last 20 years and is continuing to do so. Lots of people who have lived in Berlin for a while can hardly recognise their city and miss the old lifestyle. Berlin’s nightlife has likewise undergone drastic changes. What used to be a lab for dreamers, creatives, bohemians and eccentrics, most of who produced as much as they consumed, has transformed into one of the city’s most successful spots.

The city’s promise of party and glamour works just as well as always, however the buzz is now organised by pros that have turned into sober calculating service providers. Berlin has managed to establish itself as the party capital of the world, but by doing so is running the risk of turning into a Party Disneyland, trading in its soul along the way.

Over the past 25 years Jim Avignon has himself been a regular on the Berlin nightlife scene, spending many years in clubs painting live and exhibiting, earning him SPIEGEL’s moniker of the ‘Tizian of Techno’. As a nightlife eyewitness he has also chronicled its change with witty commentary in his painting. His painting ‘the nineties on stamps’ (1996) comments on the selling out and initial historisation of the party scene.

His exhibition 'City of Strangers' presents a selection of nightlife themes ...

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gq & update14 • GQ Men of the Year – we congratulate Pharrell Williams and are looking forward to Hunter & Gatti on the GoSee Awards jury and as artist at TheReelHour hosted by Stetffen Gentis

Yesterday the GQ 'Men of the year' awards were presented in London. Style, talent, fashion …. There were many winners. One of them was musician and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams, who was crowned GQ Man of the Year in the Single Artist category. We have star photography duo HUNTER & GATTI to thank for his very special GQ cover. And of course the duo also attended the show in London and was excited for Pharrell. By the way, the singer was the only guest who broke the 'Black Tie Code’ with his fashionable style mix outfit – but GQ certainly didn’t seem to upset about it.

We are looking forward to seeing HUNTER & GATTI in Berlin, where they will be part of the GoSeeAwards judging panel for the ‘Editorial’ category. They will also present their latest reel at GoSee TheReelHour. And who knows, they might even bring Pharrell? You can find the other award winners here:

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video • Roberto Blanco raps himself out of debt – the very ironic SIXT commercial by director and new entry Jörn HEITMANN as well as DOP Christopher HÄRING

DBC Berlin is pleased to welcome director and new entry Jörn HEITMANN. The Berlin based director specialises in music videos and commercials and he already shot videos for Rammstein, Guano Apes, Jan Delay and Die Toten Hosen. His portfolio also includes big name clients such as Coca-Cola, Casio, Porsche, Sat. 1 and Premiere.

His latest project was the SIXT commercial with singer Roberto Blanco. Jung von Matt/Alster commissioned HEITMANN together with DOP Christopher HÄRING to produce the very ironic gangster rap video featuring the German singer aka R. Blanc-O. The 77-year old sings ‘but Roberto is bust isn’t he? How does he get into the convertible?’ The answer is a rental car. Katapult carried out the ...

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Patrick Mohr, the avant-garde designer presents his HUMAN S/S 14 and REEBOK collections on GoSee and is looking forward to extraordinary submissions as a judge at the GoSeeAwards at UPDATE Salon in Berlin

PATRICK MOHR is known for his provocative styling, unique tailoring as well as extraordinary fashion shows.He presented his current collection as an installation on 2200 square metres at Kaufhaus Jandorf in Berlin – where this year’s UPDATE Salon will take place as well. He also showed the photographs from the collection, produced with Sven Marquardt. The ‘HUMAN’ S/S collection is a mix of avant-garde, luxury and streetwear and is about the clash of ‘normal’ citizens and social fringe groups.

We are very pleased to announce that the fashion designer will join the judging panel at the GoSee Awards. As Patrick expresses his creativity in fashion design and futuristic designs as the charming fashion enfant terrible, he is looking forward to extraordinary and unusual submissions. Photographers, stylists, illustrators … everyone is encouraged to submit their craziest, bravest and most beautiful work for free. The top 20 from each category will be featured in an exhibition as part of UPDATE on 24/25 October at Kaufhaus Jandorf.

Besides his own line, Patrick Mohr works with REEBOK on the global collaboration ‘patrick mohr meets Reebok Classic’. They just presented the joint footwear capsule collection, which is available worldwide from August, at Berlin trainer shop Solebox. The ‘Ex-O-Fit ...

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