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Editorial • Hamburg band B.O.X.E.R. in MAXI mag's 'Music Meets Fashion' editorial, photographed by Patrizia DOUBEK

09.02.2016 • At Superbude and Lunastudio in Hamburg's St. Pauli district, Patrizia DOUBEK c/o FARIYAL KENNEL photographed the fashion editorial titled 'Music Meets Fashion' for MAXI magazine. Appearing for her camera in person, she had Anna Maria Nemetz and Jan Ole Jönsson, two members of the up & coming indie-electro band B.O.X.E.R.. Production was under the executive of Maxi Editor Anna Marie Thiecke with visagist Francesca VIGLIAROLO c/o GoSee member NORDISH REPUBLIC.

About - B.O.X.E.R. is Anna Maria Nemetz, Jan Ole Jönsson and Carl Jakob Haupt. B.O.X.E.R. blends indie-electro music with art, fashion and style. Based on success like the Musikexpress Style Award category Newcomer, shows at the GQ, Marina Hörmanseder, the shooting star of the Berlin Fashion Week, the presentation of Germany's Next Top Model by the brand STYLIGHT who picked the song „Sweat&Stripes", and a vast number of press reports from „Bild“ to „Pertra“, B.O.X.E.R. will release their first record Opium end of January, 2016. Blogs like Dressed Like Machines and Artistxite posted the song which created the recent hype...

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Editorial • 'Clamping' is the new camping in the GALA editorial by photographer Christian BORTH

08.02.2016 • Are we going 'Clamping'? Photographer Christian BORTH c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL and stylist Julia Freitag teamed up for an editorial in the GALA Glamour and camping. The dazzling result was created with the help of models Rebecca Sigwart and Klaudyna, as well as visagist Manuela Kopp.

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Editorial • Avianna McKee dances fashion in TUSH mag, photographed by Elizaveta PORODINA

04.02.2016 • For the magazine TUSH, Elizaveta PORODINA c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL had dancer Avianna McKee in front of her camera. The look of the flexible beauty was created by stylist Susanne MARX c/o BALLSAAL and visagist Heiko Palach.

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Editorial • Denim Love in LE MILE mag, captured by LILA photographer Kathrin MAKOWSKI

03.02.2016 • The new editorial by LILA photographer Kathrin MAKOWSKI in LE MILE magazine shows its infatuation with denim in corresponding looks which were put together by Amie BRENNAN, and haiir & make-up by Alexandra Maria WALDHER, both c/o GoSee member FAME-AGENCY.

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