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Grooming • Mr. Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren - the metal duo in ZOO magazine no. 49, grooming by Saskia KRAUSE c/o BASICS

01.02.2016 • The winter issue of ZOO magazine rocks the house with hardcore music portraits. For the cover spread, BASICS hair & make-up artist Saskia KRAUSE staged Rammstein front man Till Lindemann richly glazed in Honey. And for further portraits in the magazine, she laid hands on the Swedish metal musician Peter Tägtgren, who founded the industrial metal band Lindemann together with Till in 2015. “It’s always the same. You start to explain things and people get disappointed. Let them listen to the song and they will have so many different ways of thinking about it," Till Lindemann says about his Music in the magazine. GoSee.us/zoomagazine

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Celebrity • The title spread 'Philosophy Lessons with Lavinia Wilson' of EMOTION magazine February 2016 - the portrait by LILA MGMT photographer Kathrin MAKOWSKI

31.01.2016 • Munich-based fashion photographer Kathrin MAKOWSKI c/o LILA MANAGEMENT portrayed actress Lavinia Wilson (e.g. Schoßgebete, Director: Sönke Wortmann) for the title spread 'Philosophy Lessons with Lavinia Wilson' in the new EMOTION magazine February 2016. The conflict-seasoned 35-year-old, who is a firm believer in absolute contingency and who will appear in a total of three films at the cinema in 2016, was styled by Alexandra HECKEL c/o LIGANORD, with hair & make-up by Saskia KRAUSE c/o BASICS.

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Celebrity • Trading bread and sharing stories - thebreadexchange.com founder Malin Elmlid in ANTHROPOLOGIE mag - location and production by CLAAS CROPP

31.01.2016 • Commissioned by the magazine of online retailer ANTHROPOLOGIE, CCCP organized the locations and the production for a feature on 'Bread Exchange' founder, Malin Elmlid. The Swedish blogger, who lives in Berlin, is convinced that yeast isn't necessary for a good bread.

An this is what Malin herself says about her creative bread journey: "It took me years to realize the extent of what I was actually doing. That I had started a network of people that, just like myself, value quality and authenticity. In the beginning, I thought what I was doing was about bread. But I no longer believe that. The bread was just a perfect door opener.

There is something special about bread that we all understand. Bread has a high poetic value regardless of our culture heritage or what religion or class we belong to. Not many things in our world have such a universal quality. My bread is a very simple white sourdough bread baked with flour, water and salt, nothing special about that. But my bread is spiced with the inspiration of earlier trades. My bread is a carrier of tales. Because tales, for...

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Celebrity • Andreas Bourani in expressive portraits, captured by Philipp RATHMER c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN

29.01.2016 • Ever since the World Cup in 2014, everybody in Germany knows who Andreas Bourani is! His hit "Auf uns" (To Us) soon became the hymn of that special summer and Andreas Bourani was able to convince even the most skeptical critics with his expressive voice and sympathetic personality. Just in time for the tour start Andreas Bourani's "HEY" tour in 2016, RATHMER met up with the artist in Berlin and accompanied him through his neighborhood. The result are expressive portraits with Andreas Bourani, up-close and very personal.

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Celebrity • Model Anna Ermakova is the star of the BUFFALO Spring/Sommer 2016 campaign - photos by Tim Thiel

27.01.2016 • The shoot for the new BUFFALO Spring/Summer 2016 campaign was once again in the hands of photographer TIM THIEL. As model for the shoot this time, he was able to book Boris Becker's extremely successful 15-year-old daughter Anna Ermakova. The visagist was Alexander AUSCHILL c/o LIGANORD, and styling was done by Antonia Haaks. The executive agency was Lepetitmax with Stefanie Seif in creation; post production of the motifs was under the executive of GoSee member NACHSPIEL

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Celebrity • Actress Alicia von Rittberg in GRAZIA UK - photos by Serena BECKER

26.01.2016 • Serena BECKER c/o AK/KRUSE had German actress Alicia von Rittberg in front of her camera for a beauty story in British GRAZIA mag. She was staged by make-up artist and Chanel representative Kay Montano, and the Beauty Editor was Bettina Brenn.

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Celebrity • Power & Money - the portrait works by photographer Oliver MARK c/o Christa Klubert on GoSee

24.01.2016 • "In theory, the headline says it all: power & money. In theory, there is not much more to say about a picture series that shows rich and powerful people. In theory. Only in theory because this picture series was created by Oliver MARK." as agency CHRISTA KLUBERT tells GoSee.

And explains: "His portraits have the most powerful pictorial language of the genre, and hardly any photographer comes as close to the rich and powerful as he does. And why is that? Because they trust him. So Oliver creates pictures that show you the person behind the public figure in a way in which you’ve never seen them before. His pictorial language creates a fascinating and extremely long-lasting attraction you just can’t shake off. Almost every portrait makes you smile or lets you freeze in awe for a moment. None of them is boring, and they all tell a story which you want to retell or rather show others. Above all, you wish there were more of them, and that is what makes a great storyteller, pardon me, portrait photographer."

From Angela Merkel to Wolfgang Schäuble and from Joachim Gauck even to...

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Celebrity • Something for your ears with Jérôme Boateng! The soccer star continues as JBL brand ambassador – campaign styling by Sigi BRETTNER

22.01.2016 • Already in 2014, audio and entertainment specialist JBL booked soccer World Champion Jérôme Boateng as the brand ambassador of its marketing campaign. For the various motifs of the new 2016 campaign, lesARTISTS stylist Sigi BRETTNER clothed the FC Bayern München player in both sporty and chic looks. At the trigger was Andreas POLLOK c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS, and production was in the hands of GoSee member ADD PICTURES.

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Celebrity • Ruby Barber and flower stand 'Mary Lennox' at Soho House Berlin, portrayed by Brita SÖNNICHSEN for CALLWEY PUBLISHING

11.01.2016 • Ruby Barber is famous for her enchanting flower stand 'Mary Lennox' at Soho House in Berlin. She was portrayed by Brita SÖNNICHSEN c/o NERGER M&O for a new book by author Stefanie Luxat, soon to appear at CALLWEY PUBLISHING.

About - Mary Lennox is an appointment-only Flower + Garden service that sources the best seasonal produce from local growers and markets to create gift bunches, flower subscriptions for private homes - offices, retail environments, floral styling for weddings and events, site-specific indoor landscapes and artistic installations. Owned and operated by Ruby Barber; Mary Lennox is named after the character in Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel The Secret Garden. marylennox.de

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