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Back to the fifties! Viktor FLUMÉ shoots in James Dean style for KULT magazine

Viktor FLUMÉ just published a 1950s inspired story in KULT magazine. Peter JOHANSSON carried out the grooming for the cool outlaws in leather jackets and jeans. The only ones missing were Marlon Brando and James ...

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Cathleen WOLF photographs model Jacquelin Haun for SCHÖN magazine

Cathleen WOLF photographed model Jacquelin Haun for SCHÖN magazine. Stylist Derya Issever dressed the model in beautiful garments by Kaviar Gauche, Perret Schaad and Hien Lee, to name just a few. Anna NEUGEBAUER c/o GoSee member BIGOUDI created the appropriate hair & make-up ...

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Bright and colourful - Enrique GALCERAN shoots colour-blocking for VOGUE Mexico

Enrique GALCERAN shot colour-blocking pictures for VOGUE Mexico. The team included fashion editor Valentina Collado, stylist Sandra Escala and hair and make-up artist Esther ...

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Iceland’s beauty enchants KULT magazine - editorial by photographer Rickard SUND, stylist Lars-Fredrik SVEDBERG and hair & make-up artist Thomas LORENZ

First things first: you can meet TAKE Agency in person at UPDATE14 in Berlin! The agency looks forward to seeing you again or getting to know you, show you their photographers’ portfolios and present the brand new first issue of their magazine ‘Pages’. Don’t miss out!

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Viva Folklore! Frauke FISCHER shoots WOMAN editorial in Thanksgiving atmosphere

Viva folklore! Frauke FISCHER took a trip out to the country for a fashion editorial for WOMAN magazine, where she captured sophisticated ethno looks. Model Monika Rohanova, make-up artist Sophie Chudzikowski and stylist Simon Winkelmüller supported her on ...

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Hair and make-up artist Sidsel Marie BØG for GRAZIA Magazine

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Hair & Make-up Artist Mauro SACCOCCINI for the 'REFLETS @ CHANEL' cover story in ARTE DE VIVIR Magazine

There are no rules when it comes to the art of seduction. Just as long as they look good. REFLETS @ CHANEL des ARTE DE VIVIR magazine’s cover story relied on artist Mauro SACCOCCINI’s hair and make-up expertise. Rafa Gallar photographed the season’s ...

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RED BULL's daily dare: XXL nails. As photographed by Felix KRÜGER

As part of the ‘daily dare’ series a RED BULL print publication shows XL nails in an eye-catching varnish, minimising fingertip use but maximising attention. Felix KRÜGER photographed the series with model Sigrid flaunting a manicure by Ilona Wriede. Accompanying styling by Paul Maximilian SCHLOSSER c/o BIGOUDI, post-production by ...

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Summer just got nautical - Elisabeth TOLL shoots GRAZIA editorial in Cape Town

In Cape Town fashion photographer Elisabeth TOLL shot a nautical summer spread in blue, white and red for GRAZIA. Blue skies and pure sunshine provided a picturesque setting for the team, including Gregor MAKRIS c/o BIGOUDI and stylist Birgit Schlotterbek. Episode Production took care of the ...

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Beauty and fashion combined in PHOENIX Mag’s cover story - photography Seb WINTER

In PHOENIX magazine photographer Seb WINTER combined beauty with fashion and named his cover story Angels & Demons. Impressive newcomer Alex Kelly posed for his camera in make-up by beauty director Lan Nguyen-Grealis, hairstyling by Jay Zhang and outfit combinations by Wendy ...

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