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Editorial • Otherworldly journey : 'Burning Man' by Joel Cartier c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT

25.04.2016 • “It's no question at all that the Bruning Man Festival, which takes place every year in the desert of Nevada, is literally out of this world. It is the gathering ground for bizarre characters masquerading on ostentatious wagons in an eight-day party séanse. In the past years, a lot of photos have been made of this event in order to convey the Burning Man-feeling. But the line between dream and reality is finally blurred when Joel Cartier gets behind the lens. Cartier has a unique talent for great staging. This makes his pictures marvelously transcendent. All the festival’s art seems sublime. The visitors become messengers of a lost world and the festival itself becomes a place which you long for. Cartier plays with close-ups, extreme close-ups and portraits in a way that can only be described as a transfigured reality in a seemingly real place. It is this special mix that turns this picture series into a documentation of an otherworldly journey.”

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Editorial • 'Carmen' - a staged seduction by Florent Petitfrere c/o CHRISTA KLUBERT

25.04.2016 • “For Florent PETITFRERE’s new work, Georges Bizet would probably applaud at least as loud as the whole audience of his opera Carmen! Maybe this work is Florent Petitfrere’s way of bending his knee to the grand master Bizet. What I do know is that these photos have been beautifully realized. We have grown accustomed to nothing less by the former model, who can now be found behind the camera and who has become specialized in scenic, mostly black & white photos. On closer examination, you can see Petitfrere’s keen nose for fashion photography and his feeling for sensual staging. These two features make his photos utterly unique and turn them into real eye-catchers. We can already look forward to the next topics Petitfrere will commit to. We can definitely look forward to great photos,” Christa Klubert Photographers on the new series.

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Editorial • Kate Nauta and Gabriel Aubry on the road in Hollywood for BREUNINGER magazine - production of the photos and making-of films by GlamPR

23.04.2016 • All around Hollywood's Selma Avenue, GlamPR produced for the new issue of BREUNINGER magazine. In front of the camera stood model, singer and actress Kate Nauta (a must-see in 'Transporter - The Mission') and her masculine colleague Gabriel Aubry. The Canadian is the first male model to have ever adorned the cover L'Uomo Vogue – and is the ex of superstar Halle Berry, with whom he has a daughter. In the film, Gabriel explains "The beauty of Golf"... and Kate tells you all about her intimate relationship to music in her making-of clip.

Styling was in the hands of Lynn Schmidt, with art direction by C3 Burda, and make-up by Georgios TSIOKGAS c/o BALLSAAL. Digital operating/retouching were done by Markus Dettweiler c/o GoSee member BLINK IMAGING. In charge of production coordination was Jonathan BOSSLE for GlamPR. Videos: Kraftstoff Media.

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