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Editorial • 'Iconiques Codes'. Actress ALICE TAGLIONI slips into the roles of great silver screen beauties for the Cannes Special in French MADAME FIGARO - photos by Marcus PUMMER c/o LILA MGMT

23.05.2016 • Irresistible, sensual and seductive, ALICE TAGLIONI interpreted heroes of the silver screen from the movies 'Bonnie and Clyde', '...And God Created Woman' or '9 1⁄2 Wochen' for French MADAME FIGARO. Fashion photographer Marcus PUMMER c/o LILA MANAGEMENT photographed the editorial 'Iconiques Codes' with the French "Blonde spectaculaire".

About - Alice Taglioni (born 26 July 1976) is a French actress. She was Miss Corsica in 1996, but refused to participate in the election of Miss France. She met Jocelyn Quivrin, a French actor, while they appeared in Grande école in 2004. Their son, Charlie, was born March 2009. Six months later, Quivrin died in a car accident.

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Editorial • ASA TALLGARD : Out of the box and into couture – wedding special with Iza Olak in romantically playful gowns for ELLE GERMANY

23.05.2016 • With fine embroidery and breathtaking haute couture, the noble gowns not only inspire brides to be. ASA TALLGARD photographed the luxurious dresses, which were presented in ELLE GERMANY's wedding special. The gowns were lovingly put together by Daria Anichkina. The elaborate set design was the work of Cédric-Cyril Colonges & Alexandra Rivet. We have the entire special for you here on GoSee, and there are more editorials and fashion campaigns directly at ASA TALLGARD.

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Editorial • Valentijn de Hingh in a GUCCI Special in VOGUE NL, photographed by ANNA ROSA KRAU c/o KSTIEGEMYER

18.05.2016 • ANNA ROSA KRAU photographed a GUCCI special with Dutch model Valentijn de Hingh for VOGUE NL. The transgender model with the dream measurements already walked for designers including Martin Margiela or Comme des Garcons and has stood in front of the camera for campaigns of Barney’s and Tom Ford. Prior to her international career as a model, she already stood in front of the camera as a child and as teen for the documentary film project "Valentijn" (2007). She worked as a DJane for the nightlife collective The Amazing Agency and writes for fashion publications. In 2012, she received the Elle Personal Style Award, and in 2014, she made her Bachelor of Arts in Literature. The spread presented here on GoSee, and additional works by Anna Rosa KRAU are available directly from Klaus Stiegemeyer.

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Editorial • 'Big Apple Love' for the 15th anniversary, big New York fashion editorial in FACES magazine – with styles by stylist Manuel KIRCHNER c/o LOUISA ARTISTS

18.05.2016 • Zurich-based FACES lifestyle magazine is celebrating its 15th anniversary in the new issue with a fashion spread from New York, the metropolis which is not just a big city, but a way of life: free, independent, cosmopolitan and curious. All of which is reflected in the looks of stylist Manuel KIRCHNER c/o LOUISA ARTISTS in the fashion editorial ‘Big Apple Love’– at times elegant, and at others casual but always cool. Model Marta BEZ c/o LOUISA MODELS was photographed in the streets of New York by Charl Marais. GoSee congratulates FACES magazine and presents you the photo series from the heart.

Hair & Make-up: Agata Helena, Fashion Assistant: Vanessa Wunsch, Post Production: Mikola Savchuk, NY Production: Simon Schwarz and On-Set Coordinator: David Walters, both c/o No Name Productions.

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Editorial • Online editorial 'Keep it Simple' for ONE Magazine - hair & make-up by Francesca VIGLIAROLO c/o NORDISH REPUBLIC

18.05.2016 • NORDISH REPUBLIC visagist Francesca VIGLIAROLO was responsible for hair & make-up of the spread with products from MAC – all on GoSee. Jana Tode photographed the atmospheric photos for the ONE mag online,

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Editorial • 'Madame Seedler' - photo of the day in VOGUE Italia Online – make-up by Melanie HUNGER c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY

18.05.2016 • Photographer Loreen Hinz got inspired by the studio of Leipzig-based painter Anija Seedler. The series 'Madame Seedler' was created from the basic idea of the interplay between an artist and her muses. The motifs show the naked body as an inspiring moment. CLOSE-UP visagist Melanie HUNGER accentuated the porcelain-like look of Madame Seedler with her make-up skills. The shoot took place in the studio of HTW in Leipzig. The artists of the works are Floris Leszke and Olga Bläsi. VOGUE Italia online was so excited about the spread that it posted some of the photos on the website as the photo of the day.

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Editorial • 'Latest Fad' Tess Hellfeuer in NO TOFU magazine, photographed by BEN LAMBERTY

18.05.2016 • BEN LAMBERTY staged model Tess Hellfeuer in various beauty looks for the NOTOFU magazine. Styling was handled by Anna Katsanis, with make-up by Stephanie Willmann and hairstyling by Jerome Cultrera. Casting was the responsibility of Amy Lowles.

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Editorial • 'It's Getting Sexy' - the fashion editorial and cover for STYLE Austria by fashion photographer Olga RUBIO DALMAU

18.05.2016 • Model Viera Schottertova stood in front of the camera of fashion photographer OLGA RUBIO DALMAU. The result is a cover spread on the timeless summer topic 'White' for STYLE Austria, which was produced by Michaela Scheurer. Hair & make-up were done by Manuela Larisch. We have the result for you on GoSee and say: STYLEupyourlife.at.

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Editorial • Ménage a deux! Chloe & Caroline photographed by SEVDA ALBERS for SI STYLE

18.05.2016 • Fashion photographer Sevda ALBERS were on the team with stylist Charlotte Antonia, make-up artist Denis Grundmann and hairstylist Maki Tanaka on a story for the Swiss SI STYLE magazine. In front of the camera were Chloe Lecareux and Caroline Goeckel. The production was handled by Susanne Märki, and Charlotte Fischli represented the editing dept.

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Editorial • Personal spread with GNTM contestant Anna Wilken and a different side of superstar Vanessa Mai in BUNTE – H&M artist Julia KROHSE c/o CLOSE UP

18.05.2016 • CLOSE UP artist Julia KROHSE was responsible for hairstyling and make-up of Anna Wilken (former GNTM contestant). The personal spread was photographed by Christopher Puttins. Styling was done by Konstantinos Gkoumpetis.

Even pop star Vanessa Mai had her H&M styled by the expert. The occasion was the editorial 'Vanessa, You Are a Superstar' in BUNTE magazine. And just as big and beautiful in the photo: Julia KROHSE c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY.

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