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Celebrity • Three unusual portraits of BAD RELIGION singer Dr. Greg Graffin by Per SCHORN c/o MARION ENSTE-JASPERS

19.07.2017 • At the request of singer Greg Graffin, Per SCHORN c/o MARION ENSTE-JASPERS was invited to the US in order to portray him in his habitat. Greg Graffin, famous worldwide the singer and founding member of the band BAD RELIGION, is also a professor at the renowned Cornell University as well as an author. Bad Religion is a punk rock band from Los Angeles whose trademark is their vicious, social-critical lyrics. The two of them met last year on Greg's tour, where Per Schorn portrayed him for his 'Photo Booth Project'. So in April of this year, a few portraits were created away from the normal tour routine and stress of the city. “The photo editing by GoSee member MAINWORKS perfectly underscores the mood of the motifs,” his agent Marion Enste-Jaspers tells GoSee: “It accentuates the warm and cold lights as well as the shadows of the motifs.” You can follow talented Doctor Graffin here: twitter.com/doctorgraffin.

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Celebrity • With love and just as much passion for the celebrated Prima Ballerina - the filmed interview with exceptional Mexican dancer Elisa Carrillo, production: LUNIK

19.07.2017 • Elisa Carrillo's dream came true, and then more: She lives it every day. In the film, the congenial dancer tells about her long way from Mexico via England to the big stage of the National Ballet in Berlin. Words to live by for the proud Mexican: It is always worthwhile to fight for your dreams. Day by day and step by step. With lots of love and just as much commitment. The video was produced by LUNIK, who you can meet at UPDATE17BERLIN.

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Celebrity • Walking 'In His Father’s Footsteps' for COEVAL magazine is musician and model John Cleworth - grooming by Eva DIECKHOFF c/o BIGOUDI

18.07.2017 • Male model John Cleworth walks for COEVAL magazine in the footsteps of his father. Responsible for grooming was hair & make-up artist Eva DIECKHOFF c/o BIGOUDI. The result was photographed by Ulrike Rindermann. Australian John is the beautiful half or CAMBIO SUN, and together with his school buddy Charlie Tait, he founded the band in 2013. You can hear a sample of their wonderful music here: youtube.com/cambiosun

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Celebrity • Boston band THE DEVIL'S TWINS, portrayed by Frank SCHEMMANN c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS

18.07.2017 • THE DEVILS TWIN'S – that is the "'Boston-based trio at the forefront of the noir punk scene.' The latest photo session with Frank SCHEMANN c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS is for the promotion of A M E R I C A N N O I R V O L. 1 to be released in August, 2017. Behind the band are Nikki Coogan and Jeremiah Louf – and it's this way to their dark website: thedevilstwins.com

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Celebrity • 'Shifting Grounds' – Singer Oh Hyuk with a spread and interview in HIGH SNOBIETY magazine - grooming Yvonne WENGLER c/o BIGOUDI

16.07.2017 • Hair & make-up artist Yvonne WENGLER groomed South Korean singer Oh Hyuk from the indy band hyukoh for an interview in HIGH SNOBIETY magazine. He was photographed by Vitali Gelwich.

About - hyukoh is a South Korean indy band signed to DRDRamc and HIGHGRND. Officially formed in May 2014, the band consists of Oh Hyuk, Im Dong-gun, Lim Hyun-jae, and Lee In-woo, all born in the year 1993. Due to both parents being university professors, band frontman Oh Hyuk was raised in various cities across northern China (Jilin, Shenyang, and Beijing) from 5 months old to 18 years old. After finishing high school in 2012, Oh Hyuk moved to South Korea on his own to pursue music full-time away from his parents' strong opposition. Oh Hyuk is trilingual, speaking Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and English; and his diverse cultural influences are directly reflected in hyukoh's music. youtube.com

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Celebrity • Barbara Schöneberger and Anke Engelke in BARBARA magazine as well as a portrait by Florence Kasumba - with motifs by Benno KRAEHAHN c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN

16.07.2017 • Benno KRAEHAHN c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN once again photographed for the magazine BARBARA, and this time namesake Barbara Schöneberger and popular comedian Anke Engelke for the double issue in August/September 2017.

Plus Benno photographed actress Florence Kasumba – now appearing in 'Wonder Woman', which is in movie theaters since 14 June, 2017.

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Celebrity • Actress Caroline Hartig for ZOÉ Hamburg – photos by FRANK P. WARTENBERG

11.07.2017 • That actress Caroline Hartig is not only fit, figuratively speaking, for film and television cameras, but also has literally all the right moves in front of FRANK P. WARTENBERG'S camera was demonstrated by her at the shoot for ZOÉ Hamburg. Frank P. Wartenberg photographed the beautiful star from north Germany, who recently played the role of Emilia in Tatort Level X, wearing collection pieces from the hip Hamburg multi-brand store under the direction of Mirela Stanoiu. A highlight for Caroline Hartig, a passionate equestrian, was the shoot at a horse stable. Responsible for hair & make-up was Caroline Neumann, for styling: Sabine Schellenberg and Christiane Wartenberg. Caroline Hartig is represented by cdreikauss management. zoehamburg.de

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Celebrity • 'Water March!' is the name of the game for TV entertainer Kai Pflaume in DB MOBIL magazine - with photos by Phillip GÄTZ c/o PAM-MIRJAM BÖHM

10.07.2017 • The cover of the July issue of DB MOBIL magazine is adorned by presenter Kai Pflaume who was photographed and staged for it by people and portrait photographer Phillip GÄTZ. And that at his home base in Hamburg. In the water. And obviously not without getting wet. By the way: The Deutsche Bahn magazine, with a circulation of more than 1.5 million copies distributed in almost all of Germany's national trains, not only has something like a cult status for the Die Bahn customers.

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Celebrity • Laura Karasek in FOCUS Diabetes magazine - Claus MORGENSTERN c/o PAM-MIRJAM BÖHM portrays the eloquent attorney

09.07.2017 • Laura Karasek is an attorney, book author and columnist. Portrait photographer Claus MORGENSTERN presented the mother of twins in quite natural light, photographed for the FOCUS diabetes magazine. Here, Laura Karasek talks disarmingly honestly about her life with the disease. “Diabetes is not a sexy disease,” says Laura Karasek. Read her entertaining column here: stern.de///laura-karasek

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