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100 YEARS OF CARTIER IN THE US •  Cartier by Bruce Weber : opulent photo book celebrating Cartier's 100th American birthday

In 1909 the luxurious French brand opened its first store in New York. "Jewellers to Kings. The King of Jewellers" was the motto that ensured Cartier’s welcome reception in the land of opportunity. To mark Cartier’s 100th American anniversary, teNeues have published "Cartier, I love You by Bruce Weber", a heartfelt bound love letter to a jewellery house without equal.

For the elaborate book project, star photographer Bruce Weber was granted unrestricted access to the corporate archives, where he could study the film and pictorial documents to his heart's content and learn more about the grand jeweller's history.

Louis-François Cartier laid down the success story's corner stone when he founded a jewellery studio in Paris in 1847. Yet, the company achieved world fame through his son Louis Cartier, who designed a wrist watch in 1904, which he named after Brazilian flight pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, as it was at his suggestion the watch was created. Since 1904, Cartier was present in the role as the official jewellery supplier to every solemn ceremony at the court of King Eduard VII.

The anniversary book does not rely on solely presenting gemstones and glamorous society ladies. Bruce Weber portrayed Cartier’s jewellery according to its zeitgeist, and in an exhilaratingly unconventional way. Furthermore, the company's headquarters in the United States of America, is picked out as a central theme.

First and foremost, Bruce Weber is known for his sexy fashion photography for Calvin Klein, Gianni Versace or Ralph Lauren. His works have been published in Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Interview and Rolling Stone. He is renowned for his All-American Volumes 1-8, Gentle Giants, Branded Youth or The Chop Suey Club publications.

The writing that accompanies the book was contributed by Ingrid Sischy, Editor in Chief, Interview magazine and Editor, American Vanity Fair. The gold-bordered, distinctively red, shiny cover and case are designed to look like a Cartier jewellery box - right down to the authentic Cartier ribbon sewn into each binding.

"Cartier, I love You by Bruce Weber"
192 Pages, Hardcover and book jacket 300 colour- and duplex images
79,90 EUR,Format: 28,5 x 35 cm
ISBN: 9783-8327-9351-7

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