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TAKE & GIVE •  Edition Lammerhuber wins the Printissimo 2012 Award for the ‘Musée du Louvre/ Painted Shoes’ book and founds the Lammerhuber Photography Award ...

Edition Lammerhuber is awarded the Printissimo 2012 for the ‘Musée du Louvre/ Painted Shoes’ book and founds the Lammerhuber Photography Award at the Lumix Festival for young photo journalism.

The award, which is endowed with 5,000 Euro in prize money, was presented to American photographer Christopher Capozziello (32) for his poignant reportage ‘The Distance Between Us’.

The Printissimo/Emballissimo Awards 2012 were presented at the Gasometerhalle in Vienna on the 14th of June – an award from the Austrian paper industry for outstanding print products, which honours the successful combination of creative ideas and technical perfection.

Printissimo is awarded in 5 categories - Edition Lammerhuber was delighted to champion the ART category in 2012 with their book ‘MUSÉE DU LOUVRE / CHAUSSURES PEINTES / PAINTED SHOES/ CALZADOS PINTADOS / GEMALTE SCHUHE’ (as reported by GoSee).

The award winners of the 3rd ‘Lumix Festival for Young Photo Journalism’ were announced on the 16th of June at the closing party of the trade fair in Hannover, which had tallied over 30,000 visitors between the 13th and 17th of June.

In addition to the FREELENS Award and the ‘Lumix Multimedia Award’, the ‘Lammerhuber Photography Award’ was presented for the first time this year, supported by internationally renowned Austrian star photographer and publisher Lois Lammerhuber and Silvia Lammerhuber, CEO of Edition Lammerhuber.

The Lammerhuber Award will underline the philosophy of the Lumix Festival, which is that the aim of humanist photojournalism should be to examine all facets of life.

The award, which is endowed with 5,000 Euro of prize money, was presented to American photographer Christopher Capozziello (32) for his captivating reportage ‘The Distance Between Us’, about his twin brother, who suffers from cerebral palsy. The award is presented to the reportage or series that tells the most impressive story of everyday life. This story can be humorous or serious, oppressive or optimistic, personal or detached.
The star-studded jury, which included Magnum photographer and GEO Photo Editor Ruth Eichhorn, commented ‘Christopher Capozziello has spent the past ten years photographing his twin brother Nick, who suffers from cerebral palsy.
It is a great challenge to photograph someone from one’s closest circle, one’s own twin brother, to document his life. Christopher Capozziello won over the jury with his documentation of a close relationship teamed with a photographic approach. Emotional and disturbing photos create a moving, almost delicate portrait. A strong photograph which really moved the jury’.

‘The Distance Between Us’ will also be the title of a book, which will be published in 2013 by Edition Lammerhuber.

Christopher Capozziello, born 1980, is a US American photographer based in New Haven, Connecticut. He has already received countless awards for his photography, including the World Press Photo, the Alexia Foundation award, Golden Light-Awards, National Headliner-Awards, Picture of the Year International and China International Press Photo Contest.

Christopher’s work has been published in renowned magazines including the
New York Times, TIME, Newsweek, L'Express, The Dallas Morning News, The Wall Street Journal and The Sunday London Times Magazine. His photographic long-term projects ‘The Distance Between Us’, ‘A Diary of Healing’ and ‘For God, Race and Country’ were presented in exhibitions at universities and galleries.

The Lammerhuber Photography Award is presented to the best photo reportage of the year. It is endowed with € 5.000. The award was founded by Silvia and Lois Lammerhuber, co-founder of Edition Lammerhuber - a publishing house dedicated to the interpretation of art and science. Silvia is the CEO and
Lois is the Creative Director and photographer. The award was founded to celebrate Lois’ 60th birthday this year.

Lois Lammerhuber, born 1952 in St.Peter/Au, is a trained EDP organiser. After a two-year journey from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego, it was not until 1983 that he started working with photography as an autodidact.

His perception of photography has strongly been marked by the intensive collaboration with GEO magazine, which he began in 1985 and continues to this day. Some 3,000 reportages and 88 by Lois books have been printed worldwide to this day.

He has been in charge of editing GEO’s supplement for the Austrian edition since 1994. Countless books by Edition Lammerhuber have been honoured with international awards and are available in over 120 countries worldwide.

Lois’ interest in photography has resulted in the creation of one of Austria’s most important photo collection.