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Editorial • Hans ERICKSSON c/o ANDREA HEBERGER photographs for 'THE WAY WE PLAY' kids fashion in the unique province Dalarna, Sweden, both for the online and the print issue

15.01.2017 • The lifestyle & fashion website THE WAY WE PLAY (twwp.se) just recently published its second print issue for which this time photographer Hans ERICKSSON c/o ANDREA HEBERGER once again photographed. For the shoot, it was off to Dalarna, the historical province deep in the heart of Sweden. On location, he casted almost only amateur children models for the traditional fashion story. The photographer was supported by stylist Kattis LINDOFF c/o LINKDETAILS.

Hans ERICKSSON on his work with kids in the beautiful Swedish landscape to GoSee: "The Way We Play has been a lifestyle/fashion website from the beginning... But they have already published their second print issue, and I did stories for both issues. The mag mixes fashion and lifestyle. The place Dalarna itself is very famous and a very typical part of Sweden. It´s known for the midsummer traditions, the 'folklore'. The story behind my story started when I was up in Dalarna in Sweden in summer 2016. Then I felt that I want to do a story up there inspired by the location. I did the job with stylist Kattis Lindoff who is from...

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Editorial • Viva l'Italia - stylish landscape portrait of the wine-growing region Franciacorta in Italy for LUFTHANSA MAG - photos by GoSee member LEO KRUMBACHER

15.01.2017 • LUFTHANSA magazine portrayed the Franciacorta region near Isco lake just outside of Breschia, Italy. Franciacorta is a wine-growing region known in Italy for its sparkling wines produced according to the champagne method. On the team were Diana Gullotto c/o Stilbüro, who was responsible for production and concept, as well as photographer LEO KRUMBACHER and Elena Pivetta for hair & make-up. Maserati contributed a Ghibli and Riva, a wonderful boat for the production, so that a very Italian and stylish story came out. Post production was taken care of by GoSee member RETOUCHED-STUDIOS.

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Editorial • 'Newton & Me' - Fashion Director BRIGITTE MARGARETA WILHELM styles the editorial in relaunched COCOON magazine

13.01.2017 • Fashion Director responsible for the relaunch of COCOON magazine since summer 2016 is BRIGITTE MARGARETA WILHELM. The first cover and the spread to go with it by photographer Elizaveta PORODINA c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL more than hints at the new direction of the magazine. Creative direction: Albe Hamiti, make-up: Julian Dobener, set design: Beatrice Schuell, and in front of the camera: Model Julia Meyer.

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Editorial • Bohémian looks in GRAZIA France, an Ode to last summer by Peter GEHRKE c/o SHOTVIEW

11.01.2017 • For French GRAZIA, Peter GEHRKE created a sensuous spread going way back to a 1970s atmosphere with bohemian looks and soft lights.

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Editorial • 'Road America' - racy photo reportage on the legendary race circuit with Anne MENKE c/o KRISTINA KORB

11.01.2017 • Anne MENKE created a convincing photo reportage on one the oldest and most challenging racing circuits in the US, the 'Road America' with her talent for motorsport photography and makes the hearts of Porsche Carrera lovers leap.

About - Road America: The cradle of American sports car racing is located near Elkhart Lake, only a two-hour drive north of Chicago. Road America, which opened in 1955, is one of the oldest racing circuits in the US and one of the few which has remained unchanged over the years.

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FOOD & STILLS • 'Vegan Smoothies, Shakes and Ice Cream' out of the bestseller kitchen of Attila Hildmann - photographed by Hubertus SCHÜLER c/o KRISTINA KORB

11.01.2017 • Vegan star chef Attila Hildmann brought a book onto the table which is all about smoothies, shakes and ice cream titled 'Vegan Smoothies, Shakes, and Ice Cream' published by Becker Joest Volk Publishing). The tasty motifs of the multiflavored superfood recipes were photographed by Hubertus SCHÜLER.

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Editorial • L’éxpress Styles Paris with styling by Isabelle Thiry c/o SHOTVIEW

11.01.2017 • Created together with photographer Carlotta Manaigo and Fashion Editor and stylist Isabelle Thiry were photos in harmonious colors for L’éxpress Styles Paris. Timeless and inspiring for the observer with a touch of modern retro ambiance.

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